Destiny 2 – How To Farm Spinmetal Leaves To Get Izanagi’s Burden From The Exotic Archive

Spinmetal Leaves are back in Destiny 2 given the introduction of the Cosmodrome with Beyond Light. Each planet or moon has materials, and they’re useful because you can trade these materials and resources for some of the most powerful exotic weapons in Destiny 2. Today I am going to have a look at how to get Spinmetal Leaves, where to get them and plus how to trade them in for Izanagi’s Burden.

Since the Cosmodrome came back to Destiny 2, so has it’s planetary material called Spinmetal Leaves. These are silvery plants than can be found and collected on the Cosmodrome, but it’s not exactly clear what you do with them other than going in your inventory.

As well as the Cosmodrome returning in Beyond Light, we also have a new addition in the Tower called the Monument To Lost Lights Exotic Archive. This is a kiosk full of some of the most powerful exotic weapons in the game. Exotic weapons are currently exempt from sunsetting, so you can always power them up to the current power level. There’s one weapon I want to focus on related to Spinmetal Leaves and that’s Izanagi’s Burden.

Izanagi’s Burden is an Exotic Kinetic Sniper Rifle. It’s got some really useful perks including Honed Edge – Consume the magazine and load a round with additional range and damage and No Distractions – Aiming this weapon for a short period reduces flinch. This was nerfed back at the start of the Shadowkeep Era, but it’s still one of the best DOS weapons in the game if you’re going after a boss with a stable crit spot as using honed edge and loading up the magazine into a single high damage bullet can still cause major damage and you’ll be an asset to any Nightfall or Raid team with this weapon.

To get Izanagi’s Burden you’re going to need 250 Spinmetal Leaves in total, plus an Exotic Cipher, 150000 Glimmer and 2 Ascendant Shards. It sounds expensive, but it’s worth it for sure. This is especially true since the quest for Izanagi’s Burden in Forsaken was a very long one, that took a number of days and relied on RNG. Now, you simply have to gather the materials and this sniper is yours.

Some of the materials are relatively straight forward to acquire. The Ascendant Shards can be bought from Banshee-44, the Exotic Cipher is on the season pass or you can do the quest from Xur at the weekend. But the Spinmetal Leaves can be a little tricky, so today I’m going to have a look at where we can find these.

How to farm Spinmetal Leaves

Spinmetal can be found on the Cosmodrome, the new/returning area found on Earth. Before we jump down onto the Cosmodrome, we want to equip the right items to make sure we’re maximising our efforts in collecting Spinmetal.

To do this open up your ghost and you’ll want to upgrade your ghost and then equip something called Wombo Detector. This allows you to detect caches and resources within a 50m range. You can also equip something called Materialism, and this will give you the chance at extra-planetary materials on completion of playlist activities – you can choose Strikes, Crucible or Gambit.

Once you’ve equipped the mods on the ghost, head down to the Cosmodrome at the Steppes and have a chat with Shaw Han. Pick up all the bounties from him, and check out the requirements. They should be pretty straight forward. By completing Shaw Han’s bounties you’ll get Spinmetal as a reward, as well as other things like armour, weapons and Glimmer.

When you have completed the bounties, or you can do them at the same time, it’s worth going after the chests. You can see these on the map, they look like little ghost icons. Use your map and with your ghost kitted out with a resource detector then it shouldn’t be too much trouble finding those chests and the Spinmetal Leaves that are inside.

While you are hunting for the chest and completing bounties, given you have 50m range on resources you’ll likely see other Spinmetal crops everywhere. This will be indicated by a little triangle when you get your ghost out, so after you’ve completed a bounty or when you’re in between finding chests, get out the ghost and you should be able to easily find a crop of Spinmetal Leaves.

In summary use a combination of these methods on the Cosmodrome including:

  • Equip your ghost with helpful mods
  • Shaw Hans Bounties
  • Use the map and Ghost to help you find chests and crops of Spinmetal leaves

Finally, you can head to Spider on the Tangled Shore. He sells various planetary resources and these items rotate on a daily basis. Have a chat with Spider, see what he’s selling and pick up some Spinmetal Leaves if you want to top up your stash. Do be careful though because he’s a greedy one, and will try and fleece you of all your legendary shards and Glimmer. Ideally, you want to be only trading in 5 shards per 5 x Spinmetal Leaves. Don’t go for the 5000 glimmer trade unless you are Glimmer rich.

Once you have gathered the Spinmetal, then go back to the Tower and trade in the materials for Izanagi’s Burden. If you already have Izanagi’s Burden, then don’t worry you can always trade-in your Spinmetal to Spider for useful things like Glimmer and Legendary Shards.

Hunting for planetary materials like this can seem a little dull, but to be honest, it takes me back to the Destiny 1 days where we had to roam around the environment looking for materials to level up our weapons. I tend to put on a podcast or Spotify or something – I find it pretty relaxing.

Let me know down in the comments your adventures farming Spinmetal Leaves and if you have any better methods, share with the community in the comments.

That’s it for this guide on how to farm spinmetal leaves in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.

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