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Destiny 2 – Fast Empire Hunts! How to get multiple loot drops and save time in this quick Empire Hunt Farm

Empire Hunts are a great way to get the new gear on Europa in Destiny 2 Beyond Light and today I am going to show you a way of getting multiple loot drops and how to save loads of time in your search for new Europa gear. The following is a guide for fast Empire Hunts plus how to get multiple loot drops in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

This method of farming the Empire Hunts is not only going to save you a massive amount of time, but it’s going to give you access to that new Europa loot. First of all you want to complete the campaign and the post-campaign quests so you can access the Empire Hunts from Variks. It’s best to have lots of Herealways currency for this, and you can check out a guide for the best way to farm Herealways pieces here.

Once you have access to the Empire Hunts and you have plenty of Herealways we can now start the Empire Hunts Farm.

For this you want to max out your quest slots by going around the vendors and picking up all the bounties. There’s plenty of Vendors in the Tower – Zavala, Gunsmith, Lord Shaxx, Drifter etc, plus you have the vendors on the planets and moons. Europa you have The Stranger and Variks, and on Earth, you have Shaw Han and Devrim. Pick up as many bounties until it won’t let you pick up anymore.

Once you reach max quests, then the new quests you pick up will go to the postmaster. This is how we’re going to trick the game into allowing us to pick up more than one Empire Hunt at one time. Normally, you can only pick up one before you complete it, but maxing out your quests and using the postmaster is going to allow you to pick up multiple. You can have up to 4 Empire Hunts in total. You can use a tool like Destiny Item Manager to check the quests have gone to the postmaster.

Now you have the quests in your postmaster, go to the Tower and pick them up. From this point, you can complete all 4 quests at the same time. The first step for each quest is a bit different, but once you get past the first step you can then move onto the next 2 steps. Once you beat one boss, this will then complete all 4 quests at the same time, allowing you to pick up all the loot from Variks. This is going to save a huge amount of time and give you a healthy drop of loot at the same time.

Given this only completes one Empire Hunt, that means you’re only going to get one completion on your milestones – so you can do more if you want to for that powerful reward from Variks each week.

Let me know what you think of this down in the comments.

That’s it for this guide on Fast Empire Hunts plus how to get multiple loot drops and save time in this quick Empire Hunt Farm. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.

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