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Destiny 2 – XP Farm Glitch To Level Up Your Season Pass Fast And Easy

There is currently an XP glitch in Destiny 2 which is rewarding much more XP than normal, so if you want to level up your season pass nice and quickly then this is the guide for you. Bungie has been patching out these things very quickly this week to try and contain the community from levelling up quickly, however, exploits keep getting found. Saying that I would try and do this method as fast as you can because Bungie is very likely to patch this out as soon as they can. The following is an XP farm glitch in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Levelling up the season pass is one of the main objectives throughout a season in Destiny 2 to get the rewards and the artefact power bonuses found there. This is going to help you get the new season mods, plus the loot on the free or the paid track of the season pass. Yesterday it was discovered that repeatable bounties on the moon were giving out roughly 3 times the XP that they should be doing. Bungie quickly picked on what was going on and removed weekly moon bounties.

However, it’s been noted that Moon bounties aren’t the only bounties giving extra XP at the moment. Normally you’d get 4,000 XP for repeatable bounties but at the moment repeatable bounties are giving out 12,000 XP. These repeatable bounties can be fairly easy, depending on which vendor you decide to go to so they can be done nice and quick and allow you to quickly farm XP inside of Destiny 2 Beyond Light. You can pick up repeatable bounties from Banshee-44 in the Tower, Zavala for Strikes, Shaxx for Crucible, Drifter for Gambit and Variks for Europa. Pick and choose the repeatable bounties you want to do and then pick up as many as you possibly can.

There is a quick and easy method of farming XP by combing 2 specific bounties – those from the Gunsmith and Variks. Imply then head into a Lost Sector on Europa and complete the bounties. You are going to need a range of weapons for these, because you may have to kill a certain number of enemies with a submachine gun, auto rifle or bows. Check to see what you have in the vault, or run some quick public events to get some drops if you don’t have a vault full of weapons. Repeatable bounties do cost extra, so if you run low on Glimmer then head on over to Spider on the Tangled Shore and pick up some more by trading with him.

One thing to consider before doing this method too is to rank up your ghost and add the XP mod on there. If you add the right mod you can get upto 12% extra XP on top of the already generous bugged repeatable bounties. Before you jump into this method get your ghost in order with the right mods and then you can get started.

First of all, pick up all the repeatable bounties in the Tower from the Gunsmith and then head on over to Variks on Europa and pick up all his repeatable bounties too. All repeatable bounties are dishing out three times the XP than they should at the moment, but you can combine these two together and double up allowing you to complete multiple bounties at the same time. This is the fastest way, probably not the most entertaining way – so if you prefer one of the main playlists then do jump in with those repeatable bounties as you’ll get the same result.

Once you have all your bounties then you want to jump on your sparrow and drive round to Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge. This one is fairly easy to find and it’s one of the Braytech underground testing facilities on Europa and it’s full of Vex. It’s also a very short Lost Sector and quite compact, so it’s a good option. Once you’re in the Lost Sector work your way through the enemies, checking the bounties as you go to make sure you have the right weapons equipped and you are ticking off those requirements and completing the bounties nice and fast. You may have objectives like get Void kills or Solar kills and combined with machine gun kills or other weapon types. Keep an eye on the requirements and knock out as many bounties as you can in a single run.

Given Bungie disabled the repeatable Moon bounties very quickly yesterday, I imagine we’re only going to have a few hours to do this. Yesterday was a Friday and everyone was still at work, so there may be a slim chance that Bungie doesn’t get to work on this on Monday. So we may have all weekend to do it. However, given this is such a massive exploit I would imagine Bungie is going to patch it right away. Therefore, jump on if you can and pick up as many repeatable bounties as possible and start levelling up that season pass as high as you possibly can before this glitch is fixed.

Let me know down in the comments how much XP you managed to gain. I’ll let you know when this gets patched because it definitely will get patched. However, as it’s the weekend I am hoping that it doesn’t get patched until Monday. Yesterday it was only a matter of hours, so we’ll see what happens very soon.

That’s it for this XP farm glitch in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.

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