Destiny 2 – How to get Brass Attacks (Legendary Sidearm)

Brass Attacks is a new Sidarm that’s been added into the game as part of the Battlegrounds set of weapons. Today I am going to look at the weapon and stats, perks and god rolls plus how to get the Brass Attacks in Destiny 2.

Brass Attacks is a Legendary Energy Sidearm which is an Aggressive Burst meaning it’s a Hard-hitting two-burst fire sidearm. Looking at the stats we have Impact 56, Range 47, Stability 44, Handling 42, Reload Speed 34, Rounds Per Minute 325 and Magazine 25.

Other comparable Sidearms in the Energy Slot are Drang, which has a slightly slower rate of fire at 300 rpm. The Fool’s Remedy is another one, with a slightly faster rpm at 450, although this is a Suros Rapid-Fire Frame, rather than an Aggressive Burst Sidearm. I don’t have any other Aggressive Burst sidearms in my vault, so they may have been sunset or I just don’t keep hold of them.

The feedback around Brass Attacks has been good from the community, with True Vanguard (a sidearm specialist!) singing it’s praises.

Brass Attacks Perks and God Rolls

For PVE Feeding Frenzy and Sympathetic Arsenal is a good choice, and the most popular combination of perks out there right now with the community. Rapid Hit and Rampage is also a very good choice for PVE. Overflow and Dragonfly is also a decent roll. For PVP Killing Wind and Wellspring would be a decent roll.

How to get Brass Attacks

To get this one it’s a random drop from the end of Battlegrounds. It’s also on the season pass at Rank 45. The main difference this season is you don’t need to get to season pass rank 45 to get it to drop for you in activities. Previously, you’d need to unlock it from the season pass before it dropped, now you don’t have to. When it drops from the season pass everyone should get Surplus and Rampage as a roll, but then you can get random rolls from subsequent drops of the weapon.

Surprise Attack Mod

This is a great mod to use if you are enjoying using sidearms.

Surprise attack – While Charged with Light, reloading or readying a Sidearm will consume all stacks of Charged with Light and convert them into stacks of a major damage buff, which are depleted as you damage combatants with that Sidearm. But it does give you a minus 10 intellect.

To get this to work you do need to be charged with light, which you can get a couple of ways. There’s Taking Charge, the charged with Light mod or you could use Elemental Charge – one of the new Elemental Well mods.

Brass Attacks Lore

“If looks could kill, you wouldn’t even have to aim this thing.” —Banshee-44

Banshee-44 hefted the Sidearm, testing its balance in his metal grip. Nice piece of work. He pulled the slide and peered through the ejection port. The barrel was true and the spring assembly was smooth as silicone. The brass plating and custom Picatinny rail were classy touches too. Just his speed.

Construction Redjacks had pulled the pistol from the build site of the H.E.L.M. Some of their deeper combat coding must have kicked in, because they brought the piece to him directly. Banshee wondered how long this beauty had been stuck in the rubble. Hell, maybe it was buried there intentionally. Evidence of some evil deed from way back.

Well, any dirt on this hardware was long forgotten by now. Banshee set to disassembling the gun, his hands working faster than the eye could follow. In just a few seconds, he had it in constituent parts on his bench. He scanned the surface of each component, looking for the maker’s mark.

There! A tiny inscription on the trigger pin. Almost imperceptible, even to his digital eyes. He examined the pin through his loupe. The mark read “B-44.4.C-6”. Seemed like a part number. Guess he’d never know who crafted it.

It really was a helluva piece, though. Whoever made it had a real eye for the game.

Wherever you came from, he thought, it’s time to find you a new home.

Let me know what you think in the comments about Brass Attacks and what rolls did you get?

That’s it for this guide on how to get Brass Attacks in Destiny 2.