Destiny 2 – How to get Hung Jury SR4 (Legendary Scout Rifle)

Hung Jury has arrived in Destiny 2 and it’s available in Season of the Splicer as a Nightfall reward. This is a huge fan favorite from the Destiny 1 days, and it’s finally arrived in Destiny 2 after a much-hyped build-up. Today I am going to look at the weapon stats, the PVE and PVP god rolls to chase plus the all-important info of how to get the weapon.

Hung Jury was made famous in Destiny 1 as you could acquire this from the Dead Orbit Vendor Arach Jalaal. Scout Rifles were probably in a better place in Destiny 1 when compared to the current state in Destiny 2. The one stand-out Scout Rifle at the moment is Dead Man’s Tale, but I still think Hung Jury is going to be worth getting your hands on especially if you get the right roll, and I’ll go through the specific rolls to lookout very soon.

Hung Jury SR4 is a Legendary Kinetic Scout Rifle. This one is a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. Looking at the stats we have Impact 62, Range 54, Stability 60, Handling 55, Reload Speed 51, Rounds Per Minute 180, Magazine 16.

In terms of comparisons, there don’t seem to be many 180 precision frame scout rifles in the game at the moment, given sunsetting at the start of Beyond Light. I did manage to find one in my vault called Royal Chase, which was introduced as part of Season of the Hunt.

Hung Jury PVP and PVE God Rolls

It’s worth noting before diving into the god rolls that Firefly can rolls on Hung Jury. My luck was in and I got this one to drop for me on the first try. Firefly states precision kills with the weapon increases reload speed and causes targets to explode, dealing solar damage to nearby enemies. It’s close to a combination of Dragonfly and Outlaw combined. This was one of the worries with Hung Jury coming back to Destiny 2, given the lack of Firefly, but Bungie has brought back the perk too.

For PVE Rapid Hit and Firefly is a good roll to look out for and also Surplus and Explosive Payload. For PVP Moving Target and Box Breathing would be a good roll. I am mainly going to be using this in PVE content, so I was looking for Firefly. I managed to get hold of Surplus and Firefly, which isn’t too bad, but the combo of Rapid Hit and Firefly does sound very tempting, but the odds of getting that roll are pretty slim.

Let me know in the comments what rolls you are chasing, and if you’d had any to drop, let me know what they are.

How to get Hung Jury SR4 in Destiny 2

To get Hung Jury in Season of the Splicer it’s a Nightfall specific reward. The rewards rotate each week, and it’s also a random drop at the end of Nightfalls, so it’s not guaranteed. Also, the higher the difficulty the more likely it is to drop. I have found a good balance on Legend and Master Nightfalls, with Hung Jury dropping for me on my second Nightfall run.

At the time of making this guide, Fallen SABER is the weekly nightfall, and it’s a relatively quick and easy Nightfall to get through. The best thing to do is get a few friends together and run, but if you don’t have friends to play with then you can always check out the Bungie App, and use the fireteams section, or use a website like DestinyTracker. We do have a This Week In Video Games Discord, so it’s always worth coming in there and seeing if anyone is up for a game, you can find the links down below for that.

Regarding the Nightfall rotation of weapons, each week there’s a different Nightfall weapon on offer, so you have a week to farm for the weapon. It’ll be back in a few week’s time. Hung Jury is available from 18th – 25th May 2021, then it’ll be back in 2 weeks’ time from the 25th. I do a video every Tuesday talking about the weekly reset, so subscribe and hit notifications to never miss out on what’s going on in the Destiny Universe.

Splicer Artifact Paradrome Cube Mods

There are some specific mods on this seasons artifact to look out for. They include:

  • Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle
  • Scout Rifle Loader (Increased reload speed)
  • Energy Accelerant (Your Dragonfly, Chain Reaction, and Firefly explosions deal more damage)

Anti-Barrier is going to be useful if you are heading into a Legend or Master Lost Sector, plus Nightfalls and Raids (especially useful if you are going into the Vault of Glass). Scout Rifle Loader is OK. Energy Accelerant is interesting as Firefly explosions deal more damage. This is definitely one to bear in mind if you are going to be running around the Solar System with Hung Jury in your hands.

The State of Scout Rifles In Current Sandbox

Scout Rifles in general don’t appear to be in the best place in Destiny 2 at the moment, so it’s going to be interesting to see how people feel about Hung Jury. Some other popular Scouts at the moment are Eternal Blazon, although this is a Lightweight Frame Scout. Eternal Blazon was part of the loot pool in Season of the Chosen, and you can get this out there in the world at the moment. Lightweight frames fire at 200 rpm, so slightly faster than Hung Jury. Vouchsafe is another Lightweight frame Scout Rifle. There’s also the ever-reliable Nightwatch, which is a Kinetic Lightweight Scout.

There isn’t a mention of the words Scout Rifle in the patch notes for Season of the Splicer, so Bungie must feel that Scouts are fairly balanced. I think the main draw of Hung Jury is going to be the Firefly perk, but also there’s plenty of buzz about Box Breathing too.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Hung Jury. Do you like Destiny 1 weapons coming back, and does it feel like you remember?

That’s it for this guide on Hung Jury SR4 in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this, check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.