Destiny 2 – NEW Europa Gameplay and Preload Information for Beyond Light

Beyond Light drops tomorrow but we already have some Europa gameplay out there in the wild, shown off today by Xbox New Zealand. We only have just over 24 hours to wait now for Beyond Light, but this new tease gives us a glimpse of what we should expect on the frozen moon of Jupiter, Europa. Also included today is a head’s up of preload information, so stick around to the end of the video for that. The following is a look at new Europa gameplay plus preload information for Beyond Light.

Xbox New Zealand did a live stream today showing off some footage for Beyond Light. This is all wrapped up in the launch of the Xbox Series X / S which is happening also on November 10th, so it’s a big today tomorrow! Shown off in this promotional video for the first time was gameplay on Europa itself with Guardians battling against the Fallen. We’ve got new weapons, new enemies and also some familiar faces too.

Before we get into the breakdown, let’s check out the footage first.

This looks like campaign footage as we can see the ‘Stealing Stasis’ prompt in the top left-hand corner of the screen, which is likely to be one of the first missions we encounter in Beyond Light’s campaign. We’re likely to meet up with Eris, Drifter and Stranger before jumping into this mission.

The footage continues with us on in the Eventide Ruins, jumping down an elevator shaft to face off against one of the new Fallen Mechs, which look very cool indeed. A new Pulse Rifle is being shown off int he first instance here fighting against the Mech… just the start of a whole swathe of weapons we’re no doubt going to get in the new expansion.

There are some clues from the UI that the Guardian here is holding onto the Lament, the new Exotic Sword found in Beyond Light. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get it that early on… but keep an eye out for that when you first open up Beyond Light. We do know we’re going to be getting No Time To Explain as a Pre-Order bonus… I don’t know if that means we’re also going to be getting The Lament too, perhaps as a Seasonal Exotic Weapon. We’ll have to wait and see. It looks like the mechs still have stomp mechanics, which will be a disappointment to some, but I for one love the look of these new enemy types and can’t wait to crush them with a whole bunch of new weapons!

The Guardian in the clip continues to work on the mech, eventually blowing off the front panel to reveal the critical spot to shoot and then finishes him off with a rocket to the face. Excellent stuff. As well as fighting against the new Fallen, it appears as if we’re fighting with existing Fallen buddies with help from Spider. No Time to Explain is also shown off in the clip, but we don’t get to see the No Time To Explain buddy shooting from another portal.

Really good stuff there and that’s all just an appetiser for tomorrow’s kick off with Beyond Light. We do still have a potential live event in Destiny today though, so plenty more news and info to sink our teeth into.

As well as that tease for Europa and Beyond Light, we also have the pre-load info. Bungie is taking Destiny offline for approximately 14 hours tomorrow.

Here’s all the preload info you need to know for the next few hours so yo can jump into Destiny right away. This is from This Week At Bungie last week.


Pre-load for Update will be available prior to the game’s release. Below are pre-load timelines and instructions based on platform:


Beginning on November 8 after 8 PM PST (0400 UTC), users can start pre-downloading Update by:

Navigating to Destiny 2
Pressing the “Options” button
And selecting “Check for Updates”

In an effort to decrease server load, some PlayStation Plus users may be able to pre-download Update starting on November 7 after 8 PM PST (0400 UTC) if they have auto update/download enabled on their PlayStation 4. For instructions on how to setup auto update/download, please click here.



Pre-load for Xbox will be available shortly after Destiny 2 is taken offline for expected maintenance at 7 PM PST (0300 UTC) on November 9. For instructions on how to setup auto update, please click here.


Pre-load for PC will be available shortly after Destiny 2 is taken offline for expected maintenance at 7 PM PST (0300 UTC) on November 9. Update should automatically be put in the Steam download queue once it is available to pre-load. For more information on managing Steam downloads and updates, please click here.


Let me know what you think of the Europa footage down there in the comments.

That’s it for this guide for the new Europa gameplay plus preload information for Beyond Light. You can subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games for more.

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