Destiny 2 – Fast & Easy Power Levels Plus How To Get Power Level 1260 Quickly In Beyond Light

Beyond Light has been out for a little over a week meaning many of the endgame activities are starting to open up. If you want to take part in the endgame – whether that be The Deep Stone Crypt Raid or Trials of Osiris, you’re going to want to level up towards 160 as fast as possible. Today I am going to cover the main ways of levelling as well as offer useful tips and tricks along the way. The following is a guide for fast & Easy Power Levels plus how to get power level 1260 quickly in Beyond Light.

Before we jump into the guide there are a few terms we should go over including Soft Cap, Hard Cap and Pinnacle Cap. These are going to be the benchmarks you are looking for when power levelling in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. We’ve all started at the same base power level, that’s 1050, and we’re working our way towards 1260. The soft cap is when we reach power level 1200, the hard cap is 1250 and the pinnacle cap is 1260. There’s going to be different power levelling techniques needed for each of these caps. Check the timestamps down below for specific information on that if you’ve already hit one of these caps.

There are two main ways to level up in Beyond Light. You have your gear power and your artefact power. Your gear includes weapon slots and armour slots and you add up all the scores of this and divide by 8 to get an average. You also have an artefact, which will add additional power levels on top of your gear power through gaining XP through various activities.

The first thing you want to do is to complete the main campaign. This is going to be a good way to level, however, the campaign does get a little tricky so you may want to pop out halfway through and do some levelling to help you get through the campaign. Completing the campaign will give you access to the new Stasis subclass plus will give you rewards throughout the journey to help you get closer to 1200.

The first tip, you want to go to the Tower as soon as you can and pick up the Seasonal Artifact from Zavala’s Office in the Tower. This won’t be immediately obvious, but it’s going to help you gain additional power levels early on. At this point you also want to level up a Ghost to get that 12% extra XP gains, as gaining XP is going to help you level the season pass which in turn is going to help you add power levels.

Soft Cap Levelling

Once you have beaten the campaign you’ll want to work towards the soft cap of 1200, if you are not there already. This can be done by pretty much any activity in the game including Lost Sectors, Public Events, opening chests marked on the map. Ideally, at this point you don’t want to be running strikes, gambit or crucible as doing those is going to get your powerful and pinnacle rewards after 3 matches. You want to save them for the Hard Cap levelling from 1200 – 1250.

What I would do is after the main campaign, do the post-campaign missions and then focus your time on unlocking the Lost Sectors on the Cosmodrome and Europa as these are going to help you later on. Lost Sectors are good because sometimes they have Wanted Enemies in there or Nightmares – any yellow bar enemies are going to be good. Opening up the chests at the end of the Lost Sectors will often reward you blue drops which will help you get towards 1200.

Patrols are good too. Open up your Ghost on a location and look out for the markers. The best one I find is the one with the diamond shape, with 4 mini diamonds at the edges. These ones are ‘kill any enemy patrols’, meaning you can complete them very easily and quickly by killing anything. Do a combination of Lost Sectors, Patrols and regional chests on Europa and The Cosmodrome and if you run out there then head to the other locations.

In Summary:

  • Complete the campaign
  • Pick up the artefact from the Tower
  • Focus on Lost Sectors, Patrols, Public Events
  • Stay away from strikes, crucible and gambit plus other powerful and pinnacle milestones for now

Once you are 1200 in all gear slots, then it’s time to move onto the Hard Cap levelling process.

Hard Cap Levelling

The Hard Cap levelling process takes you from 1200-1250. This grind is going to be a little different from before, as the previous methods aren’t going to work for you. Once you have hit 1200, then you’re going to need to focus on powerful reward sources to break through the Soft Cap of 1200.

You can see powerful reward sources on the map and they are indicated by yellow markers. You can inspect them and it’ll tell you what to do. For example, you may need to complete 3 strikes, or 3 crucible matches or 3 gambit matches. Some of these are pinnacle rewards, it may be best to save these for the 1250-1260 climb, however, if you’re not going into the raid then you can do these.

One of the best ways to level up here is to rank up Valor and Glory ranks in Crucible. Survival PVP is a great way to get fast levels when you are between 1200-1250 as each reward at the end is going to be around or above your current gear score, even with blue drops. Survival has 2 modes, regular and freelance for solo players. Survival PVP is very rewarding too often giving you 3 or 4 rewards for each match.

Ranking up Gambit Infamy is also a good way to level up. Gambit has been improved this season, so it’s not as much of a depressing grind as it used to be. Now the matches are quicker and you can level up nice and fast.

Before going into these activities you want to pick up the bounties from the various vendors. If you like Strikes, then pick up bounties from Zavala. If you like Crucible, pick up bounties from Lord Shaxx and finally, Drifter bounties if you like Gambit. Completing these bounties while you are doing the powerful reward farming through playlist activities is going to be getting you XP while you’re going after powerful rewards, making it more efficient for levelling up as XP gains mean artefact power levels on top of your gear power.

There are a few great tools for power levelling. First, there’s Destiny Item Manager, where you can see your max power score. There’s also Destiny Power Bars, which will let you know your power score in each slot and show you where you need to target farm to increase your overall power level. It also gives you good hints for how and where you can gain power levels. Using these tools together is going to save you some time.

By doing the activities here you should now be on the climb towards 1250. But sometimes you get stuck because one of your gear pieces or weapons is behind, bringing down your overall average. This is where target farming comes into play.

There’s a new activity that comes with Season of the Hunt called Wrathborn Hunts. You have to own Season of the Hunt to access this, but it really helps and the loot you get from this activity is really going to supercharge your levelling during the power climb to the hard cap. Run through the opening quest and get access to the Cryptolith Lure from The Crow. By adding specific mods onto the lure you can target farm-specific pieces of gear, so if you have something under levelled then target the gear you need to improve your overall power levels. Wrathborn hunts rewards are very good for power levelling and you can rank up at Crow to increase the number of powerful rewards you get. It starts at 2 but you can increase that to 4 very easily and quickly. The gear dropping from Wrathborn hunts for me was sometimes 4 or 5 gear score above my current level, really pushing me towards 1250.

Your Season Pass gear can come in handy here too. I don’t grab my season pass gear immediately, I save it as you’ll notice the power on the season pass climbs with your power and it will always come out of the season pass at your current level or a few above. This is good for filling in the gaps of power if you need to.

Keep doing these activities and you’ll be on your way to 1250 in no time.

In summary for hard cap levelling:

  • Search out powerful reward sources by checking out the yellow markers on the director
  • Do bounties to level up the artefact and season pass
  • Increase Valor and Glory ranks in Survival PVP
  • Increase Infamy ranks in Gambit
  • Check out some of the great tools like DIM or Destiny Power Bars
  • Do the seasonal activity Wrathborn Hunts and upgrade the Cryptolith Lure

Pinnacle Cap Levelling 1250-1260

Once you have hit 1250 in all slots then you’re going to want to start your journey to 1260. This can only be done through pinnacle rewards, and you can find these yellow markers on the director. Some examples are The Deep Stone Crypt Raid, Trials of Osiris and the weekly rewards for Crucible/Gambit and Strikes.

In summary for the pinnacle cap levelling

  • Do pinnacle reward sources

Let me know what you think of the guide down there in the comments and if you have any more tips, share with the community.

That’s it for this guide for fast & easy power levels plus how to get power level 1260 quickly in Beyond Light. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.

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