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Destiny 2 – Iron Banner And How To Complete ‘Slaying Dragons’ Quest Guide in Season of the Hunt

Iron Banner is back in Destiny 2 for the first time in Beyond Light which means Lord Saladin is back in the Tower and Iron Banner, the 6v6 control-like game mode is back with us. This is free for all players to join in, plus we get some returning armour and weapons including The Steady Hand (Hand Cannon) and The Guiding Sight (Scout Rifle). We have a short quest to complete called Slaying Dragons and today I am going to walk you through the steps so you can start levelling up at Lord Saladin and getting that Iron Banner loot to drop. The following is a guide for Iron Banner and how to complete ‘Slaying Dragons’ quest guide in Season of the Hunt.

Lord Saladin has returned to the Tower for the first Iron Banner in Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt. If you haven’t jumped into Iron Banner before, this is a power enabled PVP game mode meaning the higher power you are the better, so equip your best gear before you get started. Iron Banner is much like Control, so remember to cap the points (A, B and C) during the match. Iron Banner is a great way to level up if you’re still on the climb towards 1250, plus we have some returning weapons with The Steady Hand and The Guiding Sight.

The Steady Hand is particularly interesting as 110 Hand Cannons have been brought up to 120, so it’ll be interesting to see this one and how much take-up there is in Crucible. Scout Rifles aren’t too shabby either, with some interesting picks already in the game already. These returning weapons come with some exclusive Iron Banner perks called Iron Gaze and Iron Grip – both deadly in the right hands.

There is a short quest we’re going to have to complete before we can get our hands on this loot. This one is called Slaying Dragons and it’s a multi-part quest that’s going to test our skills in Iron Banner, as well as Hand Cannons and Scout rifle. In preparation for going into Iron Banner put on your highest level gear and infuse a hand cannon and scout rifle. I’d recommend something like Hawkmoon, Thorn, Last Word or Ace of Spades when looking at the exotic options for Hand Cannons. Dire Promise is also a good choice. For the Scout Rifle Mida Multi-tool or Royal Chase would be a good option, this one can be obtained from Wrathborn Hunts in Season of the Hunt.

Before you head into Iron Banner make sure you pick up all the quest and the bounties from Lord Saladin. He’s in the Tower, close Benedict-44. Head up the stairs once you get past Master Rahool, and find Saladin. He’s hard to miss sitting there in front of his big Iron Banner logo. Have a chat with Saladin, he’ll give you the quest and then pick up the bounties. Each one is going to drop you high-level gear which is going to help you level up fast if you’re still working towards 1250 and 1260. You’re going to get plenty of blues, as well as legendary drops throughout the quest as you tick off each step of the quest.

In summary for the prep

  • Speak to Lord Saladin in the Tower, pick up the quest and the bounties
  • Level up your character as high as you possibly can
  • Pick out a nice Scout Rifle and Hand Cannon, as they will come in handy later in the quest
  • Check out Iron Banner in the Crucible tab in the director

Let’s have a look at the quest in a little more detail.

Step 1 – Shaped By Iron

Objectives: Defeat 30 Guardians, Capture 10 Zones, Get 5 Void Ability Kills

First up you’ll need to get 30 kills, capture 10 zones and get 5 void ability kills. The kills should be fairly straight forward, just maybe a little time consuming if you’re not comfortable with Crucible. Regarding the zones, always capture the first zone when you start a match, then just try and capture as many zones throughout the match. Switch up to your void subclass to finish off the step of the quest with the void ability kills.

Step 2 – No Games, No Sympathy

Objectives: Complete 6 Crucible Matches, Capture 20 Zones, Get 25 Energy Weapon Kills

Next up you have to complete 6 matches, capture 20 zones and get 25 energy weapon kills. You will already have 10 zones complete from step one, so repeat this process and you should be good. Good options for the energy weapons here would be Adored, Felwinter’s Lie, Gnawing Hunger, Stars in Shadow or Xenoclast IV from Beyond Light. Pick a weapon you feel comfortable using and get in there with the energy weapon kills. At the end of this step, The Guiding Sight will drop for you, so you have a scout rifle for the next step of the quest.

Step 3 – Paying Respects

Objectives: Defeat 100 Guardians, Capture 30 Zones, Get 20 Scout Rifle Kills

Next up we have to defeat 100 Guardians, capture 30 Zones and get 20 Scout Rifle Kills. If you have been using a Scout Rifle throughout then this step is likely to be a little bit quicker. The new raid Scout Trustee, Mida Multi-tool or Royal Chase would be good options here. You can of course use The Guiding Sight, which will have dropped for you at the end of the last step. However, this one is a slow, high-impact scout rifle and the time to kill on this one is pretty slow. Use what works for you, but I’d recommend a rapid-fire scout rifle as that’s going to make you more competitive in Iron Banner. Mida Multi-tool is probably going to be a good option here if you have that in your inventory. Use the Scout to your advantage at this point and keep back a little bit, as there’s going to be plenty of hand cannons, auto rifles and shotguns flying all over the place. At the end of this step you’ll get a Steady Hand Hand Cannon to drop for you, this is a returning 120 rpm hand cannon and it hits like a truck!

Step 4 – A Tower Rebuilt

Objective: Get 15 Super Kills, Capture 40 Zones, Get 15 Hand Cannon Kills

For this step of the quest, it’s 15 super kills, 40 zones and 15 hand cannon kills. The super kills for this step should be cumulative, but the hand cannon kills won’t be. As mentioned before Hawkmoon, Thorn, Last Word or Ace of Spades are good options for the kinetic exotics. Dire Promise, Nation of Beasts and the Seventh Seraph Reolver might also work. Dire Promise is probably my pick of the bunch for the legendaries. It’s worth trying out The Steady Hand Hand Cannon also. For me, 120 hand cannons definitely take some time getting used to, but if you can master these then I think they’re going to be very useful in the crucible long after Iron Banner leaves us. Pick one that works for you and get to wracking up those kills.

Step 5 – Raising the Banner

Objectives: Complete 15 Crucible Matches, Capture 50 Zones, Perform 10 Precision Final Blows

This is the final part of the quest in the crucible and for this step we want to complete 15 crucible matches, capture 50 zones and perform 10 precision final blows. This should be straight forward and you’ll have been capturing zones throughout. Try and avoid weapons that shake all over the place like auto rifles and submachine guns – Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, Hand Cannons and Snipers would be good for this step.

Step 6 – From the Mountaintop

Speak to Lord Saladin

Once you have finished up these steps have a chat to Lord Saladin to finish up the quest. Once you do this you’ll be able to turn in those Iron Banner tokens you’ve been earning throughout. Hopefully, you’ll get a drop of the returning weapons The Steady Hand and The Guiding Sight, as these are going to be some nice weapons, especially with those unique Iron Banner perks.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Iron Banner this season. What do you think of the returning weapons, the Iron banner perks and of course the armour.

That’s it for this guide for Iron Banner and how to complete ‘Slaying Dragons’ quest guide in Season of the Hunt. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.