Beyond Light

Destiny 2 – How To Farm The Europa Weapons Quickly Plus Get Double Loot-Drops

The Europa Weapons given to us in Beyond Light are pretty good and you start to acquire the set throughout the campaign and then finish up in the post-campaign by completing various tasks for Variks. There are some top weapons in here including Arctic Haze (Auto Rile), Thermal Erosion (Machine Gun), High Albedo (Sidearm) and Hailing Confusion (Pulse Rifle). Today I am going to show you a quick and easy way of farming these weapons so you can start hunting for those god roll Europa weapons today.

There’s a couple of ways to get the Europa Weapons. First of all, through the campaign you’ll get Bone Chiller (Shotgun), Biting Winds (Bow) and the Subzero Salvo (Rocket Launcher). Once you have finished the main campaign in Beyond Light you’ll want to run through the post-campaign missions from Variks and start opening up his Sabotage quests.

Empire Hunts are another way to target farm these weapons, you can pick these up from Variks and it’ll tell you which one you’re going after. Beyond Light does a good job of letting you know the rewards this time around, allowing you to focus your time on something you want rather than a random reward (although they are still present in the game for sure).

Open up enough of Varik’s Sabotage quests and you’ll unlock the weekly Empire Hunts plus on page 2 of Varik’s there are some targetted quests. This is another way to get the Europa loot you want. That’s 3 ways, but they are not very quick. Let’s have a look at the fast and easy method of getting these weapons.

What you want to be doing is looking out for high-value targets as you roam Europa, as these have a high chance to drop Europa weapons in their loot cache once you’ve beaten them. In each of the main zones on Europa, you can wander around, and normally the wind and snow will pick up. Down in the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll see something like ‘A High-Value Target has appeared… ‘ and then you simply have to hunt them down and take them out. This might be something like a Fallen Brig, or a tough Vex, something along those lines. If you’re lucky someone else might join in and help you, meaning taking them out will be much easier and quicker.

Here’s the trick to get the double loot. Hop on your sparrow and leave the area as soon as you can and keep an eye on the name of the new zone loading in the bottom left-hand corner. As soon as you see the name pop up, indicating you have made it to a new area, turn back around and head back to the chest you just opened. You should be able to open it up once again, giving you another random rolled drop of the same weapon you just got.

Each of the zones on Europa has these high-value targets and they tend to appear once every 5-6 minutes or so. Keep an eye on the high-value target indicator down in the bottom left and get those double drops. This is a nice way to farm out the Europa Weapons quickly and easily. It is probably worth going through Variks’ sabotage quests if you haven’t done so already as I imagine you’ll only get drops of weapons you’ve had before.

Arctic Haze is very popular, the new 720 Auto Rifle. The Pulse Rifle Hailing Confusion is also very good and Thermal Erosion is simply one of the best legendary machine guns in the game right now. Good luck farming!

Let me know how you get on farming out Europa weapons and let mw know what godrolls you get. That’s it for this guide on how to farm the Europa weapons quickly plus get double drops.