Destiny 2 – Best Weapons for Season of the Splicer

Season 14 is just around the corner and given the recent sandbox updates and changes coming to Destiny 2, weapons and perks are going to be tuned, meaning some weapons that may have been useless in the current sandbox are about to become very useful and are well worth getting. Today I am going to go through a number of weapons you should get your hands on for Season 14, how to get them and why they’re going to be good.

All of the following weapons are available in the game and there’s a split here for Legendary and Exotic Weapons. I’ll talk a little bit about how to get them, but feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Without delay, let’s dive into the list of the best weapons to get for Season 14.

Shadow Price

Shadow Price is a Legendary Energy Auto Rifle that has a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. The most popular roll at the moment is Dragonfly and Overflow and next up we have feeding Frenzy and Swashbuckler. Both of these would be great for PVE. The third most popular is Killing Wind and One for All, which could be a PVP roll. Thresh and Surplus is also a popular roll.

To get this weapon it’s a random drop from the end of Nightfall Strikes. As you increase the difficulty of Nightfalls the chance for getting the weapon is greater, so try and do the highest Nightfalls you can base on your power level.

In Season 14 this archetype of weapon is getting a buff from 17 per bullet to 18, it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s likely that 450 Auto Rifles will take the place of 600 rpm autos, which have been popular for some time.

Extraordinary Rendition (with Subsistence)

Extraordinary Rendition is a Legendary Kinetic Submachine Gun with an Aggressive Frame meaning it has High damage, high recoil.

Subsistence is getting a buff in Season 14 so Subsistence and Rampage would be a decent roll to look out for.

To get this weapon you can get it from Battlegrounds – the new PVE activity found in Season of the Chosen. There’s also the Prismatic Recaster and Umbral Decoder in the H.E.L.M and you can focus Umbral Engrams to target farm loot. Get some upgrades through the seasonal challenges and upgrade the War table in H.E.L.M to open up some more options and give you that flexibility to focus farm your weapons this season.

Subsistence: Submachine Guns now receive the same ammo fraction per takedown that Auto Rifles do (was 10%, like most weapons, now 17%, same as Auto Rifles).

Retold Tale (with Quickdraw)

Retold Tale is a Legendary Energy Shotgun that has a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. This is one that can roll with Quickdraw, which could be a decent replacement for Astral Horizon and Felwinter’s Lie. Quickdraw is getting removed from Astral and Felwinter’s, so finding a shotgun with a replacement would be a decent idea if you really enjoy using shotguns in PVP.


Tarantula is a Legendary Power Linear Fusion Rifle with a Precision Frame meaning it fires a long-range precision energy bolt. This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

For PVE Feeding Frenzy and Wellspring would be a good roll. For PVP Moving Target and Snapshot Sights would be the roll to go after. The most popular roll out there with the community at the moment is Feeding Frenzy and Dragonfly for those elemental damage explosions.

To get this one it’s in the loot pool introduced as part of Season of the Chosen and it’s available through ‘Chosen Loot’ drops via the Prismatic Recaster.

In Season 14 Linear Fusions are getting a blanket buff of Increased precision damage by 15%. Increased reserve ammo by 20%. It was a coin flip between this and Threaded Needle for me, personally I prefer the feel of Tarantula.

Last Word (Hip Fire Grip)

The Last Word is an exotic kinetic hand cannon, which has an 82 reload speed making this one very useful in PVP. Together with the base reload speed the main perk on this weapon is Fan Fire where this weapon can be fired continuously and quickly. Faster reload and increased accuracy on successive hip-fire damage. This is a 225 rounds per minute hand cannon with 8 in the magazine, meaning you’re going to get off quick shots and this is going to make it very effective in PVP.

In season 14 Hip Fire Grip is getting a buff +1 degrees precision hip fire angle threshold, +1.2x reticle stickiness falloff distance. This is more than likely going to effect controller users more than mouse and keyboard, but it’s going to make Last Word very deadly once again, and given 120 hand cannons are getting a nerf then Last Word is about to rise to the top once again.

Dead Mans Tale (with Catalyst)

Dead Man’s Tale is an Exotic Kinetic Scout Rifle. Checking out the perks we have:

Cranial Spike – Chaining precision hits grants bonus damage and quickens reload speed.
Transformative – Future drops of this weapon will have random rolls.

This is another Exotic weapon that has random rolls. This Scout Rifle is one of the best feelings in the game. I can’t tell you how good it feels and also how good it sounds. To get this one you can get it from the Presage Exotic Mission on the Tangeled Shore and you can get the catalyst from running the master version.

This one is going to benefit from the 120 hand cannon nerf, so expect to see a lot of Dead Man’s Tale in Crucible next season. It’s likely we’ll see a further nerf to this one early on in the season, so use it early!


Bastion is an Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle. It’s good fun and unique and it’s a very good choice in PVP. It’s got Hammer-Forged Rifling, Liquid Coils, and Composite Stock as the standard perks.

Saint’s Fists – Charge to fire 3 spreads of Kinetic slugs
Breakthrough – A portion of this weapon’s damage bypasses elemental shields

Saint’s Fists allows the weapon to shoot 3 slugs of multiple bullets, which are pretty strong and can stop supers in their tracks in PVP. However, this doesn’t do precision damage.

Fusions are getting a range buff increased damage falloff start distance for Fusion Rifles, no effect on 100 range stat, +2m on 0 range stat. It’s also getting intrinsic staggering to Unstoppable Champions. But this could be offset by the increased spread angle by 13 percent. Bastion is already great in PVP and it’s about to get better.

Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper Simulant is an Exotic Power Linear Fusion Rifle. Looking at the exotic perk

Dornröschen – The weapon’s laser over penetrates enemies and refracts off hard surfaces.
Moving Target – Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights.

Compared to a standard Fusion Rifle, the Sleeper Simulant has much more range and accuracy. Each beam fired has virtually unlimited range as well as no damage falloff, meaning that the damage inflicted, either at close or long-range, will be all the same. On the subject matter of damage, the Sleeper Simulant inflicts extremely high damage per shot, making it a devastating weapon to use against bosses.

To get this one you can buy it from the Monument to Lost Lights, this can be found in the Tower and look under ‘Red War Exotics’.

Sleeper is going to benefit from the blanket buff of increased precision damage by 15%. Increased reserve ammo by 20%. It also has the chance to dish more damage as it refracts off hard surfaces.

Let me know what you think down in the comments and which weapons you’ll be picking up for Season 14.

That’s it for this guide for the best weapons to get in Season 14. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out YouTube and subscribe today.