Destiny 2 – Closing Ceremony Guardian Games Predictions Including NEW Exotic, Vex Invasion and Hidden Secrets In Maintenance

The Guardian Games 2021 is about to end and today the Closing Ceremony begins. But what is the Closing Ceremony? We’ve only had one Guardian Games before, back in 2020, and we didn’t have a closing ceremony for that event. Bungie has some maintenance planned before the Closing Ceremony is unveiled, so something is going to be added to the game, which Bungie wanted to keep under wraps due to the timing of the update. Today I am going to look at what the Closing Ceremony could be, plus discuss some theories during the downtime.

The Closing Ceremony has been marked on the Season of the Chosen roadmap since the start of the season. The expectations are that the winning class (either Hunters or Warlocks) will be presented with their trophy, perhaps in front of an audience with a celebration in the Tower. Last year Titan’s won the event and we had a small statue given to us, that ended up sitting next to Zavala all year long. We didn’t have a closing ceremony last time, but there are a few theories out there as to what could go down.

Before we get into the detail of that, let me know down in the comments what you think is going to happen during the Guardian Games Closing Ceremony.

One thing to note is there’s a big maintenance window been added to the middle of the day, which isn’t entirely normal. Normally, we’d be offline for 15 mins, but today Trials has been delayed slightly due to this maintenance.

“May 7 at 9 AM PDT (1600 UTC), Destiny 2 will undergo maintenance in preparation for Update 3.2.0. Players will be removed from activities at 9:45 AM (1645 UTC) and be unable to log in until 2 PM (2100 UTC).”

Just over 4 hours is an interesting amount of time to be offline. Bungie says here that it’s in preparation for Update 3.2.0, which is the release of Season of the Slicer on Tuesday 11th May. However, I think there could be a little more going on here. We have a few options and I’ll run through them now.

Caital Presents Us With Hammer of Proving

The overarching story for the season has been the ceasefire with the Cabal. Caital turned up at the start of the season, asked us to join them, and Zavala emphatically said no. In the middle of the season, there was an assassination attempt on Zavala but a rogue Psion, and later another after the Caital’s and Zavala’s Champions went one-on-one in the depths of the Cabal Tank on Nessus. Caital apologized, and then body slammed the Psion to death… although there could be a rogue contingent of Psions out there looking for revenge.

One theory for the Closing Ceremony is that we invite the Cabal to the Tower, to celebrate our newly formed ceasefire. There’s hope in the community that we’ll be presented with the Hammer of Proving to keep and wield as an Exotic Power weapon, although I am not sure. I would love this to be true, both of the elements of this theory sound pretty wild. Having the Cabal turn up in the Last City would be pretty interesting, given that the original Tower is being rebuilt from the Red War AGAINST the Cabal, plus there’s the surface damage near where Zavala stands from a piece of The Almighty (The Cabal Death Star) hit the Tower during the live event last year.

Let me know down in the comments, do you think Caital is going to give us that Hammer, or is it just wishful thinking?

Live event with the Vex blocking out the sun

Before this week we didn’t know what the story for next season was going to be. Given we now know more about Season of the Splicer, and the set up being the Vex have somehow blocked out the sun, it’s feasible that the Vex could be involved in the closing ceremony somehow. You could imagine the Tower being all dressed up and ready to celebrate for the end of the Guardian Games, then the Vex crash it right at the last moment and plunge the city into darkness.

From a narrative point of view, this makes sense. I am unsure about the timing element though. 4 days is a long time, and normally Bungie tend to summarize the season’s story in the opening cutscene. Last time we had a live event this was for the Traveler healing itself in the Tower, which did take a number of hours.

Let me know in the comments, do you think the Vex are going to be involved? Or is this more of a cutscene type narrative?

Regular Closing Ceremony

It could be we don’t get the Hammer of Proving from Caital, the Cabal don’t visit us in the Tower and the Vex don’t block out the sun. It could be that all the main characters from the season assemble in the Tower – Zavala, Saladin, Osiris, Crow, and Amanda Holliday and celebrate the winning class and simply present the trophy. Maybe Crow finally takes Amanda out for a drink? (they’ve been talking about this in the Battlegrounds dialogue)

The reason I don’t think this is going to happen is a) The maintenance window goes on for a long time, so I think Bungie is adding something significant and b) This is too close to the end of the season for it not to be linked to the narrative of the next.

Last year the trophy Titan got was VERY small, and everyone laughed. There has been talk of a statue of Cayde-6 if Hunters win, but I think it’s more than likely going to be the class emblem (animal) instead.

What do you think is going to happen and have I missed any popular theories here? Let me know down in the comments what you think is going to go down in the closing ceremony?

Personally, I think the Cabal is going to come to the Tower to celebrate. It would be the perfect culmination of the season’s storyline, which has been very strong this time fleshing out the Cabal and giving them much more personality through Caital and her interactions with the Vanguard.

If the Cabal come to the Tower there is some really interesting symbolism there with the Cabal stepping through the ruins of the Red War. Zavala was nearly assassinated by a Psion in the gardens of the Last City plus it’ll be interesting to see Lord Saladin’s reactions to the situation. He’s been very gun-ho this season about eliminating the Cabal, perhaps he’ll take matters into his own hands?

I would love to get my hands on the Hammer of Proving as an Exotic Power weapon. That would be the ultimate ending to the season, sadly, I’m not sure that one is going to happen. But, I hope to be proved wrong (no pun intended).

Let me know in the comments what you think is going to hapen during the closing ceremony.

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