Destiny 2 – Season Of The Chosen Revealed With New Trailer Detailing Season 13’s Loot, Strikes And Activities

Bungie has revealed their next season with a new trailer for Season 13 called ‘Season Of The Chosen’ which will be going live on February 9th. Today I am going to have a look at the new trailer, plus what we can expect from the new season including story, loot, the new seasonal activity plus much more.

Season 13 will be Season of the Chosen, accurately leaked a number of weeks ago. Jumping into the story aspect of the trailer we’ve successfully beaten back the advances of the Hive God Xivu Arath however a new foe is on the horizon in the form of the Cabal. Caiatl, the Leader of the Cabal and Daughter of Calus has arrived and seeks an alliance against the Hive and the Darkness.

Caiatl asks too much of Zavala by asking him to kneel, and when he doesn’t it looks like all hell breaks loose. We see The Cabal and the Vanguard negotiating around a table with a Pyramid projection, but it looks like negotiations break down. Zavala appears to ask The Guardian to become the tip of the spear to strike back again Caiatl and the Cabal forces. Over the duration of the season, it appears as if we’ll be fighting the Cabal on various locations around the Solar System, but we’re going to need allies in the coming war with the Hive, so how long we fight against the Cabal remains to be seen.

In regards to new activities for the season, we’re getting something called Battlegrounds. Bungie says related to Battlegrounds “The fallout from the failed treaty has resulted in Cabal forces taking up arms on multiple destinations – prepared to defend the glory of the Empire. In this three-player matchmade activity, Guardians will engage in ritual combat against Caiatl’s chosen warriors.” We don’t yet have details as to what the Battlegrounds will entail, however, given it’s a three-person matchmade activity it’s not going to be like the Wrathborn Hunts, which were seen as a disappointment by the Destiny community. The blurb from Bungie does mention ‘Ritual Combat’ so it sounds much more similar to previous seasonal activities in terms of battling waves of enemies and then a boss of some kind.

We also have a new war table called H.E.L.M. Bungie say “Designed as the ultimate Vanguard staging ground, the spaceport provides the resources Guardians need to face the most powerful of incursions. Here, the War Table has been set. Meet with Zavala, acquire the Hammer of Proving, and orchestrate an honourable victory.” It’s not clear as to where this place is at the moment but there is speculation that this could either be in the old Tower or lead to the return of the old Tower. It does look like that’s still being built if you have a look in the current Tower, but the clues and pieces are starting to come together for the old Tower.

As well as the Seasonal Activity we also have some strikes, which is great news as the strike playlist needs a bit of a refresh. We have 2 returning from Destiny 1 which include Devil’s Lair and Fallen SABER, two very good strikes. We also have a new strike called Proving Grounds, which Caiatl talks up in the trailer referring to their tank. It’s good to see strikes being added to the playlist given a few were taken away with sunsetting and Bungie is using this opportunity to bolster the playlist. We heard about the 2 returning strikes, and it’s great to see this surprise new one.

We also have loot with a new exotic Bow “Ticcu’s Divination – This ancient recurve Bow charges multiple Solar arrows that can track several targets at once.” This looks likely to be the seasonal exotic, which you’ll get immediately if you buy the season pass or it’ll be on the free track of the season pass at around rank 30 or so. There’s a redacted Exotic Quest, which has the Tex Mechanica logo on it, so how we go on to acquire that Exotic Weapon will be interesting. Hopefully, it’ll be an Exotic Quest of some kind, but we’re likely to find out later on in the season.

25 new and reissued weapons are being added to the game, which is great news as the loot pool has been one of the main points of criticism since Beyond Light was released. The weapons look very Cabal themed, very similar to that of the original Leviathan set of raid weapons gilded with gold and jewels. We can see on the Bungie website a Rocket Launcher, Sidearm, Sniper, SMG and what looks like a Scout Rifle.

Umbral Engrams are returning too, so we’ll be able to focus farm our loot. Hopefully, this includes the new loot from Season of the Chosen given we have 25 new items being added to the loot table. There’s new Trials armour and weapons coming too, which Bungie showed off a teaser image for last week. Finally, there’s new triumphs, seasonal artefact and mods too, which we’ll have to unpack next week once the season drops.

It seems like a good amount of content for the season. Bungie has updated its website with a new Seasonal page for Season of the Chosen, so you can go and check out all the details here for more info. Bungie has also released a roadmap, which is always a good thing to check out when we get a new season trailer.

The season runs from Feb 9th – May 11th. On Feb 9th we’re getting Behemoth and Hailstone Battlegrounds, assuming here that’s 2 variants to start with plus the two returning strikes on the Cosmodrome. The HELM also comes online, plus we get a new stasis aspect quest. On Feb 12th Trials begins with new weapons and armour to earn and then on Feb 16th a new Battleground is being added to the season with the Cleasing Battleground. On Feb 23th another new Battleground is being added with The Oracle Battleground, plus Iron Banner.

There’s a gap here in the roadmap from 23rd Feb – 23rd March, which may mean the exotic quest goes live at this point. On 23rd march, there’s another Iron Banner and the new strike Proving Grounds comes online for Season Pass owners. A week later it goes live for all players and gets added into the Nightfall rotation. There’s another Iron Banner on April 13th and then on 20th April Guardian Games kicks off, seeing a return of the class-based competition once again this year.

It feels like there’s a good amount of content here. With the seasonal content, it’s always hard to assess before you actually play it. Wrathborn Hunts sounded good on paper, but as a seasonal activity, things got pretty stale quickly. The returning strikes and the addition of 25 new weapons to the loot pool are very much needed. I’m looking forward to where the story is going to take us.

We still haven’t seen any of the PVP issues addressed, however, it looks like we’re getting new trials armour and weapons which is a good thing – although Trials isn’t for everyone. PVP surely needs to be addressed soon, as it’s leaking players left right and centre at the moment.

Let me know what you think of the season reveal down there in the comments.

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