Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 – Iron Banner In Season Of The Chosen Guide And How To Complete Saladin’s Gauntlet Quest

Iron Banner in back in Season of the Chosen and that means Lord Saladin is back in the Tower ready to dish out plenty of Iron Banner themed loot. Today I am going to look at the Iron Banner quest you need to complete so you can start to hand in Iron Banner tokens to our resident Iron Lord and get access to the armour and weapons. The following is an Iron Banner in Season of the Chosen guide and how to complete Saladin’s Gauntlet quest.

This is the first Iron Banner in Season of the Chosen, and much like every season we’re going to have to run through a short quest to get access to the loot. This season we have the refurbished Time-Worn Spire Pulse Rifle and Multimatch CCX Submachine Gun, which are returning weapons from Destiny 2 year 1, but this time with random rolls. We also have a new perk called Iron Reach, which will massively boost range but at the cost of decreased stability. The Iron Will armour set is back too and this time they have been updated to accept the combat style mods.

Before you jump in, Iron Banner is power enabled so remember to put on your highest gear. Iron Banner is free for all players too, so everyone can jump in and enjoy the PVP event this week.

Step 1 – Speak to Lord Saladin in the Tower

First of all you want to head to the Tower and you’ll see Lord Saladin in his normal place, above Lord Shax and our Vault. Go and speak to him and pick up the quest. Pick up the bounties too, as each one will be a pinnacle drop.

Step 2 – Smelting Pot

Once you have picked up the quest and the bounties then jump into Iron Banner, you can find this under the Cruicble node on the Director. For this step you have to defeat opponents, capture zones and get Arc or Solar final blows. Put on an Arc or Solar subclass and off you go.

Step 3 – Sounding Bell

This step of the quest involved completing matches, capturing zones and getting Power Weapon final blows. This is likely to be the trickiest part of the quest as getting power ammo will be tough, given everyone has to go for it. A good Rocket Launcher with cluster bombs will help you get those final blows or The Colony would be a decent choice. Again, use a power weapon you are happy with and grind out those power weapon final blows. At the end of this step you’ll get a drop of the Iron Banner weapon Multimatch CCX to help you with the next step of the quest.

Step 4 – Live Fire

For this step of the quest you have to defeat opponents, capture zones and get Submachine Gun final blows. You can use the Multimatch CCX which you just got, or perhaps the new Extraorindary Rendition. Other SMGs to use here would be the Ikelos SMG and Seraph SMG. At the end of this step you’ll get The Time-Worn Spire Pulse Rifle.

Step 5 – Steady Drums

The final step of the quest is to get Super final blows, capture zones and also Pulse Rifle final blows too. You can use The Time-Worn Spire. I managed to get myself a Rapid Hit and Desperado Messenger in the first week of Trials, so I used that for this step. Other Pulse Rifles include No Time to Explain, Cold Denial and Vigilance Wing in the Kinetic Slot. For the Energy slot Stars in Shadow, Last Perdition and Graviton Lance.

Step 6 – Gauntlet’s Chosen – Speak to Lord Saladin

Once you have finished up the final step then head back to the Tower. Hopefully by this point you’ll have finished some of the bounties and once you speak to Saladin and finish the quest, you’ll be able to hand in the tokens which will give you some more Iron Banner loot.

It’s worth looking out for the two returning weapons The Time-Worn Spire Pulse Rifle and Multimatch CCX. The new perk Iron Reach could make either of these weapons pretty deadly, it depends on the effect with the stability and how much of an impact that has.

Another weapon worth looking out for is The Steady Hand. This one shot straight to number one in the competitve PVP charts and we’ve seen it all over quickplay, comp and trials since December.

The Steady Hand is a Legendary Kinetic Hand Cannon which is an Aggressive Frame meaning it has high damage, high recoil. Optimized for long-distance shooting. Looking at the weapon stats it has Impact 92, Range 64, Stability 32, Handling 28, Reload Speed 28, Rounds Per Minute 120 and Magazine 8.

For PVP Killing Wind and Mulligan would be a good roll, whereas for PVE Quickdraw and Swashbuckler would be good. Swashbuckler is great as the weapon gains increased damage based on melee kills, which is nice for PVE focused builds. The most popular roll out there with the community is Quickdraw and Swashbuckler.

That’s a quick rundown of Iron Banner this season and how to get involved. Head into the tower, pick up the bounties and the quest and hop into Crucible. We alos have bonus Valor this week, so it’s a good time to jump into PVP if that’s your preferred game mode.

You have all season to complete the quest, you don’t have to do it all right away. Iron Banner is around for the whole week, then it’ll be back a few times across the season. According to the roadmap we have a few instances of Iron Banner planned including 23rd February, 23 March and then April 13 – so 3 instances of Iron Banner are planned for this season.

If anything I would head in there and try to get a roll of The Steady Hand, as 120 hand cannons are one of the best options for crucible right now. If you don’t want to spend time in Crucible then Gambit and the Bottom Dollar is another 120 hand cannon option, however, this one is in the energy slot as is Igneous Hammer from Trials of Osiris.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Iron Banner this season, the returning weapons and also the new perk.

That’s it for this Iron Banner in Season of the Chosen guide and how to complete Saladin’s Guantlet quest.