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Destiny 2 – Presage Exotic Quest Guide Including How To Start, Puzzle Solutions and Solo Tips

Presage is an Exotic Mission added into Season of the Chosen. This is one of the finest pieces of content Bungie has put together in Destiny 2 and forms the focus of Dead Man’s Tale. Over the course of the Exotic Mission, Osiris will tell you a story about Calus and the Scorn, plus there’s a mysterious Guardian on board. Today I am going to look at how to start the mission, the puzzle solutions and how to find your way through the maze as well as solo tips and tricks. The following is a Presage Exotic quest guide for Season of the Chosen.

First of all, let’s look at how to get the weapon. You’ll want to head into The Arm’s Dealer strike. It’s The Ordeal Nightfall this week, but you can simply select it from the director on the EDZ if you are doing this in the future and don’t fancy the Nightfall. Load into the Strike and you’ll want to head through the now open door to the right of the normal route through the strike. Fight past the enemies and you’ll be directed towards a marker on-screen. This is a distress signal that has been intercepted by the Vanguard and once you have picked it up you’ll want to go and have a chat with Zavala in the Tower.

Exit the strike and then speak to Zavala in the Tower. He’ll direct you to an anomaly near The Tangled Shore. From this point, you’ll be able to select the mission from the Director on the Tangled Shore page.

You can head into the mission with a fireteam or solo. It’s probably much easier to do with a team and it’ll be quicker, but it’s possible to do solo. The only requirement I know of is you need the season pass for Season of the Chosen. I went in with Outbreak Perfected in my Kinetic slot, Adored in my Energy and Code Duello in my power slot for add clearing. I was around 1271 at the start of the mission and managed to get through it OK.

When you first load into the mission you’ll be on an abandoned Cabal Ship and Osiris will be on comms walking you through things. I recommend going into this blind if possible, get comfortable and put your headphones on. The sound design of the mission is excellent and the puzzles aren’t too tricky. Feel free to watch the video and I’ll do my best to guide you through it, but I think this mission is best experienced without knowing what’s coming. You can skip to here for the Dead Man’s Tale gameplay, or you can keep watching and I’ll walk you through the rooms and the puzzles.

After you land you’ll want to turn around and head out onto the platforms to your left and outside the ship. The main doors are closed, blocking your path into the ship, and you’re going to need to find a lever to open the ship. There’s a couple of simple mechanics in the mission which include levers that open doors, shooting panels to reveal pathways, electric charges to shoot that open doors, and shooting spoors that give you a buff to allow you to walk through burning walls.

Keep jumping up and around the ship until you find the opening and crawl through. Shoot the panels and keep moving forward. If you see a vent or grate, always try and shoot it because they can be damaged and this is often the way forward. Jump up and around and keep making your way through.

You’ll find your first lever, which you’ll want to interact with. This will reveal spores and a burning wall. If you walk into the burning wall normally, you’re going to die, so what you need to do is stand close to the spores and shoot them to give yourself a buff called Egregore Link. This gives you a countdown timer, and you can use the buff to get through the burning walls nice and easy. The puzzle rooms are mainly about finding the spores to get through the burning walls to the next section of the mission.

Once you have made your way through the first wall into the new area with strange alien fungus growing everywhere jump up and shoot the grate and make your way through the vents. Jump up and keep going through the tunnels. Hop down and turn around and you’ll be faced with some Scorn. Kill them, make your way forward and then activate the lever.

Go back out to where you dropped down and you’ll notice a door has opened with spores. Shoot the spores while close and then jump over the drop onto the other side and you can make your way through the burning wall. On the other side, drop down and kill the scorn. Make your way through and jump back over to the other side. Here the mission is going to teach you a new mechanic of opening doors or hatches by shooting an electric charge. Shoot it and then jump down the hatch. There’s some more scorn here, kill them and then jump up to the platform and flip the lever.

Head over to the other side and you’ll find a door, go through the door and jump over to find the third lever. Pull it and jump back. Go back into the room where you were and you’ll find an electric charge revealed behind a door. Shoot it and that will open the way forward. Jump up to where you just came from but instead of looking over the to where you pulled the third lever, look down and you’ll see a door. Jump down to where the door is and a platform will help you. Jump through the door and you’re onto the next part of the mission.

This part of the mission is very cool. There’s a lever at the end of the room, but when you hit this lever the walls are going to start closing in on you and will kill you if you don’t find the electric charges in time. They are hidden on the floor and you have to shoot the grates off and find the electric charges. I found jumping and shooting helped here as I could jump and see what I was doing. Screebs will drop down and try and kill you. I found that if I wasted time trying to kill them, then I’d be crushed by the walls, so I recommend looking for the electric charges on the floor and jumping out of the way of the screebs if possible. They will kill themselves and you’ll stop the walls from closing in. Once you have found 3, then the exit is also on the floor under a grate. Shoot it and head down.

