Destiny 2 – How to get Bottom Dollar (Legendary Hand Cannon)

Season of the Chosen comes with a whole bunch of new weapons, and one of the most popular and sought after is a new energy 120 hand cannon called Bottom Dollar. Today I am going to check it out, look at the stats and potential rolls as well as the all-important how-to get Bottom Dollar in Destiny 2.

Bottom Dollar is a Legendary Energy Hand Cannon which is an Aggressive Frame meaning High damage, high recoil. Optimized for long-distance shooting. Looking at the stats we have Impact 92, Range 64, Stability 35, Handling 38, Reload Speed 32, Rounds Per Minute 120, Magazine 8.

The curated roll comes with Dragon Fly where precision kills create an elemental damage explosion. Also, Killing Wind where final blows grant increased mobility, weapon range and handling for a short duration. It also comes with High Calibre Rounds where shots knock the target back farther and slightly increases range and finally Fluted Barrel which greatly increases handling speed and slightly increases stability.

Looking at the potential rolls for the weapon, this one has a lot of perk combinations. For PVE you have the classic Outlaw and Rampage combination which would be a good roll or Rangefinder and Explosive Payload. For PVP Opening Shot and Killing Wind would be good. The most popular combination out there with the community is Rangefinder and Explosive Payload. I didn’t really luck out at all with my roll, which was Demolitionist and Slideshot. There’s plenty of roll combinations on this weapon and a lot to be excited about.

How to get Bottom Dollar

To get the Bottom Dollar this is a random drop from the end of Gambit matches. This does mean there isn’t a targetted way to farm this weapon as yet. I didn’t have too much trouble getting the weapon, it dropped at the end of my second match. I have heard reports of people struggling to get it, but I guess that’s just Destiny RNG. The only way to get this one right now is a random drop at the end of Gambit matches.

Bungie updated 120 hand cannons in update in November 2020, when Beyond Light came out. The buff included:


  • Increased Rate of Fire (RoF) from 110 to 120.
  • Broke out Aggressive Hand Cannons, allowing custom tuning of stats (e.g. damage falloff for 100 range in this subfamily now starts at 32m).

How it compares to other 120 Hand Cannons

120 hand cannons are doing well in the meta at the moment. The top weapon for competitive PVP is The Steady Hand, with a massive 12.5% of players using this kinetic 120 hand cannon in competitive crucible. In quickplay PVP it’s also top with 9.96% of the playerbase.

Looking at The Steady Hand and Bottom Dollar next to each other Bottom Dollar ties on impact and range, Bottom Dollar has +3 Stability, +10 Handling and +4 Reload Speed. Given Steady Hand has risen to the top of the charts in PVP over the past few months, I fully expect Bottom Dollar to do the same given the current state of the sandbox.

Other options in the 120 Hand Cannon space include Sturm, which also had a bug fix this season and would be worth trying out again. As you may expect Sturm does win out in terms of stats, and it probably should do because it’s an exotic weapon. Again it has the same impact and range stats, +21 stability, +8 for handling and +23 for reload speed. One advantage Bottom Dollar may have over Sturm is it sits in the Energy Slot, so you could pair it up with other Kinetics like No Time To Explain, Izanagi’s Burden or Eye of Sol. I would imagine a decent Eye of Sol roll and Bottom Dollar maybe making an appearence in Trials of Osiris this season.

Let me know what you think down in the comments about Bottom Dollar and how it compares with other 120 hand cannons for you.

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