Destiny 2 – Hawkmoon Likely To Return With ‘Whisper Of The Worm’ Style Mission Plus Updated Release Date Predictions & Ornaments

Some of the best pieces of content in the world of Destiny have been the exotic quest missions. A few examples are Bad Juju, Outbreak Perfected and Whisper of the Worm. We may be able to have another put into the game thanks to the upcoming Hawkmoon Exotic Weapon, the final exotic that’s arriving soon as part of Season of the Hunt. The following is a look at the clues pointing to a new Hawkmoon Secret Mission coming soon to Destiny 2.

There have been some exciting developments over the past few days concerning Hawkmoon, the highly anticipated Exotic Hand Cannon coming back to Destiny 2 as part of Season of the Hunt. Today in the video I am going to have a look at some of the clues including ornament date predictions, ornament renders and a new secret area found in Destiny 2 – plus I’ll show you how to get in there.

First of all, JPDeathblade from TodayInDestiny has updated his predictions for Hawkmoon’s arrival in Destiny 2 and bringing it forward by a few weeks to approximately December 15th, which coincides with the start of the Dawning Seasonal Event. You can check out JP’s work, he’s a Software Developer and runs the very cool TodayInDestiny and I’ll link his stuff down below. Previously we had been discussing 6th January 2021 as a date for Hawkmoon, but it appears now that the ornaments are going to be available in the game a little earlier than we thought. The reason this is important is that normally when the ornaments are available, so is the weapon… plus it coincides with the start of the seasonal event. As always this has not been confirmed by Bungie, so everything should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Render of a Hawkmoon ornament – credit @thejudsub

These Hawkmoon Ornaments have been shown off by Ginsor and TheJudSub on Twitter, and they look pretty damn good! There’s a couple of variants, one which is covered in feathers and talons of the Hawk, then there’s a more standard Western-style version of the gun. We don’t have any info at the moment concerning the perks, but that surely will be revealed very soon.

There has been speculation that Hawkmoon would be made available via an exotic quest, but now there appears to be evidence we’re going to perhaps be getting more than that – this time in the shape of something like the Whisper of the Worm or Outbreak Perfected Secret Mission. This is for sure some of the best content in the game, particularly with the Whisper mission. We had to kill a certain enemy on Io, then travel through a secret portal to a new huge area. We had to get through the mission in 20mins and beat the timer as well as the tough bunch of enemies at the end. It was an amazing piece of content and kind of sad that it went away with Io.

Now it looks like we could be getting a secret mission for Hawkmoon. A new secret area has been discovered on the EDZ and this is a big new area that gives off similar vibes to the Whisper Mission. Credit to Robot Calus for originally finding this secret area plus folks from /raidsecrets including Steppe, Henry, Bachmanetti and Froggy. Links to all the videos down below.

Let’s have a look at how to get into the area. What you want to first is travel to the EDZ and go to Hallowed Grove Lost Sector, this is on the northern side of the EDZ and you can get there by travelling to The Sludge. What you can do is follow my route on-screen for how to get there. I’m using a Titan and therefore Lion Rampant boots to help me with the jumping, and also a sword to help weave in and out of bounds in some places. You are going to need the stasis subclass as we’re going to need to create a Stasis Wall to help us glitch into the secret area.

OK, once you’ve made it to the Lost Sector what you want to do then is clear out the Lost Sector to make your life a little easier, so quickly dispose of everything there and then you want to use the trees to help you jump out of bounds. Follow the path on the screen for where I am going. Once you have successfully made it out of bounds you want to jump up and navigate your way around until you see the big black box. This black box looks like it’s hiding something secret inside there. When we try to jump into the black box we get instantly teleported back to the Lost Sector, confirming that someone really doesn’t want us to go in there.

We can get around this though. What you have to do is before you jump into the big black box, wait for about 30 seconds to set a new checkpoint, and then jump through. Look for the rock on the ground and then use a stasis grenade to create a wall. This wall we have just created is going to prevent us from teleporting back and will allow us to get into the secret area. Once you have thrown down the grenade and the wall has been created, kill yourself and you’ll respawn outside. Jump through again and this time you’ll be taken inside the black box to a new location called The Hallowed Rift.

Now it’s simply about exploring. Inside here we have big open spaces, Boopers which we have seen before in the Wisper mission, plus there seems to be a massive room at the end for an epic boss battle. What I’ll do is play out some of the exploring at the end of the video, but you should get in here for yourself and have a look around.

Let me know what you think down in the comments. What do you think of the Hawkmoon Ornaments and what do you think of the prospect of a new whisper style mission.

That’s it for this look into the clues pointing to hawkmoon arriving soon with A Secret Mission. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.