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Destiny 2 – All Recipes And Ingredients For The Dawning 2020

Here’s a quick reference guide for all recipes and ingredients for The Dawning 2020.

Dawning ingredients

There’s a couple of types of ingredient types – you have your common and rare ingredients.

Enemy ingredients

  • Cabal Oil: Cabal kills (found on the EDZ)
  • Chitin Powder: Hive kills (found on the Moon)
  • Dark Ether Cane: Scorn kills (found on the Tangled Shore)
  • Ether Cane: Fallen kills (found on the EDZ, Cosmodrome and Europa)
  • Taken Butter: Taken kills (found on the Dreaming City)
  • Vex Milk: Vex kills (found on the Europa and Nessus)

Weapon/ability ingredients

  • Balanced Flavors: Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles or Bows kills
  • Bullet Spray: SMG, Auto Rifles or LMG kills
  • Delicious Explosion: Grenades, RL or GL kills
  • Electric Flavor: Arc kills
  • Finishing Touch: Finishers kills
  • Flash of Inspiration: Create orbs of power
  • Impossible Heat: Solar kills
  • Multifaceted Flavors: Multi kills
  • Null Taste: Void kills
  • Perfect Taste: Precision kills
  • Personal Touch: Melee kills
  • Pinch of Light: Collect orbs of power
  • Sharp Flavor: Sword kills
  • Superb Texture: Super kills

All Dawning Recipes

Once you have the ingredients you can combine these in your Holiday oven to make various cookies and other snacks for vendors and NPCs in the game.

  • Amanda / Chocolate Ship Cookie: Cabal Oil + Null Taste
  • Eva / Classic Butter Cookie: Taken Butter + Superb Texture
  • Devrim / Gentleman Shortbread: Ether Cane + Perfect Taste
  • Eris / Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookie: Chitin Powder + Finishing Touch
  • Crow / Bittersweet Biscotti: Dark Ether Cane + Balanced Flavors
  • Zavala / Gjallerdoodle: Ether Cane + Delicious Explosion
  • Spider / Dead Candy Ghost: Dark Ether Cane + Flash of Inspiration
  • Drifter / Dark Chocolate Motes: Taken Butter + Null Taste
  • Hawthorne / Eliksni Birdseed: Ether Cane + Personal Touch
  • Ikora / Traveler Donut Hole: Cabal Oil + Flash of Inspiration
  • Saint-14 / Lavender Ribbon Cookies: Vex Milk + Personal Touch
  • Petra Venj /Ill Fortune Cookies: Dark Ether Cane + Impossible Heal
  • Failsafe / Infinite Forest Cake: Vex Milk + Impossible Heat
  • Xur / Strange Cookies: Taken Butter + Electric Flavor
  • Banshee-44 / Telemetry Tapioca: Vex Milk + Bullet Spray
  • Riven / Thousand Layer Cookies: Taken Butter + Delicious Explosion
  • Lord Shaxx / Vanilla Blades: Cabal Oil + Sharp

New Dawning 2020 recipes

  • Crow / Bittersweet Biscotti – Dark Ether Cane + Balanced Flavours
  • Shaw Han / Blueberry Crumblers – Ether Cane + Bullet Spray
  • Tess / Bright Dusted Snowballs – Chitin Powder + Multifaceted Flavors
  • Eva Levante / Classic Butter Cookies – Taken Butter + Superb Texture
  • Variks / Etheric Coldsnaps – Chitin Powder + Electric flavour

Once you have baked the goods deliver them to the NPC and make their Dawning special. Don’t forget to visit Crow! He deserves some extra cookies after last year.

How to masterwork the Holiday Oven

One of the first things you are going to want to do is masterwork the oven. This is going to reduce the overall cost of the Essence of Dawning from 15 each cookie to 10. This reduces the cost dramatically and is going to help you over the course of the event. The essence of Dawning is the main currency we’re going to be looking out for in this event, so making it cheaper is going to be very worth your while.

That’s it for this guide on all recipes and ingredients for the Dawning 2020 in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.