Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 – Elemental Well Mods Guide And All Classes Build Examples

A new set of mods have been introduced into Destiny 2 in Season of the Chosen called Elemental Well Mods. They share characteristics with Warmind Cell and Charged with Light mods, allowing you to create builds and gain some benefits across a number of abilities. Today I am going to look at the Elemental Well Mods, where to get them, what they do and also some build examples.

Elemental Well Mods are the third iteration of armour mods that introduce a bunch of benefits, for example, helping you get your super faster or increasing your weapon damage. They are similar to Charged with Light mods – where you have one mod to spawn or create the effect, then another mod to apply for the benefit.

What is an Elemental Well?

Elemental Wells are small, colourful orbs that grant ability energy when they are collected. Similar to Orbs of power, which help you get your Super faster, they sit on the ground waiting to be picked up. When you spawn an Elemental Well, it appears for the whole fireteam.

What do the Elemental Wells do?

When you pick up an Elemental Well you get a 10% ability energy to your ability with the lowest current energy. If you get a well that matches your subclass element, then you’ll get 10% to all abilities (grenade, melee and class ability). They last for 20 seconds on the ground and the compatible elements are Arc, Void, Solar and Stasis. Elemental Wells have a limit on their spawn rate, it approx one every 2-4 seconds.

Elemental Wells don’t spawn in Crucible at the moment, so it’s exclusively a PVE benefit at the moment. All Exotic armour and year 4 Beyond Light armour can equip the mods too.

How to get the Elemental Well Mods

Make your way to the H.E.L.M. and check out the War Table and you’ll find the mods there. These mods rotate weekly, so check back in at reset on Tuesday and check out the available Elemental Well Mods. Each mod costs three mod components.

All Elemental Well Mods

Let’s take a closer look at the mods. Mods that help you spawn the wells are called Elemental ‘something’, and then the mods that provide the benefit are called the Font ‘something’… let’s start with how to generate Elemental Wells first.

Elemental Charge (2 Energy) – Become Charged with Light by picking up an elemental well. If the elemental well’s element type matches your subclass element, you gain 2 stacks of Charged with Light. If you have Stacks on Stacks mod equipped, then a matching elemental well will give you four stacks or charged with light, rather than three. Non-matching elemental wells grant two stacks of charged with light.

Elemental Ordnance (3 Energy) – Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type. It’s best to use Use Vortex, Thermite, or Pulse Grenades to get the most use out of this mod.

Elemental Light (1 Energy) – Defeating a combatant with your Super spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type. Roaming Supers are probably best for this and the super has to and the final blow.

Elemental Armaments (2 Energy) – Weapon takedowns with a damage type that matches your subclass element have an escalating chance to spawn an elemental well. There’s approx 10% chance of a well to spawn and this stacks until a well spawns, with works similar to charge harvester. You have to use a weapon that matches your subclass and one will spawn every 6-10 kills. Stasis uses are at a slight disadvantage as they only have Salvations Grip for a Stasis weapon right now.

Next up, let’s have a look at the benefit Elemental Well mods, called Fonts.

Font of Might (4 Energy) – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants a temporary bonus to weapon damage of that same elemental type. This effect also stacks with other damage buffs like High-Energy Fire and lasts approx 3-5 seconds. This only buffs weapon damage matching your subclass, e.g. if you are running arc then it’ll boost arc weapon damage.

Font of Wisdom (4 Energy) – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants you a temporary significant increase in your Intellect, improving the recharge rate of your Super. This gives you a +50 intellect boost for 30 secs, so this one is going to boost your super regeneration significantly. Intellect cannot go above 100.

The Elemental Wells work where you select the way you want to spawn Wells for example grenades, supers and weapons with the same damage as your subclass. Then you pick the effect, which is either improved weapon damage or improved super generation. These mods work well with other perks and traits on weapons and armour that compliment them.

Here’s a few examples of builds that demonstrate the possible combinations.

Titan build

Subclass: Arc Middle Tree
Armour: Skullfort
Weapons: Bad Juju, Eternal Blazon (Arc / Thresh)
Mods: Elemental Armamements, Font of Wisdom

This is a simple build that helps get your super as much as possibe. Something like Bad Juju would be good with it’s perk String of Curses as kills provide super energy. We also have a perk called Thresh, where killing combatants give a little bit of super energy on each kill. If you have an energy weapon with Thresh and it matches your subclass, then you could take advantage of Elemental Armaments mod to generate Wells. This could be paired with Font of Wisdom to give you a massive boost to intellect and you’ll be getting your super a lot.

Warlock Build

Armour: Nezarac’s Sin
Subclass: Bottom tree void
Weapons: Dead Man’s Tale, Bottom Dollar (Demolitionist), Falling Guillotine
Mods: Elemental Ordnance, Elemental Charge, Font of Wisdom, Lucent Blade

Another example would be using Elemental Ordnance to help spawn wells through grenade kills, and then Font of Wisdom to generate super energy. You can combine this with Elemental Charge to become Charged with Light and then improve weapon damage through another. Given you are using Elemental Ordnance to generate wells through grande kills, then getting more grenades is going to be key then pairing this up with Demolitionist weapons is a good option.

By killing enemies with energy weapons with demolitionist you’re going to be generating grande energy on the kill, plus pairing that up with Insatiable (Bottom-tree voidwalker) is going to help get grenagde energy back. Then pciking up the wells are going to help you get your super, so this build is going to be very effective in all types of PVE activities.

Hunter Build

Armour: Raiden Flux
Subclass: Bottom-tree Arcstrider
Weapons: Seraph Revolver, Ikelos SMG, Wardcliff Coil
Mods: Elemental Charge, Elemental Armaments, Font of Might, Argent Ordnance

Finally, this can all be combined with Warmind Cells too. Here I am focusing on the Arc element, and Raiden Flux plus bottom-tree arcstrider goes very well together. I am ging to be using Elemental Armaments to generate wells with Arc weapons like Ikleos SMG and Wardcliff Coil. The Ikelos SMG is also going to help generate warmind cells, and we can improve the damage output of Wardcliff Coil through Argent Ordnance for a 20% improvement to rocket damage. Font of Might is going to improve weapon damage too, making this a very effective build for PVE.

That’s some examples of some builds, but it’d be good to hear from you and some builds you think are really good. I’d love to know what builds you’ve put together and you should share them down in the comments.

That’s pretty much it related to the Elemental Well mods. We’re a few iterations into the mod crafting in Destiny 2 at the moment, and I’d recommend doing a little research as these mods are going to make PVE much more fun and your Guardian more destructive. The Elemental Wells don’t quite feel as powerful as Warmind Cell mods or Charged with Light mods just yet, but I think we need to give them some time to bed in.

Warmind Cell mods were introduced back in Season of the Worthy where we’d spawn Warmind Cells with Ikelos of Seraph Weapons and then use mods to modify them. For example, you could add a mod to improve the blast radius of a Warmind Cell or have them shoot out a Solar burn effect or a Void supression. Warmind Cells are still very powerful today and it’s worth checking this guide related to Warmind Cell builds.

Charged with Light mods are more similar to Elemental Well mods, where you have one mod to enable the Charged with Light effect (for example, by picking up an orb or performing a finisher), then another mod to introduce a benefit. Some examples of charged with light mods that improve damage include Surprise Attack which improves Sidearm Damage, Lucent blade for Sword Damage and Argent Ordnance for Rocket Damage.

That’s it for this guide on Elemental Well Mods in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.