Destiny 2 – How to get Archon’s Thunder (Legendary Machine Gun)

Archon’s Thunder is a new Iron Banner Machine Gun added to the game as part of Season of the Splicer. Today I am going to look at the weapon, its stats, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE plus how to get Archon’s Thunder in Destiny 2.

Archon’s Thunder Legendary Power Machine Gun with a High-Impact Frame meaning the weapon is slow-firing and has high damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights. Looking at the stats we have Impact 70, Range 68, Stability 25, Handling 40, Reload Speed 40, Rounds Per Minute 360, and Magazine 44.

Archon’s Thunder PVP and PVE rolls

For PVE Rangefinder and Rampage would be a good roll. Mulligan and Thresh would also be a good roll for PvE. For PVP Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights would be good, or there is Killing Wind and Iron Grip.

How to get Archon’s Thunder

To get this machine gun you have to run the quest in Season of the Splicer. It’s the reward for the end of the final step of the quest after you have to get the shotgun kills. This is the only place you can get it to drop at the moment. Normally, you’d be able to hand in tokens to Lord Saladin at the Tower and get the Iron Banner weapons in the loot pool.

However, there’s a bug with Archon’s Thunder and also Riiswalker at the moment and Bungie are aiming to get this fixed for the next Iron Banner which starts on 8th June. If you are watching this video BEFORE 8th June, I wouldn’t go dumping all of your tokens into Lord Saladin if you are looking a good roll on the Archon’s Thunder, we’ll have to wait for Bungie to let us know when it’s in the Iron Banner loot pool.

Archon’s Thunder Build

I’m going to build a Solar Titan PVE build to show off Archon’s Thunder. You could build this with a Hunter or Warlock, but you will have to select another Exotic armour piece. Let’s look at the build in a little detail.

Exotic Armour

Actium War Rig is an Exotic Titan Chest Armor. Looking at the perks we have:

Auto-Loading Link – Steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Auto Rifle’s or Machine Gun’s magazine from reserves.
Plasteel Reinforcement Mod – Increased resilience.

This exotic armor is great for machine guns or auto rifles as you are hardly going to have to reload… ever. Just point, shoot and watch your enemies get removed from your path. The only thing you’re going to have to worry about is generating enough ammo to keep up with how much you are firing.

You can get this exotic armor as a world drop from an exotic engram and farming nightfalls and getting exotics from the season pass are good options. You can also buy this from Xur at the weekend if he’s selling it, or pick up the exotic engram for a chance at the drop.


I am going to be using middle tree Sunbreaker for this one. Sometimes the subclass tree is more important than others, this time we’re mainly focusing on a Solar build. So pick and choose the tree that works for you. Here I want to take advantage of Roaring Flames. It says “Kills with your solar abilities increase those abilities’ damage. Stacks up to three times”. This tree also gives us a little throwing hammer, which is a nice little extra projectile and gives us some range in battle.


For my Kinetic weapon, I am using Seventh Seraph Carbine. This is going to help create Warmind Cells and gives me something in medium-range to work with. I am going to using the energy and power weapons for big damage and close-range power.

In the energy slot, I am using Seventh Seraph Shotgun. This works with the solar motif of the build and is also going to help us generate Warmind Cells with our Warmind Mods.

In the power weapon slot I’m using Archon’s Thunder.

The main focus for the build is the Archon’s Thunder paired with Actium War Rig. It’s going to give us that big damage as well as an almost endless stream of bullets which we’re going to unload on our enemies.

The other weapons are the supporting cast in this build but work well in giving us that extra damage and destruction through the warmind cells. Both are Seventh Seraph weapons and are world drop weapons you can get from the Gunsmith and by getting legendary drops, through engrams or by opening chests at the end of playlist activities like Strikes, Nightfalls, and public events. There’s also a chance they drop from Crucible and Gambit too.


Next up let’s check out the mods and we’re going to be using a combination of Elemental Well mods and Warmind Cell mods for that extra little boost to our damage output.

Elemental Charge (2 Energy) – Become Charged with Light by picking up an elemental well. If the elemental well’s element type matches your subclass element, you gain 2 stacks of Charged with Light.

Elemental Ordnance (3 Energy) – Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type. It’s best to use Use Vortex, Thermite, or Pulse Grenades to get the most use out of this mod.

Font of Wisdom (4 Energy) – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants you a temporary significant increase in your Intellect, improving the recharge rate of your Super. This gives you a +50 intellect boost for 30 secs, so this one is going to boost your super regeneration significantly. Intellect cannot go above 100.

Wrath of Rasputin – Solar splash damage kills have a chance to create a warmind cell.

Burning Cells – Destroying a cell causes a burst of solar energy that makes enemies burn.

There’s a couple of benefits to working together here. We’re going to be using our elemental well mods to helps us spawn wells to get our super back nice and fast. The warmind cell mods are going to be used to create more destruction with Warmind Cells, which is all going to compliment the Archon’s Thunder damage output.

That’s it for the build, let’s look at some example gameplay.

  • Run around getting kills with our kinetic and energy weapons for Warmind Cells
  • Generate Elemental Wells through our grenades
  • Get your super and unleash
  • Pick up some heavy ammo and fire an endless stream of bullets at your enemies with heir apparent
  • Throw hammers and grenades
  • More Elemental Wells, More Supers, and more Archon’s Thunder

Let me know in the comments what you think of Archon’s Thunder.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Archon’s Thunder in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.