Destiny 2 – Override Activity Guide And How To Complete Path Of The Splicer Quest

The new activity for Season of the Splicer is Override, however, when you first go in the activity can be a little confusing. Today I am going to run through the Override activity, how to access it, plus break down all the phases, so you can run through the new Season of the Splicer 6 person activity with ease knowing exactly what to do.

Override is a little different from the last seasonal activity we had in Season of the Chosen, which was called Battlegrounds. This is much more compact, and involves a few light puzzles, whereas Battlegrounds was essentially killing enemies, move to the next zone, kill more enemies than kill a boss. Override has drawn comparisons with the Contact Public event from Season of Arrivals, given there’s a mote collecting phase, but it is slightly more complex than Contact.

We’re getting 3 locations throughout the season for the Override activity. The first one we have at the moment is set on Europa before we head into the Vex network, and later in the season, we’ll get the Moon and then the Tangled Shore. The Override activity can be broken down into 3 different phases, and I’ll run through each of those phases now.

Before we get into the activity and it’s phases I wanted to cover how to access, plus some prep before the event starts.

Splicer Introduction Quests

First of all, you want to complete the mission on Europa called ‘The Lost Splicer’. This is one of the introduction missions for Season of the Splicer. You’ll meet Mithrax, the Fallen Kell of House Light and once you’ve been through the Vex network you’ll invite Mithrax back to the Tower. There’s another quick introduction quest called ‘Beneath The Great Machine’, where you’ll talk to the Servitor in the H.E.L.M, receive the Splicer Gauntlet. The gauntlet is similar to the Hammer of Proving from last season, and this is the item we’ll need to charge up in order to access Seasonal loot.

How to complete the Path of the Splicer quest

Key Codes are needed to open the chests at the end of the Override activity. Much like the other seasonal activities in Beyond Light we run playlist activities to get currency (this season its Ether), then we use that currency to craft an item (Key Codes), and then we use those Key Codes to obtain loot from the chests at the end of Override activities.

After you’ve had a chat to the servitor in the HELM, you’ll get Path of the Splicer quest, and this short quest will walk you through what you need to know about the mechanics of the season. First you’ll use Ether to craft a Key Code, then you’ll want to jump into your first override activity and open the chest at the end. Once you’ve done this head back to the tower and have a chat with Ikora (it’s great to see her back!) , and then go to the HELM again and speak with Lakshmi, who will tell you about what The Future War Cult has seen (essentially The Fallen we just let into the city standing in smoke and rubble in the Last City). Lakshmi looks like one to keep our eye on this season, as the story is pretty interesting fleshing out the Fallen and giving them lots of personality. Once you’ve done this you’ll talk to the Splicer Servitor again, and it’ll give you some synthweave plat, which you an use for armour sythesis with Ada-1.

With the introduction quest out of the way, you’ll get a taste of Override. However, let’s break it down and what you have to do. One thing to be aware that the event is currently on Europa, it may change on the Moon and Tangled Shore. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

How to access Override

To access Override Europa, you can launch this from a node the H.E.L.M. This can be accessed from the main Director. It’s a 6-person activity and you can head into this with a premade team or you get matchmade with random people.

Override Europa – First Phase

The first phase for Override is about collecting and depositing motes. Enemies will spawn in and the objective is to kill as many as possible, and then deposit motes in the Vex structure with the nodes (it’s very similar to Gambit).

Each time you deposit a mote the progress bar will go up, and when progress has gone up by a third the Vex structure will lockdown. To ‘unlock’ the structure you have to solve a quick Vex puzzle by shooting the red Vex constructs that appear next to the pillar. Lots are going to appear, but your team should be focusing only on the red ones. There are also blockers you need to kill, which can be fairly beefy in terms of health bars.

Kill the blockers, shoot the red vex things, and then the final thing is to scale up the platforms. As you progress through the 3 cycles of the first phase, the platforms get higher and higher, but you have to hack the Vex structure from the highest platform available. When you’ve done that, it’s all about repeating x3 the process until the second phase of Override.

Override Europa – Second Phase

The second phase is a relatively straightforward platforming section. It’s all about getting to the boss. Once you complete the first phase you’ll jump down into the Vex network. Even though the path is fairly easy to get your head around there are a few things to bear in mind, given there are traps along the way which can kill you very quickly. There are lasers and also moving walls. You can upgrade the Splicer Servitor in the H.E.L.M to reduce the damage from the traps.

The other thing worth noting with this section is when jumping down the sections, you’re going to gain a lot of speed and it’s quite easy to die by either hitting a wall or falling off. Also, keep an eye on the platforms that appear and then disappear, and try not to fall off too much and die. If you do, it’s not the end of the world and you’ll get pulled through to the boss encounter.

Override Europa – Third (and final) Phase

Once you’ve made it through the platforming section then it’s time to take on the boss. This is a Wyvern enemy that tends to attack with a lot of force, so watch out for him jumping at you. At first, you want to coordinate with your team to bring down the health of the Wyvern boss as much as possible, until it retreats to the safety of the vex structure in the middle. Once there, it cannot be damaged, but it can damage you – so be careful.

Now a random enemy called Scytale will spawn and your team will need to kill this enemy to get the boss to come back. When you defeating Scytale it’ll drop a Data Spike which you have to pick up and dunk into the Vex structure. While the Guardian is carrying the Data Spike to the Vex Structure, everyone else needs to shoot the Vex cubes that are shielding the boss in the middle. Once the cubs have been destroyed and the Data Spike dunked, it’s back to killing the boss. Repeat this process a few times, and you are done.

Override Loot & Decrypted Data

At the end of the activity you’ll get two chests. One will contain the regular event rewards, the other will contain Splicer loot and also Decrypted Data, which is what you’ll need to upgrade the Splicer Servitor back at the H.E.L.M. Once finished head back to the H.E.L.M. and use your currency to upgrade the Splicer Servitor for various bonuses you can check out.

Let me know what you think of the Override activity down there in the comments.

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