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Destiny 2 – Secret EDZ Tunnel Found Using Hawkmoon And Crow’s New Ship

There’s a new secret area accessible in the EDZ in a surprising development today. A hatch has been discovered in Trostland which you can blow open with Hawkmoon which leads to some winding passages and some yet to be discovered secrets. Today I’ll let you know how you can get in there to look around for yourself, and give you the low down on all the info we have so far.

Since Hawkmoon first dropped in the game with its question mark perk, indicating future random rolls (which is a first for a Destiny 2 exotic), we’ve all been waiting for the opportunity to farm for the random rolled version of the gun. While we can’t do that right now, a new secret tunnel has opened up in the EDZ, which could be a puzzle leading to the mission or method to get the random rolled Hawkmoon. This was first brought to my attention by LukVuko on /raidsecrets, so big shoutout and thanks to them for sharing!

If you want to check this out for yourself, then head down to the EDZ and land near Trostland. You’ll want to go to the three-story building where we explored for the Crow’s Next mission. There’s a fireplace on the second storey of the building and you can blow it open with Hawkmoon equipped. You might find this is already open if so that’s good news. If not, then it can only be accessed with shooting at the fireplace.

Once you’re inside the secret tunnel there’s a long winding corridor, lots of debris and things like that. At the end of one of the corridors, there’s a laptop, this doesn’t seem to do anything at the moment and you can’t interact with it.

A little bit more exploring and you’ll find a door with a red light. Again, there’s a bunch of debris around but nothing can be interacted with at the moment and there doesn’t appear to be anything else that you can shoot with Hawkmoon to open up anything further. Lots of clever folks over at /raidsecrets on Reddit have been working away, however, it appears that this is time-gated which means next week something a little more may open up.

We had been hoping that this would be the week where we’d get random rolled Hawkmoon. The current thinking is that we’d have to rerun the Hawkmoon mission to get another drop of Hawkmoon for the random rolled version. However, with this new area opening up this feels like the first steps. We don’t know if this is an active puzzle that’s just waiting for it to be solved, or if it’s simply time-gated to next reset. The current season end on 8th February, so we’d expect to have an update most-likely next week at reset time.

As well as this new secret tunnel, there was another small piece of content added this week with Crow’s ship. This can be found by heading through the building where we discovered the Crow’s Nest in the Hawkmoon mission. This time we get some new dialogue with Crow, talking about the ship being refurbished by The Traveler. It’s a nice little scene.

There’s an interesting thing here if you carry on down the corridor then you reach a new loading zone called Hallowed Rift. From what I can remember this has the same name as the area we fought the taken and picked up Hawkmoon. It’s odd that we get this notification here, so maybe it’s a bug.

Crow’s ship looks pretty nice. As to whether its a gift from the Traveler, as he says, we don’t yet know. It does seem like we’re going to be continuing on with Crow’s redemption arc this season, with next season supposedly called Season of the Chosen – although this is to be confirmed from Bungie.

This does mean there are two new snippets of the content herein Trostland this week. Unfortunately no random rolled Hawkmoon mission just yet, but we do have some interesting developments and I would be surprised if we didn’t see the full mission released next week at reset time.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of these developments. When do you think Hawkmoon is going to turn up and what do you think of Crow’s Ship?

That’s it for this look at the new secret tunnel found in the EDZ plus Crow’s Ship.