Destiny 2 – Fast Cryptolith Lure Charges Plus Lure Mod Glitch and How To Get Recon Data

Season of the Hunt started yesterday in Destiny 2 Beyond Light and with it came the Wrathborn Hunts seasonal activity. Today I am going to show you a fast and easy way to get Cryptolith Lure charges, a Lure mod glitch that allows us to duplicate mods plus how to get Recon data nice and fast so we can level up Crow and get more powerful rewards in Season of the Hunt. The following is a guide for fast Cryptolith Lure Charges plus Lure mod glitch and how to get Recon Data.

To access the Wrathborn Hunts you have to complete the intro mission for Season of the Hunt, and you can find a guide for that here. Once you have your hands on the lure and you’ve unlocked access to Crow and the Hunts you’re going to want to gather Lure Charges. The normal way of doing this would be to run strikes, gambit or crucible. However, there is a much faster way.

How to get fast and easy Lure Charges

What we want to do is go to the EDZ and load into the strike Lake of Shadows. Once you are in the Lake of Shadows Strike you want to make your way to Widows Walk Lost Sector (this has certainly been seeing a LOT of playtime in Beyond Light so far). Follow my path to get to the Lost Sector and I’ll meet you on the other side.

There are some additional requirements on the Lure saying about charges “Perform these bonus actions in strikes to accelerate the charging process; Defeat challenging combatants and defeat combatants with precision damage”. This lost sector is great because we have a Yellow Bar enemy in here, plus some nightmares… so this is a perfect farm for getting charges up nice and quickly.

If this isn’t working for you, or you simply get bored then you can do the same thing in the Scarlett Keep strike on the Moon. Load into the strike and then simply jump up the pillars, making sure you have your high jump added to your subclass and jump and sword swipe to get over the barrier and back into the area where there are the Altars of Sorrow. Once again, here you are going to find powerful combatants-a-plenty to charge up that lure nice and fast.

Once you have a charged up Lure, then you can start the Hunts.

How to get Lure Mods

But before that, there’s currently a glitch in the game (which will likely be patched soon) that allows you to duplicate mods. What you want to do here is inspect the Lure and add weapon mods into all slots. You want to pay attention to the middle one as this is the one that will be duplicated. Once you have filled up all the slots, simply reset the Lure and then check your mod inventory. You’ll notice you now have 1 more than you had before. This is an easy way to cheese load and loads of mods. Do this one now before it gets patched.

How to get Recon Data

Recon data is what you need to rank up crow, you’ll get engrams for this and rewards including armour and weapons. By ranking up you’ll also unlock modifiers that will allow you to get more rewards per week and also upgrade the powerful reward to a pinnacle reward.

A single Wrathborn Hunt will reward you 5 recon data. However, some of the Wrathborn Hunts will reward you Recon Data instead of a piece of armour or a weapon. Check each lure reward by highlighting the Prey Mod and looking at the package contents. If you complete a Wrathborn Hunt with one of these, then you’ll get 17 Recon Data rather than 5.

What I would do is focus on the Recon Data first before going after loot. This is going to help you level up and get access to those modifiers, which in turn is going to give you more powerful rewards. Recon Data is also available on the Season Pass at rank 2 and 12. Unfortunately, Crow’s bounties don’t reward recon data – so optimising your Wrathborn Hunts is going to be the fastest way to level up Crow. Finally, there’s a Lure mod called Trophy Mod: Reputation and this mod give you, even more, Recon Data from Wrathborn Hunts.

Now you have a way to get fast and easy Lure charges, get loads of mods for the lure and Recon data too. Now you’re ready to go out on a Wrathborn Hunt. This is a great way to level up to the hard cap, so get out there and join in Season of the Hunt!

Let me know down in the comments what you think of these Wrathborn Hunt tips and tricks.

That’s it for this guide for fast Cryptolith Lure Charges plus Lure mod glitch and how to get Recon Data. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.

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