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Desting 2 – All Feather Locations For As The Crow Flies Quest Guide

Here’s a quick guide for all feather locations for As The Crow Flies quest, which is part one of getting Hawkmoon.

How to complete As The Crow Flies quest guide

Speak to Spider

First of all, you want to head to the Tangled Shore and have a chat with Spider. He’s got some information for you, plus he has the quest As The Crow Flies in his inventory, so pick that up.

Step 1 – Search outside Spider’s Lair

Next up you have to search outside Spider’s Lair. The spider doesn’t give you too many clues, but luckily the paracausal feather is just outside on top of a box to the left of the exit. Pick it up, and it’s onto the next one.

Step 2 – Find the second feather

For the next one, we have to head to the EDZ. There’s a clue on the quest text for each of the feathers in this part of the quest, but it can be a little cryptic. Head to the Sludge on the EDZ and climb up the building in the middle. The building overlooked the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector, and you’ll want to climb the building and find the next golden feather.

Step 3 – Find the third feather

The next feather is pretty straight forward. Head to the Cosmodrome and land at the Steppes. Above you when you land to the right will be the next feather.

Step 4 – Find the fourth feather

The next one is on the Dreaming City, just outside the entrance to the big building in the middle that houses the Blind Well. As you get near the gates, you’ll see the feather lying there on the floor, pick it up and it’s onto the next one.

Step 5 – Find the fifth feather

For the final feather in this part of the quest, you want to head to the moon. We’re looking for the Shrine of Oryx, so from the landing point near Eris jump on your sparrow and go left. Make your way round to Archers Line and then bank a right and head down towards where we met Crow and Osiris in the opening cutscene of the season. We’re going to want to make our way to where you have to fight the Fanatic nightmare. Make your way through the tunnels until you get to the boss room and you’ll find the final feather on the floor, next to some stairs.

Step 6 – Speak to Crow

Head back to the Tangled Shore and speak to Crow and he’ll tell you about some weird dreams he’s been having. At this point, he’ll give you a new quest called Let Loose Thy Talons.

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