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Destiny 2 – How to get Thermal Erosion (Legendary Machine Gun) plus PVE/PVP God Rolls

Thermal Erosion is a new machine gun put into the game as part of the Europa Weapon set in Beyond Light, and this is one of the best feeling, and most destructive machine guns in the game right now. There aren’t too many options for machine guns, but this one is not to be slept on and you should go out there and get this one immediately.

Thermal Erosion is a Legendary Power Machine Gun. It’s a Rapid-Fire Frame weapon meaning it has Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty. Looking at the stats it has 25 for impact, 33 for range, 38 for stability, 39 for handling, and 61 for reload speed. It’s a 900 RPM machine gun with 65 in the magazine.

The curated roll comes with Smallbore for the increase in range and stability, Light Mag for an increase in reload speed and a small increase in range, Hip-Fire Grip for the increase in accuracy, stability and precision when firing from the hip and finally Demolitionist where kills with the weapon grant grenade energy. Activating grenade ability reloads the magazine from reserves.

For PVP, Killing Wind where final blows grant increased mobility, range and handling for a short duration and Dynamic Sway Reduction for the increase in accuracy and stability when holding down the trigger – both of these perks would be good to look out for. For PVE Zen Moment where damage with this weapon causes increased stability and Demolitionist would be a good option. Currently, the most popular roll of this weapon has Zen Moment and Wellspring on there, with Wellspring generating ability energy on kills.

To get this weapon you want to run Empire Hunts. You can get this specific weapon from running The Warrior Empire Hunt, and there are 3 parts to the quest. To get access to Empire Hunts, you’re going to need to complete the campaign, and then clear the post-campaign missions with Variks. Empire Hunts cost a currency called Herealways, so stock up on those before you run the Empire Hunts.

As I mentioned, there 3 parts to the quest. First of all you have to go to a location on Europa and collect some materials or clear out some ads. Then you have to draw out the Fallen in the second part and clear them, and finally you have to go on a mission to complete the Empire Hunt itself. Once you complete this head back to Variks and you’ll get the Thermal Erosion Machine Gun.

This is hands down one of my favourite power weapons in the game right now, so go out there and get it.

Let me know what you think of Thermal Erosion down there in the comments and let me know what rolls you got.

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