Genshin Impact – How To Process Ingredients

Cooking in Genshin Impact is a useful skill as you can make meals that not only regain health but can provide you with various stat boosts to make you more deadly in battle. Some ingredients can be found out there in the wild, but not all of them… some have to be processed from raw ingredients. Today I am going to have a look at how to process ingredients in Genshin Impact, and also check out some of the recipes they can make.

Gathering ingredients and resources is fairly straight forward in Genshin Impact, just roam around picking up plants and other items and store them in your inventory. You’re introduced to cooking early on in the game with the cooking station out there in the wild just outside Mondstadt and also inside the city walls too. There’s plenty of cooking stations and campfires dotted all over the map, so keep your eyes peeled and you’re bound to find one. If you’re a bit lost, then simply head back to one of the main cities – Mondstadt or Liyue Harbor.

Processing ingredients is useful because not all of the ingredients exist out there in the wild as raw ingredients, so getting used to processing ingredients to make more complex recipes is something you want to get used to in the early game, so you can whip up a useful meal quickly when you need it. It’s not immediately obvious when you first start the game that you can process ingredients, or what this is for so today I am going to take you through the basics.

First of all, you’re going to need a cooking station and some basic ingredients. Ingredients can be found all over the place – pick some things up from your adventures, or you can buy them from cooking stations. Pick up everything you see and store it in your inventory as it may come in useful for later on. Now for the cooking station, as mentioned there’s a few dotted about the map but I am going to use the one in Mondstadt and this is near the entrance to the city and it’s called The Good Hunter Restaurant. You can also go to Liyue Harbor and find Wanmin Restaurant if you’re down in that part of the map – pick the station that suits you the best. If you get lost you can see cooking stations on the map indicated by the knife and fork icon.

Once you have found the cooking station interact with it and bring up the cooking menu. There’s a tab at the top called Process, indicated by the Pepper icon. Pick the ingredients you want to process, wait the specified time (it’ll tell you when you process the ingredients) and then go back to pick up your items. The time can range from seconds to minutes.

When you’re in the cooking menu you can have a look at the full list of ingredients to process. Each item you want to process is going to take some time, so do bear that in mind. For example, Cream takes 3 minutes and Jam takes 10 minutes.

Processed ingredients

Raw Meat x2
Salt x2
15 minutes
Cold Cut Platter
Blessed Symphony

Milk x2
5 minutes
Sauteed Matsutake

Milk x3
10 minutes
Pile ‘Em Up
Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt
Mushroom Pizza
Invigorating Pizza

Crab Roe
Crab x4
20 minutes

Milk x1
3 minutes
Cream Stew
Spicy Stew

1x Wheat
1 minute
Many recipes

Sunsettia x3
Berry x2
Sugar x1
5 minutes
Adaptus’ Temptation
Cold Cut Platter
Blessed Symphony
Jade Parcel

Sunsettia x3
Berry x2
Sugar x11
10 minutes
Mondstadt Hash Brown
Puppy-Paw Hash Brown

Raw Meat x3
20 minutes
Cold Cut Platter
Blessed Symphony

Smoked Fowl
Fowl x3
Salt x1
5 minutes
Northern Smoked Chicken

Sweet Flower x2
3 minutes
Squirrel Fish
Stick Honey Roast

That’s a list of the processed ingredients currently in Genshin Impact. Let me know if there’s anything missing from the list as I’ll keep it up to date as new ingredients are released.

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