Beyond Light

Destiny 2 – How to get Hawkmoon plus As The Crow Flies And Let Loose Thy Talons Quest Guides

Hawkmoon is back in Destiny in a long-awaited Exotic quest. This is a major part of the story of Season of the Hunt and includes some great new areas on the EDZ. Today I am going to go through all of the quest steps including the feather locations and how to progress the champions/guardians step nice and quickly. The following is a guide for how to get Hawkmoon in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

As this one is tied to Season of the Hunt you’re going to have to own the season pass to get this quest. We have to complete two quests for Hawkmoon, plus we’re going to have a chat with the Traveler. It’s a very cool quest with some good character development for Crow, plus the new areas Bungie have added to the EDZ are great fun.

How to complete As The Crow Flies quest guide

Speak to Spider

First of all, you want to head to the Tangled Shore and have a chat with Spider. He’s got some information for you, plus he has the quest As The Crow Flies in his inventory, so pick that up.

Step 1 – Search outside Spider’s Lair

Next up you have to search outside Spider’s Lair. The spider doesn’t give you too many clues, but luckily the paracausal feather is just outside on top of a box to the left of the exit. Pick it up, and it’s onto the next one.

Step 2 – Find the second feather

For the next one, we have to head to the EDZ. There’s a clue on the quest text for each of the feathers in this part of the quest, but it can be a little cryptic. Head to the Sludge on the EDZ and climb up the building in the middle. The building overlooked the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector, and you’ll want to climb the building and find the next golden feather.

Step 3 – Find the third feather

The next feather is pretty straight forward. Head to the Cosmodrome and land at the Steppes. Above you when you land to the right will be the next feather.

Step 4 – Find the fourth feather

The next one is on the Dreaming City, just outside the entrance to the big building in the middle that houses the Blind Well. As you get near the gates, you’ll see the feather lying there on the floor, pick it up and it’s onto the next one.

Step 5 – Find the fifth feather

For the final feather in this part of the quest, you want to head to the moon. We’re looking for the Shrine of Oryx, so from the landing point near Eris jump on your sparrow and go left. Make your way round to Archers Line and then bank a right and head down towards where we met Crow and Osiris in the opening cutscene of the season. We’re going to want to make our way to where you have to fight the Fanatic nightmare. Make your way through the tunnels until you get to the boss room and you’ll find the final feather on the floor, next to some stairs.

Step 6 – Speak to Crow

Head back to the Tangled Shore and speak to Crow and he’ll tell you about some weird dreams he’s been having. At this point, he’ll give you a new quest called Let Loose Thy Talons.

Let Loose Thy Talons quest guide

Step 1 – Cry from Beyond

Crow’s got something new for you and the first step here is to complete Cry From Beyond Mission on the EDZ. You’ll find a new marker on the map. Make your way to The Sludge and start up the mission from the marker. Make your way through the quest and at the end, you’ll pick up the effigy of Hawkmoon.

Step 2 – Speak to Crow

Once you have the effigy of Hawkmoon, head back to the Tangled Shore and have a chat with Crow and let him know what you learned on the mission.

Step 3 – Generate and collect Orbs of Power

This step is fairly straight forward, you have to generate orbs of power. Put on some master worked weapons for this and you need 50 points. There’s one point for generating an orb and one point for picking one up. You can do this in a Lost Sector, Blind Well, Altars of Sorrow or Shiro Chi – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Step 4 – Speak to Crow

Have another chat with Crow and he’ll send you back to the EDZ for another mission.

Step 5 – Investigate the coordinates

Head back to the EDZ and this time you’ll be going to Trostland. Investigate the marker and make your way through the building. I got confused at this point and tried to get to the Dam by other means, but there’s a new area opened up and you have to make your way through. Where you speak to the bird, keep going and make your way through the building.

Step 6 – Feather’s collected

Rather than hunt around different locations, this time you have to collect feathers but it’s a little easier here. They are on a linear path, and you’ll pick them up as you go. You’ll also find Crow’s hideout on the EDZ. The feathers you need to collect should be indicated by a marker on the screen, so follow those, beat the boss at the end and collect all the feathers.

Step 7 – Speak to Crow

Head back the Tangeled Shore and speak to Crow once again.

Step 8 – Kill Champions or defeat Guardians

This is probably the longest step in the whole quest. You have to fill a bar to 100%. Guardian kills are 1% and Champion kills are 3%. If you like PVP and you’re good, you could probably knock this out in a few matches. However, if you don’t like PVP or you want to get this done much quicker then I recommend going down the champions route. The easiest way to do this is the Hero Empire Hunts. They are pretty easy and you can get between 5-10 Champions per run and runs take about 10 mins or under. Put on Lament, slice up those champions and you’ll be done with this step of the quest in no time at all.

Step 9 – Hawkmoon reforged

Now you’re down with the most gruelling part of the quest, head back to the Sludge on the EDZ and have a chat with our bird friend. We’re heading back into the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector for another fight. Start the mission and make your way through the lost sector until you get to the new area. Follow the marker, as this time it’s going to take you a new route. There’s some Taken to defeat, and once you do you’ll get Hawkmoon! There’s a final boss battle at the end where you have to throw the orbs into the boss before you can damage him – finish up the boss fight and Hawkmoon is yours.

All in all a great quest and I loved the new areas of the map. Let me know down in the comments what you thought.

Let’s have a closer look at the weapon.

Hawkmoon is an Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon.

Paracausal Shot – Final blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon grant stacks of Paracausal Charge. The final round in the magazine deals bonus damage based on the number of stacks. Stowing Hawkmoon on the final round removes this bonus.

Transformative – Future drops of this weapon will have random rolls.

Let’s have a look at the stats. We have Impact 78, Range 57, Stability 67, Handling 74, Reload Speed 63, Rounds Per Minute 140 with Magazine 8.

Hawkmoon feels awesome and it’s great to have it back in the game. Let me know down in the comments what you think about Hawkmoon’s return. Do you think it can live up to the hype and what do you think of this new version and the new perks?

That’s it for this guide on how to get Hawkmoon in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.