Destiny 2 – How to get The Palindrome (Legendary Hand Cannon)

The Palindrome is back in Destiny 2 as a reprised weapon from Destiny 1. This was one of the best hand cannons in the game back in Year 3 of Destiny 1 and now it arrives in Destiny 2 and will no doubt rise in the ranks of legendary weapons and is one of the most sought after weapons in the game right now. Today I am going to look at the weapon stats and perks, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE plus the all-important how to get the weapon.

The Palindrome is a Legendary Energy Hand Cannon with an Adaptive Frame meaning it has a well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy. Looking at the stats we have Impact 84, Range 55, Stability 62, Handling 55, Reload Speed 48, Rounds Per Minute 140 and Magazine 10.

The Palindrome Perks and God Rolls

Our new Palindrome comes with a wide array of perks which will allow you to find one that suits all different playstyles in the game whether you are a fan of PVP or PVE. In the 4th slot we have One for All, Thresh, Unrelenting, Rampage, Rangefinder and High Impact Reserves. In the 3rd slot we have Subsistence, Quickdraw, Overflow, Killing Wind, Bottomless Grief and Outlaw.

For PVP Quickdraw and Rangefinder would be good, or perhaps Killing Wind and Rangefinder too. Quickdraw and High Impact Reserves would also be good for PVP for that boost in damage when the magazine is lower.

For PVE Outlaw and Rampage is the classic pairing, plus this is the most popular roll out there in the community right now. Overflow and One for all would also be good, as overflow gives you more ammo when you pick up special or heavy ammo, so you could be running around with a magazine higher than 10.

I got Overflow and High-Impact Reserves. It’s not the best roll, so I am going to have to keep farming for a better roll. I really want an Outlaw and Rampage roll. But let me know down in the comments what roll you got!

How to get The Palindrome

To get this weapon you have to run through The Ordeal Nightfalls and it’s a random drop at the end. The harder the Nightfall (for example on Legend or Master) then the drops are going to be more frequent. You still have the chance to get the weapon when you run on lower difficulties, but it’s going to be a much rarer sighting. According to reports running at Master gives you about an 80% chance of getting the weapon, where as Legend is around the 20-30%. I had to run somewhere between 5-10 Nightfalls to get mine to drop.

The Strike weapon drops are on rotation each week. In the first week of the season we had The Shadow Price and this week we’ve got The Palindrome. Next week it’s likely to be THE SWARM, the returning Machine Gun from Destiny 1. Out of all the returning weapons, The Palindrome is the one that everyone wants.

This week we have The Arms Dealer and this one is a good strike for speed runs. You can easily get through this strike in somewhere between 7-10 mins. A good loadout for the strike would be a Warmind Cell build which includes the Seraph Revolver in the Kinteic Slot, The Seraph Sniper the the Energy slot and then Xenophage in the power slot. If you add in some Warmind Cell Mods like Burning Cells, GLobal Reach and Wrath of Rasputin then you’re going to be creating Warmind Cells left, right and center and this is going to help you get through the strike much faster.

Adept and Hero Nightfalls are matchmade, and these can be run very quickly. If you want to jump into Legend or Master then this isn’t matchmade, so you’ll find to use a LFG site. The Bungie companion app is really good for this and it’s available for both Android and iOS. There’s plenty of people running nightfalls over and over for Palindrome farming, so put on your highest level gear and jump in.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of The Palindrome and let me know what rolls you got.

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