Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2 – How to get Survivor’s Epitaph (Legendary Hand Cannon) Plus God Rolls and Lore

Survivor’s Epitaph is a new hand cannon introduced into Destiny 2 in Season of the Splicer. It’s a 180 kinetic hand cannon, which the community has taken to in the early weeks of the season. Today I am going to look at the Survivor’s Epitaph, the weapon stats, the god rolls to chase for PVE and PVP, plus look at how to get Survivor’s Epitaph in Destiny 2. I’ll also be checking out the lore at the end of the video, given all the great storytelling going on this season.

Survivor’s Epitaph is a Legendary Kinetic Hand Cannon which is a Precision Frame meaning the recoil pattern on this weapon is more predictably vertical. Fires quickly with high accuracy. Looking at the stats we have Impact 78, Range 39, Stability 60, Handling 49, Reload Speed 50, Rounds Per Minute 180, and Magazine 12.

Survivor’s Epitaph PVP and PVE Rolls

This one comes with a HUGE array of possibilities on the rolls, with nearly every perk possible. The upsides to that are there are some very deadly rolls out there at the moment, the downside is that given the massive perk pool, the odds of getting the one you want are much smaller.

For PVE Rapid Hit and Kill Clip would be good, or Outlaw and Multikill Clip. For PVP Killing Wind and Snapshot Sights would be decent or Quickdraw and Moving Target. Let me know down in the comments what rolls you think are best, and which ones are you looking out for? I got Surplus and Eye of the Storm, so I will be looking out for a better roll as the season progresses.

How to get Survivor’s Epitaph

To get this 180 hand cannon, it’s a random drop from the end of crucible matches. It’s one of the crucible playlist weapons introduced in Season of the Splicer, alongside the Keening, Frozen Orbit, and Stars in Shadow. There’s no sure way to get this to drop, just keep playing crucible matches and it’ll drop. I had one drop for me in Iron Banner, so it drops across different playlists.

Survivor’s Epitaph Alternatives

There are a few other 180 hand cannons out there. The Seventh Seraph Revolver is one of the best, given its ability to create Warmind Cells, plus that one also sits in the Kinetic Slot. If you are looking for an energy 180 then Nature of the Beast is pretty good. Both of these can drop in the world loot pool at the moment, which means getting the from engrams, chests, or leveling up at vendors.

Survivor’s Epitaph Lore

“A weapon hides nothing. It is what it is. Whether it wants to be or not.” —Saint-14 to Shaxx

To be the first Eliksni to bask in the presence of the Traveler since the Whirlwind was an honor that Mithrax, Kell of House Light, never imagined for himself. As he stood on the Tower walkway below the scar left in the wake of the Almighty, he meditated on the choices in his life that had led to this point. He wondered if there was a unifying thread binding all those events together. But he would have no time to ponder such things.

A shadow crept over Mithrax: broad shoulders, a curling horn. Seeing the stark outline of Lord Shaxx looming on the stairs elicited centuries-old instincts, and it was temperance that kept Mithrax’s hands from his weapon.

“I didn’t expect to actually find you here,” Shaxx said as he continued down the stairs with slow, plodding steps. “Were you there?”


Shaxx came to stand beside Mithrax at the railing. “Were you there?” he asked again. This time, he pointed, without looking, to a place on the horizon beyond the Traveler.

Mithrax followed Shaxx’s gesture with his eyes. He did not understand.

“The Battle of Six Fronts,” Shaxx insisted, with uncharacteristic softness. “Do you know how many Fallen I killed there?”

Mithrax bristled at the question, and he felt that instinctual urge to reach for his weapons again. But the presence of the Traveler and the question that nagged at the back of his mind stayed his hands. “How many?” he asked, not wanting to know the answer.

Shaxx deflated, folded his arms over the railing, and rested his considerable weight against it. “Hundreds,” he said quietly. “All of them died afraid.”

Mithrax felt Ether mixing with bile in the back of his throat. His limbs trembled, rage burned in his gut, demanding manifestation. But he tempered his anger, sighed so deep that the Ether on his breath was briefly visible as an iridescent cloud.

“How many Humans have you killed?” Shaxx wondered.

“Too many,” Mithrax answered, and even that felt insufficient on his tongue; the thought of it twisted his insides around. He sighed again, deeper this time, and Shaxx watched the sublimated Ether glitter in the dim light.

“When I heard you were in the Tower,” Shaxx said, “I thought I’d just throw you over the edge of the wall. I thought about the people I watched die at the hands of your Houses over the years. The Lightless torn limb from limb during the Dark Age.” He snorted out a rueful laugh. “Then I started to think about them.”

Silence hung in the air for a moment, long enough for Mithrax to ask: “Who?”

“Three scavengers. Huddled together in a collapsed storm drain. They had stolen food during a… a time of famine. Maybe it was for themselves, maybe another settlement, maybe family…” Shaxx shrugged. “I killed them. All three, with my bare hands.”

“My victims were Humans too,” Shaxx clarified, and the Kell felt his anger twist into confusion. “I was a Warlord in the Dark Ages. Convinced myself of the necessity of my own barbarism by painting it with noble colors. Those loyal to me built a legend that masked the blood and the rot. But it’s still there.” He tapped his fingers against his breastplate. “Deep down.”

The shadows had become long, stars now visible in the sky, and the Traveler was cast in half shadow.

“There was a ship,” Mithrax eventually replied. “It may have been soldiers. Civilians. I do not know.” He looked away from the Traveler as he spoke. “I led a boarding party onto it. We slaughtered any who resisted and rounded up those who surrendered.”

Shaxx turned to look at Mithrax, a wordless question in his faceless mask.

“We argued what to do with the prisoners. Some suggested we keep them as warning-trophies. Others said to barter with them.” Mithrax looked away, shoulders sagged. “But I was young. Impatient.” He closed his eyes. “I opened the airlock. It seemed the simplest solution.”

Both soldiers sank into silence again and remained so as the last glimpse of sunlight descended beyond the horizon. Shaxx sullenly took his leave, and Mithrax was left with the remnants of anger and confusion, and paradoxically—an answer.

He saw then the thread of choices leading to this moment. The choices that led to the Great Machine and away from a fate like Eramis had suffered. It was something both he and Shaxx learned to accept in spite of a lifetime of experience telling them otherwise.


Let me know down in the comments what you think of Survivor’s Epitaph Hand Cannon. Let me know if you got any decent rolls, plus which activity were you running to get it For example, Control, Competitve, Iron Banner, Trials etc.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Survivor’s Epitaph in Destiny 2.