Destiny 2 – How To Farm Laurels in Guardian Games 2021 (All Classes)

Guardian Games 2021 is here, and that means Laurel farming is back in a big way for the next 3 weeks. Laurels are the key to getting bounties, contender cards and rewards from Eva, so you are going to be wanting to generate as many as possible. Today I am going to look at how to farm laurels, the best methods for all classes including tips and tricks with exotic armour and weapons to help you out.

The key to winning Guardian Games are the medals, whichever class you are you’ll want to be farming for laurels to exchange with Eva for contender cards, which in turn gets you medals. Therefore farming as many laurels as you possibly can, as quickly as you can help your class in the Guardian Games.

Before we jump into the farming methods, here’s a quick overview of Laurels and some useful tips you don’t want to forget. Check out the timestamps if you want to jump to a specific section.

What are Laurels?

Pick up Laurels dropped by other players during Guardian Games to purchase Bounties, Contender Cards, and rewards from Eva. Laurels will drop in all activities except for Gambit and Crucible, where they will be awarded after a match has ended.

Important things to remember about Laurels

  • Players must wear their Guardian Games class item to generate Laurels and progress any Guardian Game bounties.
  • Previous Guardian Games class items (the Cunning Rivalry Cloak, Mighty Rivalry Mark, and Sage Rivalry Bond) will not generate Laurels or progress any Guardian Games bounties.
  • Laurels do not drop on the ground in Gambit or Crucible and are instead rewarded directly to players.
  • Unrecovered laurels do not go to a player’s Postmaster and must be picked up to count towards their total.

How to generate Laurels?

To generate laurels you’ll want to get ability kills in activities that include grenade, charged melee and super kills. Once you do this, enemies will drop the laurels and you simply need to pick them up. When you pick up laurels generated by the same class as you you’ll get 3 points and if you pick up laurels of a different class to you it’s 1 point. Do be aware that laurels don’t stick around for too long. Once they have been generated by ability kills, they do disappear – so try to try and pick them up as soon as you can.

Titans – The fastest way for Titans has to be the Skullfort Exotic Helm with Balstic Slam (middle tree Striker Titan). With this you can run around, jump and slam with the melee mid-air and the skullfort will refresh the melee energy when you kill an enemy. Just makes sure you get your kills and try not to miss for unlimited slams.

Warlocks – There’s a couple of choices here. Claws of Ahamkara for the double melee attack or you can also use Phoenix Protocol due to any kill from a well of radiance counts as an ability kill. Stormcallers with Crown Of Tempests also have a fast way of creating a lot of Laurels in their super, so pairing this with Elemental Well mods for improved Intellect would be a good play (Font of Wisdom, Elemental Ordnance).

Hunters – Doging helps refresh melee on Hunters and once paired with Liar’s Handshale you have a solid build and can quickly generate Laurels. Shinobu’s Vow is also good for double grenades. Arcstriders have the best supers for generating plenty of Laurels fast.

Best locations and activities for farming Laurels

The first 3 here are the most efficient way to farm laurels, if you are talking laurels per minute.

Blind Well – This can be found on the Dreaming City and it’s a great farming location where you have plenty of enemies. Load up the Dreaming City and make your way to the Blind Well (this can be seen on the map), and hopefully there will be a few other Guardians there too.

Altars of Sorrow – Head to the moon and you’ll find a bunch of enemies spawning in this event. You’ve got multiple waves of enemies and plenty of Thrawl to take out and you’ll be generating plenty of laurels in a short amount of time here. You’ll also have a chance of a weapon at the end of wave seven from the chest.

Shattered Throne – Another location on the Dreaming City is the Shattered Throne Dungeon and you want to make your way to the 2nd checkpoint after the Ogre. This is a great farming location with loads of Thrall, so plenty of fodder to create Laurels.

Shiro Chi Checkpoint (Last Wish Raid) – The Shiro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish Raid has long been the location for catalyst farming since the Thrall room was taken away with the removal of Io. To get there quickly simply load up the Raid (you can do this solo) and make your way to the Wishing Wall. Once there, enter the 4th Wish and you’ll be teleported to the Shiro Chi encounter. There’s hundreds of Taken Thrall here, that will generate hundreds of Laurels per minute. This method is also great for catalysts too in the future if you need to farm anything out.

4th wish input on the Last Wish Raid’s Wishing Wall

You can also farm laurels in other activities too.

Strike Laurels

There’s a new playlist specifically for Guardian Games, so go in there to be teamed up with members of the same class. Given you will all be creating laurels as a class, you’ll get more points so this has the potential to be very efficient. Some strikes are longer than others though, so that’s worth baring in mind.

Battlegrounds Laurels

Given there are plenty of enemies in Battlegrounds this is a good way to generate laurels. It’s going to be less efficient than the Guardian Games Strike playlist because you’re likely to be teaming up with members of another class (unless you coordinate with a fireteam). Still, lots of enemies means good for Laurel farming.

Crucible & Gambit Laurels

Laurels don’t drop on the ground they get awarded at the end of matches. The best bet here is to try and get the matches over as fast as possible as per normal. Personally, I wouldn’t use either of these game modes for farming, it’s going to be much quicker and easier in PVE activities.


You can also do Eva bounties for Laurels but it’s most likely going to be quicker with one of the previously described methods.

I all of these methods team up with fireteam members of the same class, then laurels are going to count for 3 points rather than 1 point. If you’re a solo player then this won’t be too much of a problem. However, you can use LFG sites like destinytracker or the Bungie companion app.

Let me know down in the comments where you’re farming laurels, what exotics are you using and what your farming technique is.

That’s it for this guide on how to fast farm laurels fast in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the YouTube Channel.