Destiny 2 – Season 14 Leaks And Rumours Roundup

The next season of Destiny 2 is only a few days away now with Season 14 kicking off on 11th May 2020. Rumors and so-called leaks have been flying around the internet, as they always do before Bungie officially releases the name of the next season, but today I thought I’d round up some of the rumors and leaks and see which one is likely or not.

Today I am going to go over 3 leaks (very much in quotes there) and each one has varying levels of realism, plus a few fantastical elements too. But I’ll let you judge for yourself. This part of the season is always entertaining with all the predictions flying around. We do know that Vault of Glass is coming back, Ada-1 will be our new armor vendor in the Tower. Other than that we’re light on actual details at the moment. Without further delay, let’s jump into the leaks and rumors.

Season of the Splicer

One of the strongest hints for next season is that it’s going to be called Season of the Splicer. The reason people are quite keen on this one is that it’s come from Bungie themselves, hidden in the code for the Bungie website. First noticed by JoshHunt on Twitter, you can see Season of the Splicer in what looks to be some JavaScript or something similar. It’s now gone, seemingly removed by Bungie themselves, which is fairly interesting in itself.

The word Splicer is fairly significant in the Destiny universe, as it refers to the Fallen Scientists and Engineers who like to tinker with technology. There’s been a fair amount of excitement in the community related to Splicers as last time we saw them they were in the same expansion as SIVA, the nano-bot technology created by Rasputin for the extermination of the Iron Lords. In year 3 of Destiny 1, we had the Rise of Iron Expansion which delved into the history of the Iron Lords a bit more, and Fallen Splicers were featured. There is a potential for them to be involved with Vex technology this season, especially given Vault of Glass is coming back.

There’s currently a fan movement called Season of the Plague, which is a group of Destiny fans who’ve got together to create a concept for what a SIVA-focused season could look like. This includes artists, loremasters, animators, and many more people all getting together and coming up with the concept. Check out Twitter and the hashtag #SeasonOfThePlague and #PlagueGang for more details. Given the excitement around Season of the Plague and then finding a reference to Splicer’s on Bungie’s website, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive.

Another thing that points to SIVA coming back is the number of clues added into the game with SIVA ornaments. This is pretty much a red motif, as the visual style around SIVA is very cool, and perhaps one of the reasons why there’s a lot of love for SIVA and the nanobots in the Destiny Universe.

We could have a SIVA-focused season next time, but I am unsure if the timing works out. We’re working towards the Witch Queen, which is currently scheduled for Spring 2022. On the way, we have the Vault of Glass coming back, so I would imagine a Vex-focused season next time is more likely. We’re on the tail of Xivu Arath, we’re waiting for the arrival of Mara Sov back into the Game, and perhaps the appointment of Crow as the new Hunter Vanguard.

How likely is this? 6/10

Given this was found on the Bungie website with the Season of the Splicer embedded in the code I’d say it’s more likely than not. We don’t have many details beyond the name and a reference back to Fallen Splicers in Destiny 1’s expansion Rise of Iron, plus we’ve recently had a Fallen-focused expansion. The link between Fallen Splicers and Vex technology feeds into the Vault of Glass, however, I’m not convinced with SIVA coming backā€¦ especially given Rasputin is on the blink at the moment since the Pyramids showed up.

Season of the Collectives

This is a leak from 4chan, so I’d take it with a pinch of salt, and I’d say this sits more in the fantasy realm of what next season could be. The start of this one sounds very sensible, with the season focusing on the Vex (given Vault of Glass is coming back I think it’s a safe bet that the Vex are going to be involved).

Then it does go into some specifics, which is more than we have for Season of the Splicer.

“A Descendant Axis Mind, Cronus, has arisen that has cracked the secret of paracausality for the Vex. It has merged itself and a new sect of Vex units directly with Darkness Splinters, enabling the return of the Descendants and Precursors through time to take up this new dark power,”

The new big back will be Cronus and the season will lead us to meet him in a dungeon. The leak also suggests events will unfold on the EDZ. The Vex will apparently wield Stasis, the first enemy race to do so since Beyond Light released with the Fallen having taken on this darkness power. There’s going to be a new seasonal activity called “Incursions” which will focus on breaching some Citadels on the Moon and the EDZ.

“The Incursion activity is a matchmade 3-player activity and will have a loot system similar to what was established in the Season of the Chosen. This time, a targeted loot system is in place, with players being able to target the drops they want from the Cruxes at the end of Incursion activities on the Citadels,” says the leak from 4Chan.

As well as the new seasonal activity we’ll have some new and returning Exotics including Super Good Advice and also Vex Mythoclast from the Vault of Glass. A new Linear Fusion Rifle will be introduced for the Seasonal Exotic called The First Tempo. First Tempo will be capable of firing two types of void ammo – one that marks enemies and another that deals bonus damage.

How likely is this? 5/10

Probably less likely than the previous example to be honest. There are a few snippets in here that make sense. For example, a Vex focus in Season 14 – although I don’t really buy the details about Chronus. Incursions sound plausible, and Vex Mythoclast coming back is almost a given with the info we have out there at the moment. The call of a Linear Fusion to be the seasonal exotic also makes sense, but the whole paragraph related to Descendant Axis Mind sounds made up. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Season of Reawakening

This is another 4chan leak, and a creative one at that! Let’s have a look.

Mara has returned to the Dreaming City and has summoned the Guardians to aid her in preparing the Awoken for the arrival of the Darkness. She knows that their ships must pass directly through the reef in order to reach earth. Take part in a new 6 player matchmade activity called The Watchtower and pick the rewards you get. The new activity is very similar to the Menagerie, allowing you to pick the current season and past rewards.

The Nine will play a minor role through a weekly story mission similar to the invitations to the Queen’s Court in Forsaken. There won’t be a new raid but there will be a dungeon available to all players. The season pass has been updated to feel more rewarding to players, replacing glimmer with bright dust (at this point I begin to be VERY skeptical).

All players will have the chance to earn The Monarchy Exotic Sidearm via the season pass and it features a perk called Regal Temperament (precision hits increase the rate of fire until it’s stowed or reloaded) and Overflow. There’s also going to be a long quest at the end of the season rewarding a powerful legendary sniper (I am assuming here they mean exotic sniper).

Solstice of Heroes will be back again, celerbating our year in Destiny 2. The event will feature a new exotic SMG earned in a similar style to Arbelast and Heir Apparent.

For PVP there’s going to be 2 new maps, with one returning from Destiny 1. Plus a new cruicble mode.

How likely is this? 3/10

There’s a few things in here which will happen – Solstice of Heros will very likely be back and Mara Sov will return. However, it feels a little bit early for Mara to return as this feels like something that would happen in the build up to Witch Queen, which isn’t until next spring. You could imagine the curse being broken on the dreaming city with Mara’s return as part of or in the build up to the Witch Queen. We have seen Darkness Conflux on the Dreaming City as part of a leak and getting reaquainted with the Dreaming City in the build up to Witch Queen makes a lot of sense.

Let me know what you think of the leaks down in the comments and let me know what you want to see in Season 14.

That’s it for this look into season 14 leaks and rumours in Destiny 2.