Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2 – Iron Banner In Season Of The Splicer Guide And How To Complete ‘Iron-Handed Diplomacy’ Quest

Iron Banner is back in Season of the Splicer and that means Lord Saladin is back in the Tower ready to dish out plenty of Iron Banner-themed loot. Today I am going to look at the Iron Banner quest you need to complete so you can start to hand in Iron Banner tokens to our resident Iron Lord and get access to the armor and weapons. The following is an Iron Banner in Season of the Splicer guide and how to complete the ‘Iron-Handed Diplomacy’ quest.

This is the first Iron Banner in Season of the Splicer, and much like every season, we’re going to have to run through a short quest to get access to the loot. This season we have the refurbished Finite Impactor (Hand Cannon) and also Occluded Finality (Sniper Rifle). Both of those are refurbished weapons with new perks. We also have two new weapons for the first time in a long time in Iron Banner with Riiswalker (Shotgun) and Archon’s Thunder (Machine Gun). Riiswalker is one to look out for as it’s a kinetic shotgun.

Before you jump in, Iron Banner is power enabled so remember to put on your highest gear. Iron Banner is free for all players too, so everyone can jump in and enjoy the PVP event this week.

First of all, go and speak to Lord Saladin in the Tower. He’s up on the roof, above the vault, and near Banshee-44. Land in the Tower, head up the stairs and you should see him as he’s standing next to the Iron Banner logo encased in fire. Pick up all of the bounties as these are going to be pinnacle drops, therefore very useful for leveling up to 1320.

Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest Guide

Step 1 – Leverage the Void

In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: defeat opponents, capture zones, and get Arc or Void ability final blows. For the final blows, you’ll want to put on an Arc or Void subclass and also pick some arc and void weapons. At the end of this step, you’ll get The Finite Impacter Hand Cannon, which will help with the next step.

Step 2 – Negotiation by Force

In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: complete matches, capture zones, and get Hand Cannon final blows. Pick a good hand cannon that you are comfortable with. You can use the Finite Impacter, or you can use something like Bottom Dollar, The Steady Hand, or Igneous Hammer. Aces of Spades, Thorn, and The Last Word are also good choices for the Exotic weapon, with the Last Word being very useful once again this season. At the end of this step, you’ll get the Occluded Finality Sniper Rifle.

Step 3 – Adversarial Relations

In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: defeat opponents, capture zones and get Sniper Rifle final blows. Pick a decent sniper, Adored would be a good choice in the Energy Slot or perhaps the Occluded Finality. Pick a Sniper you are comfortable using, don’t worry about the Iron Banner gear if you’re not into 72 rpm Snipers. At the end of this step, you’ll get Riiswalker Shotgun.

Step 4 – Hostile Takeovers

In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: get Melee final blows, capture zones, and get Shotgun final blows. Decent choices here for the shotgun kills will be Felwinter’s Lie, Riiswalker or Astral Horizon. At the end of the step, you’ll get the new machine gun Archon’s Thunder.

Step 5 – Gunboat Diplomacy

In the Iron Banner, during Season of the Splicer: get Super final blows, Machine Gun final blows, and earn match points. Earn 3 match points for a win and 1 for a loss. Machine Gun final blows are going to be a little tricky because of the heavy ammo, but you only have to get 3. If you are in a team try and take turns to get the heavy ammo, if you are not in a team then make yourself aware of the location of the heavy ammo on the map when you get in there, and keep an eye on the timer and try to get there first. Heavy ammo steps are always a pain but get through it as you’re nearly at the end of the quest.

Step 6 – Reaping Rewards

Return to Lord Saladin. Once you have finished going back to Lord Saladin in the tower. Hopefully, along the way, you will have completed some of the bounties and this will give you nice pinnacle drops, but also you can hand in your tokens to Saladin for more Iron Banner gear. You’ll want to look out for good rolls on that shotgun, as the database says it rolls with Quickdraw, so it could be a decent replacement for Felwinter’s and Astral Horizon. I’ll have to do a little more playtesting with it before bringing you a review later on the channel.

That’s a quick rundown of Iron Banner this season and how to get involved. Head into the tower, pick up the bounties and the quest, and hop into Crucible. We also have bonus Valor this week, so it’s a good time to jump into PVP if that’s your preferred game mode.

You have all season to complete the quest, you don’t have to do it all right away. Iron Banner is around for the whole week, then it’ll be back a few times across the season. According to the roadmap we have Iron Banner on 8th June, 29th June, and also 3rd August, so there’s plenty of opportunities to get this quest done this season and pick up good rolls of that shotgun.

As well as the new and returning weapons including the Finite Impacter (Hand Cannon), Occluded Finality (Sniper Rifle), Riiswalker (Shotgun) and Archon’s Thunder (Machine Gun) we also have the other weapons in the loot pool. The Steady Hand is a good one to look out for, even though 120 hand cannons did get a nerf at the start of this season. They are still very strong, so it’s always worth picking up good rolls of the Steady hand. The Steady Hand is a Legendary Kinetic Hand Cannon which is an Aggressive Frame meaning it has high damage, high recoil. For PVP Killing Wind and Mulligan would be a good roll, whereas for PVE Quickdraw and Swashbuckler would be good.

For me personally I’m looking for rolls on the Riiswalker Shotgun. This one looks liek it has some great perks including Quickdraw, Surplus, D+Firmly Planted, Slideways and Eye of the Storm in the 3rd slot and Iron Reach, Killing Wind, Vorpal Weapon, Swashbuckler and Demolitionist in the 4th slot. Pletny of good combinations in there, and let’s hope Lors Saladin is kind with drops from the tokens this season.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Iron Banner this season, the returning weapons and also the new perk.

That’s it for this Iron Banner in Season of the Splicer guide. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube, and subscribe today.