Outriders – Technomancer Showcase Including Skills, Class Trees and Builds (New Player Guide)

Outriders is here and we’ve all got a choice of which class to choose when we start. Today I am going to be looking at the Technomancer class. I’ll be checking out the Technomancer skills, class tress and also some builds.

The Technomancer is all about support and hanging back from the battlefield. Whereas the Devastator can run into battle covered in rock and pyromancers can set the battlefield on fire Technomancers employ tools and technology to help their Outriders squad. The Technomancer class is proficient in technology and is the only class that can heal fellow teammates.

Healing isn’t the only thing Technomancers can do, they are also very good at range and controlling the battlefield from a distance. If you’re into running as a support class and you like little gadjets then perhaps the Technomancer is the class for you.

What is the Technomancer?

The Technomancer is a long-range support specialist that possesses the best healing abilities of all four classes. It also utilizes a wide range of deadly contraptions.

Melee Skill

Deal damage and inflict Freeze to all enemies within a small radius. The Melee Skill does not require a skill slot nor any Class Points. Sprinting (vs standing) before using the Melee Skill changes to a ground-slam that appears to have a larger area-of-effect but also has a longer cooldown. The base cooldown is 1 second (sprinting Melee Skill 2 seconds); however, each subsequent uses of the Melee Skill increases its cooldown-even in between abilities and weapon fire.

Healing Mechanic

You will recover a portion of the damage you deal as Health.

Class Traits

  • Increase long range Weapon Damage by 15%.
  • Increase Skill Leech by 15%.
  • Increase Weapon Leech by 15%.


  • Scrapnel: Type: ORDINANCE, INTERRUPT. Throw a proximity device. The explosion deals damage and Interrupts the skills of enemies caught within the blast radius. 22s CD
  • Cryo Turret: Type: GADGET, TURRET. Place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts Freeze onto enemies. The turret’s health depletes slowly over time and when it takes damage. 24s CD
  • Pain Launcher: Type: ORDINANCE, INTERRUPT. Place a missile launcher and bomb the area in front of you. Each missile deals damage per hit and Interrupts enemy skills. 40s CD
  • Blighted Rounds: Type: DECAY. Fill your current weapon’s magazine with decay-infused bullets that inflict Toxic onto enemies. Enemies within a small radius of the main target also receive Toxic and 50% of the damage. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons.
  • Tool Of Destruction: Type: ORDINANCE, INTERRUPT. Conjure a Rocket Launcher that can Interrupt enemies or a Minigun that deals damage per shot. The skill will remain active until all ammo is depleted or until you switch weapons.
  • Fixing Wave: Type: GADGET, HEAL. Release your energy to restore 33% of Health to all players and 50% of Health to your turrets regardless of distance.
  • Cold Snap: Type: GADGET. Drop a gadget to inflict Freeze onto all enemies within a large radius around you.
  • Blighted Turret: Type: DECAY. Place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts Toxic onto enemies. The turret’s health depletes slowly over time and when it takes damage.

Class Trees

Much like the other class trees you have 3 options to specialise the Technomancer class. It can look a little intimidating at first, but it does allow to specialise a little bit. The best thing to do is to experiment around with the trees and see what you like, but I’ll give you a quikc overview here.

  • Pestilence – This is a DPS-focused class tree that will boost weapons and toxic damage.
  • Tech Shaman – This is support focused and improves healing and gadget capabilities.
  • Demolisher – This is the class tree that sits in the middle of the other two, it improves DPS, weapon damage and healing capabilities. However, it doesn’t do as much improvements as before.

Technomancer Build


  • Scrapnel
  • Cryo Turret
  • Pain Launcher


Given that Technomancer is the support class that means your teammates will look to you for healing so it’s probably best to stay back and out of trouble. Sniper Rifles are very good and compliment this style of play. A decent SMG is useful and pistol in the 3rd slot. If you are lucky enough to get some legendaries to drop then Rarog’s Gaze has bullets that inflict Burn, and explode on impact. The Migraine SMG is your secondary to inflict Bleed on your foes.

Class Points

There’s only a few class points available in the demo, but more will be available in the full game. Here’s what I started out with:

  • Br/8 Impact Amplifier: Increase your weapon damage by eight percent.
  • Anomalous Body: Increase your max health by ten percent.

Armour mods

  • More Traps: (Scrapnel) One additional mine can be thrown before activating the cooldown.
  • No Pain, No Gain: (Blighted Rounds) When the skill ends, 40 percent of damage dealt by the skill is turned into healing and spread equally among allies.
    Lower Armour
  • More Damage: (Scrapnel) Increases the skill’s damage.
  • Advanced Rockets: (Pain Launcher) Rockets deal more damage.
  • Supplies: (Scrapnel) One additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.

Let me know down int he comments what you think of the Technomancer, and which class you are going to be jumping into Outriders with.

That’s it for this guide on the Technomancer in Outriders. For more Outriders content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today for the latest information.