Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 – How to get Imperial Needle (Legendary Bow)

Imperial Needle is a new combat bow introduced as part of Season of the Chosen. Bows can be a pretty fun time, and with this being a lightweight frame bow you’ll get that boost to movement speed. Today I am going to look at Imperial Needle’s stats and perks, god rolls to chase as well as how to get Imperial Needle in Destiny 2.

Imperial Needle is a Legendary Energy Combat Bow with a Lightweight Frame and it’s a Recurve Bow. Draw quickly and move faster while this weapon is equipped. Looking at the stats we have Impact 68, Accuracy 49, Stability 48, Handling 71, Reload Speed 64 and Draw Time 612.

Imperial Needle Perks and God Rolls

For PVE Impulse Amplifier and Frenzy would be a decent roll. Both are relatively good new perks with Impulse Amplifier increasing projectile velocity and reload speed. Frenxy gives you increased damage, handling and reload speed for being in combat – which is going to happen often. Archers Tempo and Swashbuckler is also a decent PVE roll. For PVP Killing Wind and Opening Shot would be a decent roll. Quickdraw and Opening shot is another decent combination for PVP.

How to get Imperial Needle

To get this one it’s part of the reward set for Battlegrounds introduced in Season of the Chosen. You can get this from the rewards chest at the end of Battlegrounds as well as turning ranking up the War Table. This is also available through focused umbral engrams via the prismatic recaster and umbral decoder. There’s a Chosen Weapons focusing option and you’ll get a one in four chance of getting the weapon.

Comparing the bows

Arsenic Bite is another legendary energy combat bow which is comparable. When comparing the two it has the same impact, slightly less accuracy at -3, less stability at -14 better handling at +7 and the same reload speed and draw time. It’s definitely comparable to Arsenic Bite. One benefit you have with these lightweight weapons is you can move faster with the weapon equipped.

For example, Biting Winds is another Combat Bow but this one is in the Kinetic Slot. Biting Winds is a Precision Frame, where you get better stats for impact and accuracy, but give up that movement speed influence from the lightweight frame.

If you like using bows there are some good options this season and give them a go and see what you like best. Personally it took some time for me to get into using bows, but it clicked with Trinity Ghoul and it’s catalyst. This season we also have Ticcu’s Divination, another Exotic energy bow that shoots solar damage arrows – plus gives you explosions and homing arrows too. The exotic bows are certainly a lot of fun. If you have access to the season pass this season you can get hold of Ticcu’s immediately, or get it around the rank 30 mark of the season pass.

Bell of Conquests Artifact Mods for Bows

You get the Bell of Conquests after completing your first Battlegrounds run on Nessus. Then bring it to H.E.L.M and get started. As you progress throughout the season you’ll unlock the mods and there are some artifact mods this season that can help out with bows.

  • Overload Bow (1) – Damage by fully drawn arrows disrupts combatants, stunning them, delaying ability energy regeneration and lowering combatant damage output. Strong against Overload Champions.
  • Bow Dexterity (1 Arms) – Faster ready and stow speed for Bows.
  • Bow Reloader (1 Arms) – Increases reload speed of Bows.

There’s nothing crazy good in there, but it’s always worth being aware of the artifect mods. Overload Bow here is probably the most useful, so you can take bows into the Nightfall if you want and deal damage to Overload Champions.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Imperial needle.

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