Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 – Aeon Exotic Armour Guide and Why You Should Be Using Them In PVE Today

The Cult of Aeon Exotics has been given a needed buff in Season of the Chosen. The benefits of using these exotics are much clearer and easier to co-ordinate now given the revamp, and today I am going to go over the changes, the new mods and also the roles Bungie are testing out. It’s a cool concept and gets deeper into builds with our Guardians, and paired up with other weapons and mods these Aeon Exotics are going to be very effective for you and your fireteam in endgame PVE activities.

Aeon Exotic armour was originally introduced in the Curse of Osiris expansion way back in 2017 near the start of Destiny 2. There’s one for each class – Aeon Safe for Titans, Aeon Swift for Hunters, and Aeon Soul for Warlocks. The idea for these was everyone in a fireteam uses the gloves, and then when you use certain abilities you’d then refund certain ability energy to fireteam members also wearing the Aeon Exotics. The idea was sound, but difficult to execute.

Given this was the case, the Aeon exotics are hardly used and therefore Bungie wanted to revamp them. Bungie updated the community before Season of the Chosen started and wanted to focus on three goals for the exotics:

  • Create role-based mechanics that reward you for doing the things that your role is supposed to be good at.
  • Create mechanics that reward other players on your fireteam when you fulfil your role. Give your fireteam incentive for each player to take on a different role.
  • Instead of having a single, monolithic Exotic perk to handle this, we opted to take a page out of the Armor 2.0 book and give the Aeon Cult Exotics their own, unique mod socket and mods, which are all unlocked as soon as you acquire the Exotic and each of which is tied to one of the different Aeon Cult roles. These mods are identical across the Exotics for all three classes, so you can choose any role regardless of what class or subclass you are playing.

The Aeon Exotic armour gauntlets have been updated, so they may be sitting in your inventory in this new state, or you can pick them up from Xur on Friday’s (he was selling the Hunter gloves last week). The Aeon Exotics have been updated so there’s a couple of overlapping buffs going on, and not just for those wearing the Aeon Exotics. If you have a regular bunch of friends or clanmates who run activities then it’s going to be very worthwhile coordinating with the Aeon Exotics, but there’s also value in running in a fireteam without the coordination due to the update.

Let’s have a look at the new mods.

Sect of Force

  • Aeon’s Wrath – Rapid precision hits with a weapon temporarily increase your reload speed and weapon swap speed.
  • Foebreaker Chant – When you stun a Champion or defeat a boss/miniboss, your nearby fireteam members gain a burst of grenade and melee energy. Aeon cult allies who do not have the Sect of Force role equipped also gain a burst of Super energy.

The Sect of Force is going to help you out with reload and weapon swap speed. This is also good for grenade and melee abilities when you face champions. The benefit here for non-aeon wearers includes a burst of super energy, which is going to be very useful. Therefore these gloves are going to be good going into Legend, Master and Grandmaster Nightfalls as you’re going to come across plenty of Champions.

Sect of Insight

  • Aeon’s Inspiration – Successive precision weapon takedowns have a chance to drop an Orb of Power for your allies.
  • Armsbearer Chant – When you use a finisher on an Elite, you generate Special ammo for your fireteam; when you use a finisher on a boss or miniboss, you generate Heavy ammo for your fireteam. Nearby Aeon cult allies who do not have the Sect of Insight role equipped also gain a bonus to weapon damage for a short time.

Sect of Insight is all about supporting your fireteam through orb generation, which is going to help you get your super nice and quickly, or through generating special and heavy ammo. Heavy ammo especially is going to be useful, and fireteam members without the Aeon Exotics get weapon damage.

Sect of Vigor

  • Aeon’s Vow – Gain class ability energy as your allies die. Gain full class ability energy when you resurrect an ally.
  • Lightgiver Chant – When you cast your Super, nearby allies gain an instant burst of healing. Aeon cult allies who do not have the Sect of Vigor role equipped also gain an overshield.

Sect of Vigor is all about healing and protecting your fireteam. You gain the class ability when others die and when you resurrect them, then you’ll get the full class ability back. The healing burst with your super is a nice touch and for those who don’t have the Aeon Exotics then they get an over shield.

Out of the three Armour mods personally I have found Sect of Force and Sect of Insight the best when I have been running Nightfalls.

With Sect of Force, the grenade and melee energy gains are very useful, and with the sheer number of champions in these activities, it means you’re pretty much going to have grenades and melees up constantly. If you pair with something like weapons with demolitionist and wellspring, then you are going to be onto a winner here. It’s worth having a look at the artefact mods too – something like Surge Detonators is going to be good for Arc subclasses and disrupting Overload Champions.

Grenades aren’t going to be the only main benefit, as in PVE content often you have to be patient and wait things out so dropping a barricade if you’re a titan or a well if you’re a warlock is going to be a very useful tool to have in your back pocket for those tricky moments.

With Sect of Insight, the generation of special and heavy ammo is definitely going to come in use, and you can also combine the finishers with getting charged with light with the mod empowered finish. The fact you can freely generate ammo is very useful for you and your fireteam and shouldn’t be overlooked.

I’ve been running nightfalls with the Sect of Force, but I also bolstered this with some Warmind Cell and Charged with Light mods to make it extra destructive. Here’s a quick build I have been using on my Titan, and this one has been a lot of fun in Nightfall content this week.

Subclass: Middle Tree Striker
Exotic Armour: Aeon Safe (Sect of Force)
Weapons: Seraph Carbine, Salvager’s Salvo, Anarchy
Mods: Elemental Ordnance, Elemental Charge, Font of Wisdom, High Energy Fire

In this build, I’m going to be getting the immediate benefit of increased reload speed and weapon swap speed due to Sect of Force. If my Fireteam also has Aeon armour then they’re going to benefit from the grenade and melee energy. That coupled with Warmind Cell Mods for extra damage being produced by the Kinetic Carbine, and the Elemental Well Mods are going to be useful for boosting my super energy. Salvager’s Salvo has demolitionist on it, plus the outright damage we’re getting from Anarchy makes this build very useful for PVE content.

Try out the different Aeon exotics, and let me know what you think plus which role you like taking on.

Don’t overlook the buffed Aeon Exotics, they’re pretty good now and I like the fact we get to take on team roles. This has always been the case of course and we could spec our armour and weapons into these roles, but now we’re getting options for deeper builds and going more into the RPG nature of destiny’s potential… I like what I am seeing.

Let me know what you think of the Aeon Exotic armour buffs down there in the comments.

That’s it for this Aeon Exotic Armour Guide in Destiny 2.