Outriders – Grim Marrow Review (Legendary LMG)

Grim Marrow is a Legendary Light Machine Gun and is very effective at dealing with large groups of enemies in Outriders. Today I am going to have a look at the weapon, the stats and the mods as well as how I got Grim Marrow in Outriders.

Grim Marrow is a Legendary Light Machine Gun. Looking at the stats we have 80 clip size, 545 rounds per minute, 3 seconds for reloading and a 129% crit multiplier. It has 96% for accuracy, 91% for stability and a 50m range. In terms of the perks, this one comes with Singularity.

  • Singularity – Kills generate a singularity that when destroyed deals 913 damage to enemies within a six and a half meter radius.
  • Improved Stiffening – Enemies you hit are inflicted with a Slow effect, with a cooldown of four seconds.

Grim Marrow has good crit damage bonuses and a nice bonus to close range damage. Singularity is a fantastic tool for large groups, creating an Anomaly that you can shoot to detonate, killing everything nearby. This was a pretty cool moment and my first legendary to drop for me in Outriders. I farmed the demo for hours and hours and never saw one, but Grim Marrow will always go down as my first Legendary in Outriders.

Grim Marrow makes it much easier to deal with combinations of enemies. It’s not unusual to find yourself surrounded by little enemies, with a boss closing in for the kill. Singularity helps you clear out the enemies, as when you get a kill a bubble looking thing will appear above the enemy. Shoot it and this is going to help you clear out others. Given I am running this one as a Trickster, I’m also infusing the weapon with Twisted Rounds, which makes this extra deadly.

How to get Legendaries in Outriders

I got Grim Marrow to drop for me after the boss fight with Chrysaloid. I was World Tier 5 at the time. As far as I know, getting legendary weapons is pretty much down to RNG, you simply have to have a bit of luck. However, you can increase that luck with a few tips.

It is possible to farm for Legendary weapons and armour in Outriders, but there is a certain amount of luck that comes into it. To increase that luck you can play the game through on the highest world tier possible, however, it’s worth noting that this also increases the difficulty too. That makes sense though, the higher the risk the better the reward. Here’s the world tiers and the legendary drop rate variables.

World Tier 01 (Story): +0 percent.
World Tier 02 (Easy): +30 percent.
World Tier 03 (Normal): +70 percent.
World Tier 04 (Hard): +130 percent.
World Tier 05 (Expert): +215 percent.
World Tier 06 (Master): +285 percent.

As you progress up the world tiers, legendaries are more likely to appear when you kill higher level enemies. This includes bosses, Captains and other enemies that include a yellow health bar.

In the demo you could find legendary gear in chests, however, this was disabled at the start of March – a few weeks before the full game hit the market. One of the best farming methods in the demo was to repeat side quests and boss fights, in zones like Payback and Terra Infirma. As you push further into the game, complete the campaign and get into the Expeditions content plenty of legendaries will drop.

Side quests are good sources of Legendaries too. Look for the quests with the paw and the sniper scope icon, the rewards for these can include legendary weapons. Check out the later World Tiers too for Legendary weapons as rewards. I’ll be sure to bring you more information as I discover it.

Let me know what you think of Grim Marrow down in the comments.

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