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Destiny 2 – How To Power Level Fast in Beyond Light (1050 to 1200 quick and easy)

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is out now and that means we’re all on the grind for power levels. In Beyond Light we’ve all started at 1050, and over the coming days and weeks, we’re going to want to be increasing our power levels so we can get to the endgame content – where the real fun of Destin can be found. There is a fast and easy way to get some of the ways there, and I’ll be taking you through that today. The following is a guide for how to power level fast in Beyond Light.

With the release of any expansion, there’s a power climb. The new base level is 1050, and all of our gear starts at that level – if you have any gear from before then it will automatically be brought up to the base of 1050. As you play the game you’re going to get drops for weapons and armour and the aim of the game is to get the highest power level items in every slot, so that raises our overall base power level. The big power number on your character screen is calculated by adding up all of you gear power, then dividing by 8 (3 weapon slots and 5 gear slots). Our goal in power levelling is to get to the new cap, 1260, as fast as we possibly can.

There’s a couple of stage to this. 1050 to 1200 is probably the easiest and quickest as nearly all drops are going to contribute towards this and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on today. Once you hit 1200, that’s the ‘soft cap’ and from there it’s going to be a slower climb to the next cap which is 1250, this is the hard cap and can be achieved with Powerful Rewards. The final climb is from 1250 to 1260, which can only be achieved with Pinnacle Drops. Check out the director for info on which activities give powerful and pinnacle rewards.

One of the things I noticed with Beyond Light was the campaign was pretty tough at times. I started out with all my best gear from last season and fairly quickly got up to about 1080, but then I hit one campaign level where I couldn’t get past the boss. So don’t do what I did and keep on trying, back out and check out this farming method and get yourself up to 1200 as quickly as possible. You can choose your favourite activity in the game to get to 1200 – this means you can run strikes, play crucible or gambit – whatever you’re favourite activity is it’s going to give you loot to help you get up to 1200. However, if you want to do it FAST then here’s the most efficient way in the game right now.

What you want to do is head over to the EDZ and check out The Widow’s Walk Lost Sector. This is down on the bottom right-hand corner of the map and you just have to land near Devrim Kay and then head into the Lost Sector. In here you’ll find some Fallen, which you can take care of nice and quickly and then you have some Nightmares as well as a Fallen Captain. What you’ll want to do is roll in here and kill them as quickly as possible, then open the chest and if you feel like it, you can kill the other enemies too as sometimes they are going to drop loot for you.

It’s a good farming method because you are pretty much-guaranteed loot every time you go in and this can be done in minutes. Yes, you can simply play the game to level up to the soft cap of 1200. However, if you’re struggling with the campaign, or you simply want to do it as quickly as possible, then you should check out this method, as it’s going to take approximately 30 minutes to get your character up to the soft cap. All rare and legendary engrams dropped will generally be higher than the gear you have now. Sometimes they are a few power levels higher, sometimes they are 5 or 7 power levels higher. Given the lost sector only takes minutes to do means you’re going to be getting two, three or maybe 4 drops each run.

To make it even quicker for yourself you’re going to want to have some area of effect damage if you can. I main Titan, so bottom tree Sunbreaker is really good for this as you run in, throw a grenade and if you have your super then you can throw the hammers leaving deadly sunspots in your wake. This easily and quickly takes care of the nightmares as well as the boss and the other enemies are simply going to run into your sunspots and die – you hardly even have to move, they come to you, kill themselves in your fire and then drop loot.

I did this for about 30 mins and got all my gear up to 1200. The next power climb after this is going to be much slower, as from here you’re going to need power sources. You can check these out on the map, they are indicated by the yellow markers on the director. Personally, I wouldn’t do any of these before you hit 1200 by playing the game – either farm lost sectors like I’ve shown here today, or you can play the crucible. Another good method of gathering power early on is by finding chests and opening them up, you can see markers for them on the director.

Before you do this I would go and pick up the seasonal artifact. This can be collected from Osiris about 1-2 missions into the Beyond Light Campaign. This is useful because you can start to level up your artifact too, giving you additional power on top of your base power level. You also get some good seasonal mods too, so it’s worth picking up the Seasonal Artifact as you get into the levelling process. Have a chat to the vendors around the Tower and pick up bounties, turning them in will give you XP and in turn more power levels added on top of your base power. It’s very early on, but I have a base power level of 1200 and then an additional 3 added on because of my seasonal artifact.

Try out this method if you’re having trouble with the campaign, as once you level up to the soft cap it’s going to make things much easier to get through and then the rest of the game easier too so you can focus on discovering the secrets on Europa and getting ready for the endgame content with that power climb to 1250 coming up next.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the farming method, and if you have any suggestions on making it better or quicker, let me know.

That’s it for this guide on how to power level fast in Beyond Light. For more This Week In Video Games content check out the Beyond Light Guide or subscribe on YouTube today.

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