Scavengers First Impressions

Scavengers is a new PvEvP third-person shooter survival game with elements of Battle Royale thrown into the mix. It’s the latest effort from Midwinter Entertainment and has plenty of fun elements in a rather crowded genre.

You start out on frozen wasteland which is a future vision of Earth with 2 teammates, either from your friend’s list or 2 others from matchmaking. The objective of the game is to capture more data points than other teams and then finally get off the planet via ship to win the match.

The concept is pretty simple. Given its roots in the survival genre you start out with nothing and as you progress and explore in the game, much like a battle royale, the idea is to collect weapons and resources. Everything you collect is supposed to help keep you alive, for example, weapons to kill other teams. Stamina declines over the course of a match, for example, if you run a lot. However, stamina can be replaced by eating food. Other items help you against the elements, but they don’t always last long and this game makes you feel cold just by looking at it.

On the map, there’s a bunch of objectives and with each risk comes to a reward in terms of better loot or more resources to help keep you alive. One of these risks includes Scourge (these are monsters that hunt the remains of humans on earth) and also Outlanders (these are the remains of human life on earth, who unfortunately turned to cannibalism). There’s also the occasional world boss lurking about the place looking to kill you. Other objectives include tactical stashes that contain ammo, food, and health packs. There’s a bunch of objective sites that offer you the ability to drop off your data points, so plenty to think about as you head out into the frozen waste.

The battle royale elements come into play with a shrinking circle over time. However, it doesn’t crunch you all into a zone that’s too small, so it’s not like classic battle royales like Apex Legends and Warzone. That’s one thing to note here, scavengers feel very big… This could be a couple of elements working together. It could be the big map itself, or it could be because of the slightly reduced number of players. Scavengers only have 60 players at the moment. This makes it feel a little sparse, as you don’t come across players too often in matches. Given you have the PVE element too, this isn’t always too much trouble, but the exciting moments come when you’re fighting PVP players.

Scavengers have different signature weapons like hand cannons, shotguns, and sniper rifles. One of the sub-objectives of matches is to get in there, grab enough materials as quickly as possible and then craft the signature weapon, and then ideally waste all opponents that get in your way. This appears to take up much of the early game activities, for example, team members getting their signature weapon early, and then focus switches to gathering data points.

One major thing to be aware of during the prep phase is the roaming storms, which can be a major issue with how warm you are. Scavengers’ have a dynamic weather system and you can see this thing off in the distance when you are running around the area. They are also represented on the map by a big white circle. These storms get blown around the map by the wind and it’s best to avoid them at all costs. The first thing they cause a whole bunch of noise, so you don’t know what’s going on around you, they obscure your visibility and they drain you of all warmth. If you do get caught up in one, then head to shelter ASAP.

Talking about warmth is a major factor you need to keep in mind. Scavengers is a game that makes you feel cold just by playing it. Managing warmth is an important aspect of the game so this means standing next to fires if you need to. If your temperature meter falls too low, then the whole thing is going to freeze over, eventually leading to health depleting and dying.

Scavengers’ is a PvEvP game, and mostly you’re going to be coming up against PVE enemies, but other human players are there too, although they can feel a little sparse. It’s likely because the developers want the interactions with other human players to mean something, rather than the standard PVP experience. The map feels pretty big and finding other human players can be challenging, but it does make it more exciting when you finally do find another team.

The best thing about a Scavengers’ match is the end when you have to try and escape. A drop pod lands on the map and it’s your job to be on it when it leaves. Players are notified about the drop pod, meaning all teams are going to head in that direction, meaning if you didn’t meet human players before, well, you will now because it’s a battle to the death to make sure you are on that drop ship when it takes off to safety. It offers up a new angle on the PVP genre as it’s slightly different from battle royale where you have to be the last team standing, here you have to be the team with the most data points plus escape on the pod.

Scavengers has been released in Early Access available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, so if you’re interested then jump in for free. It’s a game that feels like it’s in Early Access as it doesn’t have the polish of other games that have been tried and tested. If you’re a fan of battle royales, survival and PVP then I’d recommend giving it a go.