Destiny 2 – How to get Royal Chase (Legendary Scout Rifle), weapon review and lore

Royal Chase is a new weapon introduced into Season of the Hunt and comes at a similar time as a buff to scout rifles. This is a useful Scout Rifle with a nice aesthetic and a deadly time to kill. The following is a guide for how to get Royal Chase in Destiny 2.

Royal Chase is a Legendary Energy Scout Rifle which is a precision frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. In terms of the stats Impact 62, Range 44, Stability 44, Handling 47, Reload Speed 46, Rounds Per Minute 180 and Magazine 16.

Bungie did slightly improve the viability of Scout Rifles with the update, with Bungie saying:

Scout Rifles

  • Increased how much each point of the AA stat widens the AA cone.
  • At maximum, the AA cone is now 15 percent wider

The curated roll comes with Dragonfly where precision kills create elemental damage, Auto Loading holster where the weapon is automatically reloaded after a short time. It also comes with Flared Magwell for fast reloading, increased stability and finally Arrowhead Break for better recoil control and increased handling speed.

For PVP Quickdraw and No Distractions would be a decent roll and for PVE the curated roll would be good with Dragonfly and Auto Loading Holster. The most popular roll at the moment out there in the Destiny Community is Dragonfly and Auto Loading Holster, but that is most likely due to the initial roll on the season pass.

To get this weapon you have to reach rank 30 on the season pass. This is also part of the Season of the Hunt Weapons that you can get from Crow and the Wrathborn Hunts activities. However, I think you have to unlock via the season pass for it to be available in the loot pool.

I really like this weapon. I’m a fan of Mida Multi-tool, the Exotic Scout Rifle and now that Scout Rifles have been brought up a little bit. I was a fan of Randy’s Throwing Knife, and this feels similar. I don’t think it’s quite as fast as Randy’s, but it does feel good. It’s fast, it causes a bunch of damage and can be a viable alternative for PVP and PVE.

That’s it for the weapon, let’s have a look at the lore.

Royal Chase Lore

“If anyone asks why you’re out here, just reload.” —Devrim Kay

VanNet/PRXC SCOUT WIDEBAND//:AudCHNL-33295, Public//:LogSkew-859128312785

VGS-6: You still tracking that monster near Saturn?

PXC-0: Yes. Nil-1 is holding position directly over Titan. On mark… uh, 27 hours. Rotating off in three.

VGS-6: Long shift. You Praxic boys are cold. Regret your induction yet?

PXC-0: It’s not a problem. We don’t sleep.

VGS-6: Right.

[Dead air.]

VGS-6: I mean, you do sleep.

PXC-0: Negative.

VGS-6: Come on. I’ve met Guardians before.

PXC-0: We do not.

VGS-6: Don’t make me call in the Gunny.

PXC-0: Your Gunny would know better than to argue with the Order.

VGS-6: Okay, listen JEFF. You’re not THE Order. I don’t give a sh—

PXC-0: Quiet. Energy rev spooling from the target…

VGS-6: What? You said it was basically dead.

PXC-0: Basically… Verim, record this. Establish direct feed uplink with NavTAC.

PXC-0-Verim: Uplink connectivity is spotty. Gravitational anomaly detec—no it’s collaps—

[Inaudible. Interference.]

[Dead air. Silent minutes.]

PXC-0: (Breathing heavily) NavTAC, return. Link reads as established… NavTAC, return. Telemetric positioning pins us on the opposing side of Saturn. Displacement reads as roughly 470,000km. Titan is… Titan is gone. This doesn’t make any sense.

PXC-0: NavTAC. Vanguard Recon, come in. Tower actual? Harriet, are you out there?

[Signal Redacted]

[Transmission Redacted]

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