The next part is a combat-based and you have to defeat the Scorn in a couple of phases. First, you have the small room you drop down in, and then you have a bigger room. The second room is going to be a little bit of a pain in the ass if you are doing this solo but hold back, take your time and watch out for the screebs that constantly come for you looking to kill you. Once you have got through this section, it’s time for more puzzles.

Once again jump out of the ship to the left and you’ll want to jump around the platforms until you see a hangar. Head up to the top left and you’ll find the way forward. You’ll find yourself in a room covered with alien fungus again and you’ll want to flip the lever. This will reveal more spores. On the opposite side of the room is the burning wall, so shoot the spores and head through the wall safely. Here you’ll find more scorn, so shoot them to make your life much easier. Flip the level and you’ll reveal an electric charge.

If you look above you you’ll see an electric wall. If you shoot the charge then you’ll drop the electric wall for a few second. Stand back and shoot the electric charge with a sniper and then jump up, safely past the electric wall. Up here you’ll find some more levers, flip them. By doing both of them you’ll reveal some spores down below which you can shoot and then make your way through the burning wall into the next room.

Once again you’re going to find Scorn and you’ll want to clear the room. This time you’ll notice the burning wall/portal thing on the ground. There’s a lever in the room which you’ll want to flip. That will reveal a doorway, but be careful because there’s a trapdoor there. Head back into the middle of the room and a Cabal drone will be there, kill it to reveal the electric charge. Shooting that will reveal the spores, get the buff and then jump down into the next room.

The next area is a maze. Here there’s a lot of grates with screebs hidden behind them. For this part, I took things slow, got my ghost out when I needed to. You’ll find the spores and the burning portal, so orientate yourself and then head back to the spores. Get the buff then run as fast as you can towards the portal, taking a left when you see the canister on the floor. Activate the door and make your way through to the next section.

Make your way through the next room with the spores and the burning portal and you’ll find yourself in a big room with some scorn. There are 2 Deranged Abominations here, you’ll want to take them out and head over to that side of the room. Go over there, pull the lever and then you’ll want to check behind the pipes to find the electric charge. Shoot the charge, which will open a door revealing the spores. Get the buff from the spores and make your way through to the next room.

The next section includes some platforming. Make your way to the other side using the Scorn as a guide for where to go. Once you have made your way to the other side pull the lever. You can see the burning portal wall is here, so we know this is our objective, we just have to find the spores.

Jump back from where you came and you’ll see an electric charge to shoot. Once you’ve done that you’ll reveal a new set of spores, but behind a burning wall when you jump up going back from where you entered the room. The sequence here is going back to the start where you came in, get the buff from the spores and then jump around to this newly found wall up above. Walkthrough it, get a top-up of the buff and then make your way round to the exit.

Once you have done that you’re in the boss room. The mechanics in the boss room are fairly straight forward. When you first go in there’s the boss and you’ll want to take his health down as far as possible until he goes immune. Loads of enemies will then spawn in and you’ll want to take care of them. Watch out for suicide screebs jumping at you the whole time. Clear the room of enemies and there are 3 levers. There are 2 on the outside and one in the burning room in the middle. The 2 on the outside are nice and easy to pull and leave the one in the burning room until last. Once you have done all 3 you’ll be able to drop down to the lower level and take health off the boss. If you are doing this solo I would highly recommend using Anarchy for your heavy weapon, and this is going to make things much much easier. This is probably much easier with a fireteam, but solo it’s a little tough. You have to be patient with your sniper, watching out for enemies all the time and then doing as much damage as possible.

The bosses health is split into 3 parts, indicating 3 cycles for the battle. Once you have got the first part done, the adds will spawn again and you’ll have to pull the levers in the 3 locations so you can keep doing damage to the boss. Do this 3 times and that’s it.

There’s also 15 scannables in the presage mission in total, with 5 available in the first week. Presumably 5 will be available in the second week and the final 5 in the 3rd week. This works towards Figments of an Answer Triumph. I think you have to run through the mission once to be able to scan the items, but I maybe wrong.

The current ones we know about are:

  • Scannable 1: This one is right where you first get the spores buff. The cabal hanging from the ceiling
  • Scannable 2: This one is when you drop down and see the first electric wall. Jump across the gap and go right.
  • Scannable 3: This one is in the big hangar area before going outside again. Scan the ship.
  • Scannable 4: This one is in the room where the electric fence is above the arc charge you have to destroy. Shoot the charge and jump up. There will be tubes ok the ground you can scan.
  • Scannable 5: This one is right before you drop down to grab the exotic. Calus head.

There are also a bunch of data pads and hidden caches in the dungeon too, but I’ll have to make a video on that later on.

Let me know what you think about the presage mission down in the comments.

That’s it for this Presage Exotic quest guide for Season of the Chosen. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.