Destiny 2 – Death from Above Titan PVE Build With An Insurmountable Skullfort and Rockets

An Insurmountable Skullfort has been around since the early days of Destiny, but it’s a very useful piece of Exotic armour. When paired with the right subclass, weapons and mods you can create a devastating Titan build that’s going to help you clear out all kinds of enemies in PvE, and this one is a lot of fun too. Today I am going to have a look at this Death From Above Titan PVE Build including the armour, weapons, subclass and also the best mods to use.

This build today is focused around the arc damage type and a Titan’s love for going in there, smashing things up and causing maximum damage. I’ve tried to make this build very accessible. The build is focused around An Insurmountable Skullfort, middle-tree striker and Warmind Cell generation. This is going to help you smash through PVE content like battlegrounds, strikes, lost sectors – anything where you need to clear a whole bunch of enemies in a short space of time.

Let’s dive into the build and we’ll start out with the amour.


For this build I am going to be using An Insurmountable Skullfort. This is an Exotic Titan Helmet.

  • Transfusion Matrix – Kills with Arc melee abilities trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy.
  • Mobility Enhancement Mod – Increased mobility.

The main thing we’re going to be using here is the Transfusion Matrix. When combined with our subclass, which I’ll get into next, this is going to give us the ability to rain down death from above via melee ability kills. As long as we’re getting kills then this is going to retore our melee ability energy, and we’re going to be able to chain kills constantly.

Next up let’s have a look at the subclass.


For this build I am using Code of the Missle which is Middle-tree Striker Titan.

  • Ballistic Slam — After sprinting, leap into the air and press the melee button to slam into the ground and damage nearby targets.
  • Impact Conversion — Hitting enemies with Ballistic Slam grants Super energy and activates Inertia Override.
  • Inertia Override — Picking up ammo during a slide reloads your equipped weapon and increases weapon damage for a short time.
  • Thundercrash — Hurl through the air like a missile and crash into enemies to inflict meteoric damage. Replaces Fists of Havoc as subclass Super.

The main benefit we’re going to be using here on the subclass is Ballistic Slam. This pairs very well with the Exotic armour An Insurmountable Skullfort, and is going to allow us to chain together kills. This also grants Super Energy too via Impact Conversion. As we’re running around getting kills by slamming into our enemies from above, this is going to boost our Super Energy, allowing us to get Thundercrash charged as fast as possible.

Next up lets have a look at the weapons.


The components of the build-up until now have been focused on close range encounters. The weapons are going to give us some range, as well as Warmind Cell abilities to give us a boost in damage to help us take out as many enemies as possible. I’m also going to be using a combination of mods with the weapons to give an extra damage boost.

I’m using the Seraph Revolver in the Kinetic slot and the Ikelos SMG in the Energy slot to create Warmind Cells. These weapons are both effective and freely available in the world loot pool at the moment, plus they are no longer getting sunset.

For the power weapon I’m using The Wadcliff Coil. It’s an Arc Exotic Power Rocket Launcher.

  • Mad Scientist – This weapon fires a volley of rockets.
  • Mechanized Autoloader – This weapon automatically reloads on ammo pickup.

Bungie buffed rockets in at the start of season 13.

  • Increased Rocket Launcher damage by 30%.
  • Exotic Rocket Launchers have been adjusted individually and are affected by this change to different degrees.
  • Paired with the buffs to reserves from last season, we’re hoping you’ll explode many more things in Season 13!


  • Global Reach – Warmind Cells you create affect and damage targets at a greater distance.
  • Taking Charge – Become Charged with Light by picking up an orb
  • Argent Ordnance – While Charged with Light, readying or firing a Rocket Launcher grants it increased damage and reload speed. Damaging a combatant with a rocket consumes one stack of Charged with Light.

There’s 2 components to the mods – Improving Rockets damage through Charged with Light and creating Warmind Cells for an extra boost in damage.

The damage boost from rockets is because of the Charged with Light mod Argent Ordnance. Once activated Argent Ordnance promises ‘dealing damage to a powerful combatant gives you a major increase to rocket launcher damage for a short time, consuming one stack of charged with light’. When you are Charged with Light you’ll see a buff called Godslayer Warheads active, so you’ll know its time to fire off those rockets. Across the board, Argent Ordnance gives about a 20% buff to rockets, which isn’t too bad. When paired with this new 30% buff then it’s going to be very noticeable.

Our Ikelos and Seraph weapons are going to help us create warmind cells, and our other mods are going to make us more effective using them.


  • Runabout and get some kills with Ballistic Slam, recharging your melee abilities through our exotic helm
  • Repeat for more death from above
  • Create some warmind cells with kinetic and energy weapons
  • Destroy them for more damage
  • Gather some heavy ammo and rain down more death from above with Wardcliff Coil with the added 20% bonus damage of argent ordnance
  • Run around and get more kills with Ballistic Slam, just because you can

This build is more useful in activities where you have lots of enemies. I wouldn’t recommend this one for Legend or Master Nightfalls/Lost Sectors, as you’re going o be vulnerable going in close. Battlegrounds, Strikes, lower level Nightfalls are much more suitable – activities where you have lots of enemies bunched up together.

The main components of the build are the subclass and the exotic armour, you can mix and match the weapons and use what you want to use. Here I am using rockets because they are the flavour of the month and pretty effective in this sandbox. If you’re checking out this guide in the future and the meta has changed, feel free to swap in and out weapons that you enjoy using – just look for synergy between the weapons, mods and causing as much damage as possible.

Give the build a go and let me know what you think and how it could be improved int he comments section.

That’s it for this guide for a Death from Above Titan PVE Build With Insurmountable Skullfort and Rockets. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.