Outriders – Top Ten Tips For Beginners And How To Level Up Fast (Outriders Beginners Guide)

Outriders has landed and you’ve jumped into the dangerous world of Enoch. This is the newest looter-shooter on the market and you want to make your way through the story and reach the endgame. Today I am going to go through the top ten beginners tips I’ve learnt from my time so far with Outriders. The following is my Outriders beginners guide.

Let’s dive into the top tips for beginners in Outriders

Pick Your Class

Your first job in Outriders is to pick your class and decide what kind of Outrider you want to be. Here’s a high-level overview of each class:

  • Trickster – Close range, good mobility. They are able to hit and run and can manipulate space and time. If you want to wield a light sword and slice up opponents at close range then this is the class for you.
  • Devastator – Close range, tank class. Always at the front of the battle, able to survive and manipulate the very ground beneath them. If you like to soak up the damage for your teammates and get really up close and personal with enemies, then this is your class.
  • Pyromancer – Medium range, wields fire. These classes are all about the area of effect damage and setting enemies ablaze. Pyromancers can’t take as much damage as Tricksters or Devastators, so damage is best to deal from a little distance.
  • Technomancer – Long-range class, and has an array of gadgets to use. If you like technology, throwing down turrets or rocket launchers, then Technomancers are a decent class. They also have the ability to heal other Outriders, so are very valuable to a team.

I did make a video specifically on which Outrider to choose, going into more detail on skills, class trees etc – so head on over there to watch that if you want some more detail.


This is one of the most useful features I’ve seen in a looter-shooter, which allows you to auto-loot rather than pick everything up manually. Head into the settings and you can find the Auto Loot settings under Gameplay. In there you can set the minimum rarity to auto collect, and it’s going to make your life much easier. By default, this is set to Epic. You may want to turn this setting off later on when you get further through the campaign, but when you are starting out this is a very useful feature.


The melee ability is very useful and something I ignored pretty much for the first 5 hours or so, therefore don’t make the same mistake I did. The melee ability is very useful for disrupting enemies and helping control the flow of enemies coming towards you. Also, you can run in there and use the ground slam version of the melee ability to stun enemies and then take them out with a weapon. As a Trickster, I am constantly running around on the battlefield and slamming into the ground to inflict slow on enemies, then taking their head off with a shotgun.


Healing is a little different in Outriders, and also different for all classes so it’s worth brushing up on how to heal. In other shooter games sometimes you have to wait it out and your health will be restored, or in other games, you drink a health potion. Here in Outriders, you have to take certain actions to get your health back.

  • Tricksters – Get health back (and shields) by killing enemies at close range
  • Pyromancer – Get health back every time a marked enemy dies via abilities
  • Devastator – Get health back by killing enemies at close range
  • Technomancer – Get health back by damaging enemies

Hunt Around For Loot Chests

There are loot chests pretty much everywhere, although they do seem to be off the main path. After you defeat a boss, check around all the nooks and crannies to find hidden loot chests and in here you are going to find valuable armour and weapons, that are going to help you level up early on in the game.

Sell Gear For Materials

You will accumulate a bunch of loot as you make your way through the game, especially if you have the auto-loot feature turned on as per one of the earlier tips. It’s a good idea to sell lower-tier items for currency (called Scrap) that you can then invest in higher tier items. You’ll likely collect lots of uncommon and common gear in the early levels of the game and this will start to fill your space. There’s also a handy feature where you can mark a bunch of gear and sell it all at once, which is a nice time saver.

Back in the first city where you started out there are vendors which you can use your cash to buy weapons. There are regular rotations on items like weapons and armour, so make sure you head back there on a regular basis and check out what is being sold.

Craft Gear

The crafting system in Outriders is super useful and well worth learning about early.

You can:

  • Improve Rarity – Through items like Iron and Titanium you can improve the rarity of weapons make the most basic weapon much stronger
  • Raise Attributes – Improve attributes like healing or armour piercing
  • Mod Gear – Here you can swap in and out mods you have collected
  • Swap Variant – As well as different weapons, there are also variants too. For example different clip sizes, different rates of fire. Play around and see what works best for you.
  • Level Up – Levelling up some gear gives it a huge buff related to firepower or armour rating and it’ll help make the gear relevant to your current loadout. The equippable level is related to your World Tier.

There is plenty more to crafting, and I’ll be working on a more in depth guide for crafting coming very soon, so keep your eyes glued to the channel for that.

World Tiers

World Tiers are equivalent to the difficulty in Outriders. While you’re more likely to get better gear when the world tier is higher, don’t worry about lowering the world tier to help you get through a section. Each time you level up a world tier you’ll get rewards and don’t forget to collect them when there is a chest icon on the world tiers. If you do lower a world tier, you can always raise it again if you level up and get some better gear. In the early stages of the game it can raise the world tier faster than you can get good gear, so jump into the options menu and lower the world tier if you are struggling to get through an area.

Side Quests

There’s plenty of side quests to be found in Outriders as you progress through the main story. These are indicated by the yellow exclamation mark icon, and they are also repeatable too (they change to a greyed out exclamation mark) once you have done them. Once you pick up a side quest you can inspect it on your quests tab, and check out the rewards. Normally with Side Quests, you’ll get a bunch of XP and some loot rewards. But you may want to burn through the story.

Pick up the side quests when you see them, and they will be added to your quests log and you can always go back and finish them off later on. Pick them up as you go and if you feel like a change of pace, then do them. Side Quests do often have good gear as rewards, plus you get a good amount of lore and world-building if you take part in these quests, which should make your Outriders experience feel richer.

Farm Bosses To Help Level Up

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing loot pop out of a boss when you kill them whether you’re in the main campaign or a side quest. In the demo, we all used one of the Captains in one of the early side quests to farm loot, and this can be done again in the main game. One of the more interesting mechanics in the game is clearing out enemies and this can be used to your advantage. For example, you can go up against a boss and kill them, leaving some of the lower level enemies still alive. Kill the boss and you’ll get the loot to drop, however, then if you want to you can let the lower-level enemies kill you and repeat that cycle for even more loot. This is a good way to help you get better gear as you’re making your way through the story. This can be done on side quests and main bosses, and this cycle can be repeated often to help you get multiple loot drops (hopefully Epic and Legendary).

Let me know down in the comments your top tips and share your early-game strategies with the community.

That’s it for my Outriders beginners guide. For more Outriders content like this, check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.