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Destiny 2 – What is the Daily Focus Playlist? (Daily Rotation Schedule)

In Guardian Games, you’ll see the Daily Focus Playlist mentioned a few times during objectives – for example with the Heir Apparent Catalyst and also some bounties. Today I am going to go through what the daily focus playlist is, how you can check in-game as well as give you a full schedule, so you’ll always know what the daily focus playlist is throughout Guardian Games.

What is the Daily Focus Playlist?

Each day throughout Guardian Games you’ll get bonuses for playing a specific playlist, and each day this playlist rotates between Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. During this time you’ll get bonus Laurels from activities but you also may be asked to go and get kills or complete objectives in the daily focus playlist.

How to check what is the Daily Focus Playlist

I’ll run through a full schedule for the Guardian Games later in the guide, and you can skip to that here if you want to. You can also find out in-game what the daily focus playlist is. When you are in the Director looking at Destinations you can press E if you are playing on PC and using a keyboard or press the left trigger if you are playing on console – this will bring up the tab and will tell you which playlist is the daily focus playlist.

You can also check out the medal case, and this will explicitly tell you which is the daily focus playlist. For example, when I checked this today it’s a crucible – meaning you can earn extra laurels while playing crucible.

Daily Focus Playlist Schedule

As the name suggests the daily focus playlist changes everyday at reset time. You’ll notice during the Heir Apparent Catalyst quest that you’ll have to get machine gun kills in the daily focus playlist. Personally I’d wait for Gambit or Strikes to get this done, as cruicble is going to take much longer.

Here’s the schedule.

Apr-20 Strike
Apr-21 Crucible
Apr-22 Strike
Apr-23 Crucible
Apr-24 Gambit
Apr-25 Strike
Apr-26 Crucible
Apr-27 Strike
Apr-28 Crucible
Apr-29 Gambit
Apr-30 Strike
May-01 Crucible
May-02 Strike
May-03 Crucible
May-04 Gambit
May-05 Strike
May-06 Crucible
May-07 Strike
May-08 Crucible
May-09 Gambit
May-10 Strike
May-11 Crucible

Let me know down in the comments how you are getting on with Guardian Games and have you got that Heir Apparent yet?

That’s it for this guide for the Daily Focus Playlist for Guardian Games 2021.