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Destiny 2 – How to get Biting Winds (Legendary Bow)

Biting Winds is a useful new combat bow in Destiny 2 which comes part of the Europa set of weapons, and this is one of the top picks of the bunch. Bow certainly add another dimension to play and Biting Winds is a great addition to your arsenal. Today I am going to have a look at the weapon, the stats and features as well as let you know how to get it, so you can be firing arrows into Vex and Fallen on Europa very soon.

Biting Winds is a Legendary Kinetic Combat Bow. It’s a Precision Frame, Compound Bow where the Longer draw time optimized for damage. Looking at the stats we have Impact 76, Accuracy 78, Stability 49, Handling 54, Reload Speed 46 and Draw Time 684.

The curated roll comes with Explosive Head where arrows explode after a short delay. There’s also Moving Target where you get increased movement speed and target acquisition when aiming down sights. It also has a Fiberglass Arrow Shaft which increases accuracy and Natural String which increases accuracy, handling speed and stability.

For PVP Killing Wind and Explosive Head would be good and PVE something like Rapid-Hit and Swashbuckler would be a great roll. The most popular roll out there at the moment is Killing Wind and Explosive Head. Killing Wind is a relatively new perk where final blows with the weapon increase mobility, range and handling for a short duration.

To get this weapon you can try a few ways. You’ll get this weapon as part of completing the main campaign in Beyond Light. Once you are done with the main campaign you can also do The Dark Preistess Empire Hunt from Variks. You do have to open up the Empire Hunts by completing the post campaign missions, but once you do that this should be selectable from Varik’s Menu. You’ll be able to see Biting Winds as a reward on the Empire Hunt itself. Empire Hunts tend to follow a pattern – Step 1 get some kills and collect materials, Step 2 complete an objective and Step 3 kill one of Eramis’ Fallen. For the one I ran through I had to collect Flecks of Darkess on Step 1 by killing enemies in Cadmus Ridge, Step 2 I had to defend the Fleeing Fallen Skiff and then finally take out Kridis. After that simply go back to Varik’s and pick up the Biting Winds Bow.

You can also kill high-value targets on Europa for a chance at the weapon, but considering there’s a rather wide loot pool plus armour here in te random drops, I would go for Europan Explorer I and get those weapon quests from Variks – it’s the quickest and easier way.

Let me know down in the comment what you think of Biting Winds and let me know what roll you’re enjoying in Beyond Light.

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