Destiny 2 – Armour And Weapon Vendor Updates In Season 14 Plus Improved Perks

Bungie was back this week with some news about transmog, armour and mods plus an improvement to Banshee-44 coming next season. Today I am going to go through all that plus some news of reworked perks coming.

Bungie revealed the news in This Week At Bungie on 1st April, and even though it was April Fools Day, it was definitely news you need to be across as there are some good changes coming to the game.

First of all armour changes, so let’s dive into the update:

“With the return of Ada-1 to the Tower in Season 14, we are introducing some small quality of life upgrades to a couple of our Tower vendors. First, in addition to being the primary vendor associated with the upcoming transmog system also known as Armor Synthesis, Ada-1 will become the vendor who delivers a variety of armor-focused items and upgrades. Each day, Ada-1 will now sell one randomly chosen armor mod from the general and armor slot (Helmet, Gauntlets, etc.) groups, and one randomly chosen Combat Style armor mod (chosen from the Charged with Light and Warmind Cell mod groups), which should make it easier for players who missed these in the past to get their hands on some of the armor mods from Year 3.

Additionally, on a weekly basis, Ada-1 will sell one armor set randomly chosen from the World Loot Pool, with a stat roll that also changes on a weekly basis. Finally, Ada-1 will also sell armor upgrade materials (Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms, and Ascendant Shards) in the same way that the Banshee-44 does right now.

With Ada-1 taking on armor responsibilities, Banshee-44 is getting a few revisions to his inventory as well. The Gunsmith will no longer sell armor mods, but will retain the rest of the items that he currently sells. Additionally, on a weekly basis, Banshee-44 will sell a selection of six weapons, randomly chosen from the weapons in the World Loot Pool (two weapons each from the Kinetic, Energy, and Power slots) with perk rolls on each weapon that are randomly determined at the start of the week. So, at each weekly reset when you log in, you can head to the Tower and see what the Gunsmith is selling, and maybe pick up a weapon you’ve been looking for with a roll you are excited to use.”

So armour mods are moving from Banshee-44 in the Tower to Ada-1. We don’t know where she’s going to be just yet, although it makes sense she’d be in her previous location in the Tower (this was close to the Drifter for those newer to the game). It’s great that transmog is coming and having Ada-1 be the armour vendor totally makes sense.

I think the most exciting news here is Banshee-44 selling weapons again. Since Destiny 2 was launched our Gunsmith hasn’t sold guns, which he did on a regular basis back in Destiny 1. Now there’s going to be 6 weapons on rotation each week, and this is going to make it much easier to get those world loot pool weapons. It’s likely that one week or two in a season there will be an absolute god roll for sale. I’ll make sure to cover this news on the channel each week.

Next up we have some news of reworked perks. Bungie go onto say:

“We have received some feedback on perks like Celerity and Bottomless Grief from players asking that they be added as intrinsic bonuses to Adept weapons. Weapons Feature Lead Chris Proctor is here to share some of our philosophy on these perks and a few changes we are planning.

Chris Proctor: When we launched Trials of Osiris, we made a new origin-specific perk for Trials weapons: Celerity. This is a wildly powerful perk (+100 aim assist, handling, and reload – plus reduced recoil and spread – this perk is nothing to sneeze at.) with very low uptime.

We intended this to be great for clutch “last Guardian standing” plays in Trials specifically. And when it’s active it IS very strong, but we found that a trigger condition that relies on failure generally feels pretty bad, and the power it grants doesn’t negate that feeling. Players never like betting against themselves or their teams. Not only that, but the perk is useless outside of Trials (and a couple of other activities).

Sidenote: The Deep Stone Crypt origin perks were well-received, so while Celerity specifically didn’t hit the mark, the idea still has legs.

In Beyond Light we introduced Adept weapons to Trials, wanting to try out a new system for aspirational weapons in a small set before rolling them out more broadly. We had three goals for Adept weapons:

  • Give players a tangible reward to aspire towards, with custom visuals and a unique name, letting them flex a little.
  • Give players who’ve earned an Adept weapon a minor Power boost and some gameplay customization options (in the form of the improved Masterwork granting +3 to all other stats, and the ability to equip Adept mods).
  • Do not make players who can’t earn these weapons feel like they can’t compete with players who have them (coughNot Forgottencough).

We’ve seen all of your suggestions to make Celerity and Bottomless Grief intrinsic to Trials and Nightfall weapons, or only to the Adept versions, and I wanted to touch on this idea.

Thematically this is a cool idea, and adds to the flavor that these perks can give their sources, but there are three problems:

For performance reasons, we have a maximum number of perks that can run on a character at a time. Legendary weapons have a threshold per weapon, and many of them are right at the limit – adding a perk on top of that without taking one away causes Bad Things to Happen, in the form of random parts of perks turning off.
Adding a new perk column to weapons from a specific source introduces power creep, and pretty soon we’d end up having to do the same to weapons from other sources.
Adding a new perk column to ONLY Adept weapons would work against the third goal of Adept weapons, and we believe would feel bad for players dying to Adept weapons that are able to stack Celerity with things like Outlaw and Rampage.

In Season 14, we’re making the following changes to Trials and Nightfall weapons, and their Adept versions (Note: This only applies to new drops of these weapons, not previous drops.):

Nightfall weapons:

  • Bottomless Grief grants a permanently active +30 to Magazine.
  • Bottomless Grief is now a fixed alternate perk in the left column on Adept drops of Nightfall weapons (i.e. you can switch between that and the randomly rolled perk in the inspection screen).

Trials weapons:

  • Celerity grants a permanently active +20 to both Reload and Handling.
  • Celerity is now a fixed alternate perk in the right column on Adept drops of Trials weapons (i.e. you can switch between that and the randomly rolled perk in the inspection screen).

Moving forward, we’re not done with origin perks, and hope to have something that better achieves our goals in a future release.”

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the changes to the perks and also the improvements to the armour and weapon vendors next season.