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Destiny 2 – Fastest Way To Get XP And Level Up The Season Pass In Beyond Light

Levelling up your season pass quickly is going to help you get the most out of seasons in Destiny 2 given there’s armour, weapons exotics and bright dust on there. How to level quickly is always a question that comes up with every new expansion, so today I am going to go through the fastest way to get XP and level up your season pass.

The season pass was introduced as part of the Shadowkeep expansion in 2019, given the success in other games like Fortnite, Call of Duty and many others. It’s a pretty standard way these days to get rewards in games, and Destiny 2 is no different. With Beyond Light, we have a new season pass, which means new rewards and a whole bunch of XP to grind for.

You may be asking why you want to level up the season pass? We have on there new seasonal weapons, including a deadly new Scout Rifle, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite in the game. There’s upgrade modules, Exotic engrams, the Seasonal Exotic weapon called Duality, Legendary armour plus ornaments too. There are loads of great benefits to levelling up the season pass, so let’s jump into the fastest way to get all this loot.

Before you start levelling up you’ll want to go and grab the seasonal artifact from Zavala’s Office. When you jump into the campaign, after a few missions you’ll be able to exit Europa, head back to the Tower and grab the Seasonal Artifact. If you are a New Light player you’ll want to complete the quest ‘A Guardian Rises’ to the point where you meet Master Rahool in the Tower.

The Seasonal Artifact this time is a Fang of Xivu Arath. This has a whole bunch of mods and power bonuses on there, which works on top of your gear power, giving you additional power levels. The mods are useful as they are going to help you go up against Champions in the game – these are the yellow bar enemies with shields of varying attributes. There’s are Overload Champions, Barrier Champions and Unstoppable Champions. You’ll find mods in the Artifact, which you’ll need to equip to take down these tough enemies. The mods are also useful for builds, once you get into the endgame and reach approx 1250 power level.

Before you get out there gathering XP, you’ll want to level up a Ghost Shell. You can get a bonus on there which will give you 12% XP gains, which adds up if you end up opening lots of bounties at the same time. Grab a Ghost, level it up through the menu and check out the mods. It’ll cost you 6 pieces on your ghost to get the 12%, but it’s well worth it and will help you level up much faster.

Let’s get back to levelling up your season pass quickly. Earlier this season there were a bunch of glitches and bugs that allowed more XP to be gained through repeatable bounties. First, it was the moon bounties, then ALL repeatable bounties seem to be glitching out giving more XP than normal. I think that’s been fixed now, so this method is going to look at combining a bunch of different bounties to help you level up nice and quickly.

To level up fast, you want to complete bounties and activities. However, there is some overlap. Bounties can be picked up from most NPCs in the game, and this is the key to levelling up nice and fast. There are weekly bounties that give 1200 XP and cost 1000 glimmer, daily bounties that give 6000 XP which cost 250 glimmer and repeatable bounties which give 4000 XP and cost 3000. To get the most bang for your buck, then it’s probably worth doing a combination of Weekly and Daily bounties from various vendors… otherwise, you’re going to run short on the glimmer. You can go to Spider on the Tangled Shore to get more Glimmer through trading, but this isn’t always possible. Weekly bounties are available once per week (they reset on tuesday), daily bounties are available every day (refresh at reset time) and then repeatable bounties are available all of the time if you have space and Glimmer.

The key to getting XP fast is to look out for the generic bounties. E.g. Get Arc kills, get Solar Kills, get fusion rifle kills. Simple objectives that can stack on top of each other. More often than not you’ll find that bounties overlap from various vendors and you can complete them at the same time. For example, if you have 2 bounties and one says ‘get Autorifle kills’ and the other says ‘get Solar kills’, then find a solar auto rifle and you’ll be able to complete two bounties at the same time. Hard Light is a great weapon for the damage type kills because you can switch the element at any time very easily. For these generic bounties, you’re going to need a variety of weapons – swords, fusion rifles, hand cannons etc. Going through the campaign and doing pretty much any activity is going to help you get a wide variety of weapons if you don’t have a large arsenal already.

There are some key vendors to look out for who have generic bounties and the trick to getting fast XP is to try and complete as many of these as possible at the same time. Here are the vendors to look out for:

  • Zavala (Strikes / Tower) – If you like doing Strikes, these are the bounties for you
  • Lord Shaxx (Crucible / Tower) – If you like doing Crucible, pick up these bounties
  • Drifter (Gambit / Tower) – If you like doing Gambit, find the Drifter in the Annex
  • Banshee-44 (Gunsmith / Tower) – Banshee-44 has generic weapon bounties
  • Crow (Wrathborth Hunts / Tangled Shore) – Part of Season of the Hunt
  • Variks (Empire Hunts / Europa) – Mainly focused on Europa

Banshee-44 always has generic bounties, for example, get a number of kills with a certain type of gun. Variks also has generic bounties and can be overlapped with Gunsmith bounties, so you can double up on your XP gains. The only catch with Variks bounties is that you have to do them on Europa, luckily there is plenty to do there. We have public events, Lost Sectors, Empire Hunts, Exo Challenges and The Glassway Strike. Crow’s daily bounties are also pretty generic, so you can triple your XP gains by doing Banshee, Variks and Crow at the same time. Zavala’s Strike bounties can be thrown into the mix too, if you run through The Glassway Strike on Europa, allow you to complete 4 sets of bounties at the same time with Gunsmith, Variks, Crow and Zavala.

Now you have a bunch of completed bounties you’ll want to open them up in a fireteam for a bonus. There’s a buff called Shard Wisdom, so if you open up bounties while in a fireteam, then you’re going to get even more XP. Add this to the 12% bonus from the ghost shell upgrades, then this really does matter and helps you level up that season pass much faster.

In summary

  • Grab the Seasonal Artifact as soon as you can
  • Add the 12% XP bonus to your ghost shell
  • Do overlapping bounties from Variks, Crow, Gunsmith & Zavala
  • Open them in a fireteam

Let me know down in the comments what you think of this and if you have any tips on how to do it faster, let me know down in the comments.

That’s it for this guide on the fastest way to get XP and level up your season pass. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.

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