Genshin Impact – How To Increase Your Adventure Rank Quickly

Levelling up your Adventure Rank is one of the most important early game activities you can do in Genshin Impact. Various rewards and features are locked behind Adventure Ranks, so raising that Adventure Rank level quickly will allow you to enjoy all the benefits Genshin Impact has to offer. Today I am going to look at how to increase your Adventure Rank quickly plus the various sources of Adventure Rank in the early game.

In Genshin Impact your Adventure Level is important as this acts as a gate for much of the story content, you won’t be able to progress the story unless you’re a certain rank. Don’t worry however as they are many ways and sources of Adventure Rank in the game. As you progress through the adventure ranks then new features will open up to allow you to gather more adventure rank faster such as Ley Lines (world bosses and battles) and daily commissions.

Here are the benefits and features you’ll get access to once you level up your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact:

  • AR 8 – Ley Line Blossoms (Boss fight/battle)
  • AR 12 – Daily Commissions
  • AR 14 – Expeditions (Get resources)
  • AR 16 – Multiplayer co-op
  • AR 20 – Spiral Abyss (multi-floor dungeon) and Battle pass
  • AR 22 and 27: Domains (Dungeons)

Let’s start at the beginning with the story and quests.

Archon & Story Quests

When you first start out you’ll want to crack on with the story and world quests. Open up your quests log either by using the quick wheel or the main menu and look for the icons that look like a scroll with an exclamation point on it. Here you’ll find a to-do list of things to do and you can track them. You can see the adventure rank value on each quest so you can prioritise the quests you want to do. Some take only a few minutes, others are going to take much longer.

As well as the main story quests there’s also side quests and world quests. These quests don’t really advance the story that much, but they do offer some world building and extra context for the characters, plus they net you some extra Adventure Rank. I recommend getting through the main story and campaign quickly so you can get to the endgame. Exploring in Genshin Impact is great, however, it can be very distracting.

Adventure Rank Rewards

Have a chat with Katheryne in Mondstadt to unlock Adventure Rank Rewards. This will give you a bunch of rewards each time you level up your Adventure Rank (including a 4-star weapon at rank 10).

Adventurer Handbook

Kathryne will also give you the Adventurer Handbook. At first, you’ll only have Experience in here, which is broken down into multiple chapters, and it’s filled with little missions. These are all fairly simple and give you access to quick and easy adventure ranks. For example, Visit the Statue of the Seven at Windrise and Activate 3 teleport waypoints. You’ll probably find you do some of these activities naturally, but there are some you will have to go out of your way for. You’ll get rewards for each mini-quest and then more rewards once you finish the chapter. Keep checking The Adventurer Handbook and see if there’s any easy Adventure Rank you can earn if you get stuck looking for missions or things to do.

Level Up The Statues Of The Seven

There are nine Statues of the Seven dotted all over the map. The story will take you to the one outside Mondstadt in Windrise early on in the game. These statues are useful because they act as teleport points, you can heal yourself and your team and also you can find and offer Anemoculus and Geoculus collectables to level them up. Levelling up the statues gives you Adventure Rank reards and also increased stamina plus other rewards too.

Explore The Map

In the early game, one of the best ways to level up is to simply explore. There are enemies and chests everywhere, which will grant a little Adventure Rank. Beat the enemies and open up the reward chests at the end, or solve little puzzles and you’ll be rewarded with Adventure Rank. It doesn’t seem like a lot, to begin with, but these things add up over time as you explore and find more loot.

Opening up Teleport Points on the map is a good way of getting extra Adventure Rank. As well as helping you travel around the map quickly, it’ll give you a little boost of Adventure Rank. You’ll stumble across teleport points are you explore the map. Although teleport points are useful for Adventure Rank and quick travel if you need to, I’d recommend exploring in the early game and not teleporting too much as you’re going to miss a lot of the secrets hidden in the dense map of Genshin Impact.

Ley Lines (Adventure Rank 8)

Ley Lines are useful for Adventure Rank, especially in the early game. Ley Lines are mini-bosses or a group of enemies and they open up to you at Adventure Rank 8. These are indicated with colourful circle icons on the map and you’ll get Adventure Rank XP and gold too. Ley Lines require 20 resin to open the reward at the end. You can check out your Resin total at the top right-hand side of the map and this slowly regenerates over time to a max of 120. Ideally, you don’t want to have full resin, as it should always be regenerating to maximise your experience gains.

Daily Commissions (Adventure Rank 12)

Daily Commissions become available at Adventure Rank 12 and they are a very useful source of Adventure Rank, so it’s a good idea to get to AR12 as soon as you can. As well as offering a good amount of Adventure Rank each (200) they also give you Primogems, which you can save and later trade in for various wishes. You get 4 per day and 200 Adventure Rank for each plus a bonus of 500 for completing them all, which is 1100 per day, so Daily Commissions are a super useful way of getting your Adventure Rank up quickly.

Temples and Domains

You will encounter some temples and domains as you progress through the story but you can also run these independently of the story. Some will be locked behind higher Adventure Rank Levels, so it’s worth checking in on these as you level up and see what becomes available to you. Some temples are free to explore, some you have to unlock via quick puzzles to get access.

Temples and domains can be useful for a little Adventure Rank boost, but it’s wirth noting that the rewards are locked behind the Original Resin Currency, much like Ley Lines so if you’re playing free-to-play then you can only do a certain amount of these per day.

World Bosses

If you have done all of your daily commissions and Ley Lines for the day then you can check out some of the world bosses. In your Adventurers Handbook, these can be found under the Enemies tab at the bottom and once again you’ll get Adventure Rank rewards plus gold and other resources. Once again these bosses are behind the Original Resin currency, and these ones will cost you 40 per world boss.

In summary for getting Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact

  • Get through the main story cmapaign and quests
  • Check your Adventurers Handbook Objectives
  • Level up your Statues of the Seven
  • Explore the map and check out the hidden secrets and loot
  • Check in daily for the commissions
  • Top up adventure rank if needed with Ley Lines, Temples and World Bosses

I think most importantly, have fun. This is a large, open-world PVE game. There’s no major rush in getting Adventure Ranks. Explore, have a chat with NPCs and get to know your characters and the elemental systems in the game. Take your time if you need to, there’s no major rush.

Let me know down in the comments if you have any more tips for getting quickly Adventure Rank Levels. If you have a good method, share with the community and let us know in the comments.

That’s it for this guide on how to increase your Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact. For more Genshin Impact content check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today for regular updates.