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Destiny 2 – How To Get Medals in Guardian Games 2021

The annual Guardians Games is underway where Titans, Warlocks and Hunters face off against each other in a class-based competition. The key to winning Guardian Games is going to be getting as many medals as possible and turning them into the Tower podium in exchange for points. Today I am going to go through how to get medals for your class and all the info you need to know about getting medals.

Before you do anything in Guardian games you’ll want to run through the introduction quest. First, pick up your class item from Zavala and then have a chat with Eva Levante – she’s in front of the new Tower podium, which is also where you will deposit medals. Once you’ve got your class item on, and picked up the Medal Case from Eva, then you are good to go.

How to get medals

To get medals in Guardian Games you will need to complete various activities across the solar system. This includes the daily focus playlist (which can be found in the Tower), bounties from Eva, completing Triumphs and also doing contender cards. Check out your Triumphs page for a full list of Triumphs for you to complete.

There are 4 medals to earn – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These can be earned from the following activities:

Bronze medals: Complete Strikes, Crucible or Gambit matches
Silver medals: Complete Nightfalls, Survival or Trials matches
Gold medals: Complete Strike, Crucible or Gambit Contender Cards
Platinum medals: Complete Trials or Nightfall Contender Cards

One of the best ways to earn medals is to be completing Contender Cards. Contender Cards can be picked up from Eva after you complete the Tutorial quest called The Games Begin. Contender Cards cost a bundle of Laurels to buy, so try and pick up as many Laurels as you can to be able to continually pick up Contender Cards.

When you earn medals they are stored in your medal case, and you can find your medal case in your quest tab. The medal case is given to you by Eva Levante when you first speak to Eva after getting your class item from Zavala. The Medal Case can only store a certain number of medals of each type. When you reach max medals any additional medals you earn will be lost. To stop this from happening make sure you are depositing your medals to the Tower podium on a regular basis.

How to deposit medals to the Tower podium

Once you earn medals you’ll need to turn them into the Tower Podium, and this is the key action for Guardian Games to turn the medals into points.

Bronze: 1 Point
Silver: 2 Points
Gold: 5 Points
Platinum: 15 Points

The goal is to earn the most points for your class, so Gold and Platinum medals will be the most efficient progress. Every 25 points you earn you’ll get a pinnacle reward, and this is good if you are still trying to reach max level this season.

Guardian Games is running from April 20th until 11th May 2021. It’s available for all players to take part. As well as medals and points, there’s some pretty cool rewards on offer too like the Cabal themed Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun plus it’s new catalyst, which can be earned by depositing Gold and Platinum medals into the Tower Podium, so keep an eye out for that as it’s a very cool Exotic weapon.

Let me know what you think of Guardian Games down in the comments and if you have any strategies for getting lots of medals.

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