Destiny 2 – How To Get Random Rolled Hawkmoon Plus Catalyst From The Harbinger Mission

Bungie released into the game today the ability to get random rolls for it’s most recent Exotic Handcannon called Hawkmoon. Today I am going to go through the steps for how to get random rolled Hawkmoon, so you can chase the perfect roll to fit your playstyle.

Exotic weapons don’t normally come with randomly rolled perks, this is the first fo the Destiny franchise. When Bungie first discussed Hawkmoon they said they wanted to retain some of the randomnesses of the D1 version of the gun. Back in D1 it would load a supercharged high damage bullet into the magazine at random, and had the potential to one-shot Guardians in PVP. That amount of randomness felt great to those dishing the damage but felt pretty crappy for those on the other end of the bullet. It was essentially random whether you lived or not.

Hawkmoon was introduced on December 8th 2020 into Destiny 2 and it’s an Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon. Looking at the stats we have Impact 78, Range 57, Stability 67, Handling 74, Reload Speed 63, Rounds Per Minute 140 with Magazine 8.

Let’s have a quick look at the perks:

  • Paracausal Shot – Final blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon grant stacks of Paracausal Charge. The final round in the magazine deals bonus damage based on the number of stacks. Stowing Hawkmoon on the final round removes this bonus.
  • Transformative – Future drops of this weapon will have random rolls.

It’s the transformative part we’re interested in the most today. Our first Hawkmoon that dropped said “Future drops of this weapon will have random rolls” and today we have the opportunity to chase those random rolls.

How to get random rolled Hawkmoon

First of all you want to speak to Crow to pick up the Bird of Prey Quest, he’s on the Tangled Shore.

Next head to the EDZ and land at Trostland. In one of the buildings there, you want to find a fireplace and shoot it with Hawkmoon to reveal the secret path and the start to the mission.

Once you have started the mission you’ll want to find your way through the winding corridor and make your way to a door with a red light. Make your way through the obvious route moving forward. You may find a laptop at the end of the corridor, if you’re there then you need to turn around and go left through the crack in the wall.

Once you’ve opened the door this is where it gets a bit tricky. Taken will be trying to shoot you, what you want to do is jump over to where the Taken was, then jump down onto a very tiny branch. There’s cliffs and rocks all around here and the path is not obvious at all. Once you’re on the tiny branch, run and jump as far as you can and then make your way over to where the dam is. There’s a little ledge you can run along.

About halfway there look up and make your way up the wall and into a tiny hole in the dam. Check out my route here as it’s a little confusing.

Once you have made it into the area you’ll want to hunt down the Emissaries. This is a 1270 activity and can be a little challenging if you are under levelled. Be aware there’s enemies in here with all different types of shields so you’ll want to bring an array of weapons in arc, solar and void. There’s also champions later on too, so make sure you equip some mods.

Hunting down the Emissaries is relatively straight forward. Along the way you’ll likely find Paracausal Feathers, pick those up as they will come in handy for later. The quest you picked up from Crow appears to be keeping a tally.

Once you have killed the 3 Emissaries you’ll want to ‘Follow the Hawk’ and make your way to the big area which we’ve seen before for Hawkmoon missions. Here the instructions are now simple, it’s time to survive. You’re going to face wave after wave of enemies. At this point I couldn’t do it solo anymore so called in a few LFG folks to help out (shoutout to PhantomPayne and Bengal for the help).

Once you have faced off against a series of mini bosses and champions, then it’s time to head back to The Shard and where we picked up Hawkmoon in the first place. Head up, past where the ship is and onward and you’ll be teleported back to The Hallow Rift.

Make your way back to the Shard, beat the waves of enemies and the boss and random rolled Hawkmoon is yours! I got 2 to drop for me plus the catalyst. I don’t know if I was particularly lucky, but I got moving target and opening shot. I’m happy with opening shot, but I was after Surplus… maybe next time.

Overall the mission was really fun. It did seem broken at the start and everyone on twitter and reddit was thinking the mission was bugged, but actually it was just very well hidden! Great job Bungie. I don’t think it’s on par with the whisper mission, given the lack of time limit but the new spaces designed and implemented on the EDZ were pretty good fun.

Let’s have a look at what the random elements are:

What are the random rolls for Hawkmoon?


These are the options that will replace transformative:

Opening Shot – Improved accuracy and range
Rangefinder – Increased range
Moving Target – Movement speed and target acquisition
Killing Wind – Final blows increase mobility, range and handling
Snapshot Sights – Faster time to aim down sights
Eye of the Storm – More accurate and boost handling as health gets lower
Hip-Fire Grip – Increased accuracy, range and handling when firing from the hip
Quickdraw – Weapon can be drawn fast
Surplus – Increased handling, reload speed and stability


Arrowhead Brake – greatly controls recoil, increased handling speed
Chambered Compensator – increased stability, moderate recoil, decreases handlind speed
Corkscrew Rifling – Slightly increases range, stability and handling speed
Extended Barrel – Increases range, decreases handling speed, moderate recoil control
Fluted Barrel – Greatly increases handling, slightly increases stability
Full Bore – Greatly increases range, decreases stability
Hammer-Forged Rifling – Increases range
Polygonal Rifling – Increases stability
Smallbore – Increases range and stability


Combat Grip – Greatly controls recoil
Heavy Grip – Increases stability, decreases handling speed
Polymer Grip – Increases handling speed
Smooth Grip – Slightly increases stability, handling speed
Textured Grip – Greatly increases handling speed, slightly decreases stability

Let me know down in the comments what you think of random rolled Hawkmoon and let me know which rolls you’ve got and what you’re chasing.

That’s it for this guide for how to get random rolled Hawkmoon. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.