Destiny 2 – How to get Tarantula (Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle)

Tarantula is one of the better Linear Fusion Rifles in the loot pool, and it’s a timely addition given the buff to Linear Fusion Rifles coming in Season of the Splicer. Today I am going to look at Tarantula, the weapon stats and god rolls to chase, as well as how to get Tarantula in Destiny 2.

Tarantula stats and perks

Tarantula is a Legendary Power Linear Fusion Rifle that deals Arc damage with a Precision Frame meaning it fires a long-range precision energy bolt. This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

For PVE Feeding Frenzy and Wellspring would be a good roll. For PVP Moving Target and Snapshot Sights would be the roll to go after. The most popular roll out there with the community at the moment is Feeding Frenzy and Dragonfly for those elemental damage explosions. Moving Target and Rampage is another popular roll and finally, Moving Target and Box Breathing is popular.

How to get Tarantula

To get this one it’s in the loot pool introduced as part of Season of the Chosen and it’s available through ‘Chosen Loot’ drops via the Prismatic Recaster. I have seen this one drop for me at the end of Strikes, Nightfalls and Battlegrounds, so I think there’s plenty of ways to get this one.

Linear Fusion Rifle Buff Season 14

These are an unpopular choice in PvE, largely because other weapons do their intended job (single target sustained damage) better or more efficiently, without the requirement of landing all precision hits. We want to keep the LFRs focus on precision damage but decided to increase the precision damage to make them more competitive and increase reserves to give them more staying power.

Note that we have seen plenty of suggestions to move some or all LFRs out of the Heavy slot, but this is a substantial amount of work and a balanced risk for PvP, due to the difficulty of balancing Sniper Rifles (as instant-shot weapons) against LFRs (with charge time), with wildly varying flinch and aim assist values, and reduces weapon diversity in the Heavy slot. It’s still a possibility for some time in the future though, if tuning them as Heavy weapons don’t have the desired effect.

Increased precision damage by 15%
Increased reserve ammo by 20%

Now is a perfect time to get a few Linear Fusion Rifles and I’d recommend Tarantula. This and Threaded Needle (from Battlegrounds) are very good, and if you’re looking for something in the Legendary Range, rather than exotic, you can’t reall go wrong with Tarantula.

Tarantula Lore

No one will escape my web.

“You can’t be serious, Arrha. Nothing? You couldn’t even scrape off a little stone to bring me?”

Arrha shook his head. “The Spider asked for information,” he answered in Eliksni, “But Cabal have found nothing, and House Salvation is still scattered.”

“I know what I asked for. And you know better than to return to me empty-handed. At least I thought you knew.” Spider narrowed his eyes at his trembling Associate.

“I do, the Spider. I… I have information, but not about Darkness. I saw the Crow. Tailing the Golem and his crew.”

“The Vanguard has him sniffing around Basilius, hm? So we do have something to trade with the empress after all. Not that it’ll do her any good; my little bird is devilishly hard to catch.” Spider leaned forward. “Now HE would’ve gotten me something useful from Europa. You might’ve learned from him.”

“Yes, the Spider.” Arrha nodded vigorously. The faint sounds of revelry drifted in from down the hall, where the other Associates were enjoying their week’s earnings.

“Avrok already told me about Crow’s new assignment as Vanguard agent. Apparently, he’s placed quite the wager on one of the Cabal’s silly Rites ,” the Spider chuckled. “Avrok should’ve dared him to bet his freedom. Could stand to win my whole trove, he’s that valuable.”

“Yes, the Spider,” Arrha repeated. Out of corner of his eye, he could see his share of Ether waiting in the corner.

“Oh, take your wages and go. I ought to dock you for bringing me nothing, but I’m feeling generous this week.” Spider’s voice dropped into a growl. “Remember that I am good to you, Arrha.”

Arrha nodded as he scrambled to grab his Ether tanks and get out. Finally alone, the Spider sat back in his throne.

“It’s Crow, really, that needs the reminder,” he mused aloud. “I wonder how I might give it to him?”

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