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Destiny 2 – New Loot Cave Found in the Cosmodrome in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

There’s a new loot cave in Destiny 2 back in the old Cosmodrome which is a throwback to the original loot cave found in Destiny from 2014. You can stand there shooting Fallen as they spawn to easily get plenty of loot, complete bounties and get planetary materials. In this video, I’ll show you where the Loot Cave 2020 is and some of the best weapons to use. The following is a guide for the new loot cave in Destiny 2.

This new loot cave is also in the Cosmodrome, much like the first one. Bungie did also bring back the original in this updated Cosmodrome, however, it’s not as loot-filled or generous as it once was. In fact, not very much at all.

Word of this new loot cave began to start circulating amongst the community last week when Beyond Light was dropped. This new one can be found in the Divide in the Cosmodrome, and you can follow my path to get there here.

Welcome to the new loot cave in Destiny 2, or loot cave 2020 as it’s being called. This is the Divide, and it’s where you end up in one of the first missions in Destiny 2 New Light campaign for new players. This loot cave is pretty effective, you’re going to be easily able to kill waves of Fallen including loads of Dregs and there’s a Yellow Bar Captain who spawns here too. To make this even better, if you can get where when there’s a Fallen Walker, this seems to help even more enemies spawn at faster rates.

You’ll probably notice other players hanging out around that area too. They are either going to be new light Guardians who have just started up or others who have heard about this new loot cave. If you do come across a new player, you should show them the new loot cave and give them a tip.

Although this cave does drop loot, it’s not going to be the most efficient way to level up, especially if you have already reached the soft cap. If you are interested in levelling past 1200, then strikes, Gambit or Competitive PVP is probably your best bet. Spending a few hours in Survival PVP is guaranteed to raise your power level closer to the hard cap of 1250.

This cave is good for some things though. If you are still working towards 1200, then you’ll be able to get some drops here to help you level. You’ll be able to get Prime Engrams to drop here, which will help you level up. One of the best uses of the new destiny 2 loot cave, however, is for bounties. Here you can complete Gunsmith and Shaw Han bounties which reward XP which will help you level up your season pass. Also, you’ll be able to get Spin Metal which is useful (for example, working towards Izanaghi’s Burden in the Exotic Kiosk). So if you want to easily knock out some bounties by killing enemies with a particular weapon, or particular damage then try out the new loot cave. For example, need machine kills? Try the loot cave. Need Solar Kills? Try the loot cave.

To get kills quickly I have been using Sunshot. This is also a really good place to get the Sunshot Catalyst done quickly. Sunshot is really good as you get the AOE damage. I have also been using Falling Guillotine for when the Yellow Bar Captain appears. He’ll try to run past you nice and fast, but give him a quick spin attack and he’ll be going nowhere (and hopefully dropping you an engram).

Loot cave hunting has been a favourite activity of any new expansion since 2014. There is a really nice easter egg for the original loot cave found in the Cosmodrome in 2020, you can find this in Skywatch in the Cosmodrome. Inside the original cave, you can find a pile of bodies and an interactive prompt that says “A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool” – which is a nice touch and a nod back to the original loot cave.

Let me know what you think of this loot cave location and let me know if you find anything better?

That’s it for this guide for the new loot cave found in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.

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