Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 – How to get Shadow Price (Legendary Auto Rifle)

Shadow Price is back in Destiny 2 as part of the reprised set of weapons added into Season of the Chosen. This is a great Auto Rifle and is going to be one of the most sought after weapons in the game. Today I am going to look at the weapon and the stats, the rolls you want to chase for PVE and PVP and how to get the weapon.

Shadow Price Weapon Stats

Shadow Price is a Legendary Energy Auto Rifle which has a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. Looking at the stats we have Impact 29, Range 67, Stability 50, Handling 49, Reload Speed 52, Rounds Per Minute 450 and Magazine 33.

Shadow Price God Rolls for PVE/PVP

This has a pretty flexible perk pool, meaning you can get a decent roll to match your playstyle. In the 4th slot, we’ve got One for All, Disruption Break, Thresh, Swashbuckler, Unrelenting and Dragonfly. In the 3rd slot we have Bottomless Grief, Surplus, Killing Wind, Fourth Times the Charm, Feeding Frenzy and Overflow.

The most popular roll at the moment is Dragonfly and Overflow and next up we have feeding Frenzy and Swashbuckler. Both of these would be great for PVE. The third most popular is Killing Wind and One for All, which could be a PVP roll. Thresh and Surplus is also a popular roll. It seems like the most popular rolls out there at the moment are PVE rolls. I got Feeding Frenzy and Disruption Break, which is neither a decent PVE or PVP roll, so I’ll have a lookout for another one.

How to get Shadow Price

To get this weapon it’s a random drop from the end of Nightfall Strikes. As you increase the difficulty of Nightfalls the chance for getting the weapon is greater, so try and do the highest Nightfalls you can base on your power level. You can equip a ghost mod called Prosperity, this will give you a chance at an extra Legendary Drop from Vanguard Strikes. I had to run somewhere between 10-15 Nightfalls to get the weapon to drop for me. I don’t know if that was bad luck, but let me know how many you had to run to get the weapon to drop for you.

Also, it looks like the Nightfall weapons are on rotation each week. In the first week of Season of the Chosen, it was Shadow Price, week 2 is Palindrome and I would assume next week it’s The Swarm. I don’t know if you have already got the weapon to drop it then gets added to the loot pool, or if they are simply on rotation each week. I would assume they are on rotation, so to get the Shadow Price you’ll have to check out which week it’s dropping. Feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll let you know what the weapon is this week.

Shadow Price was a Destiny 1 weapon, which was sold on occasion by the Vanguard Quartermaster in the Tower. It’s now back in Destiny 2, as part of the loot pool for Nightfalls. Later on in the season when Grandmaster Nightfalls ome back there will be an Adept version available.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Shadow Price. How do you think it compares to other Autos and how many Nightfalls runs did it take for it to drop for you?

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